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*igidly_Flexible male age 48 from Brizzle

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Contact preferences: (ages 18 to 99) (not single men)
Profile titleForce of nature with testicles like yams
Profile descriptionI'm a man, with a penis and appendages that have been carefully photographed in tasteful settings. It's the rules on these sites. Apparently.

For the weirdos that aren't into loads of piccies of bums, boobs and balls, then I'd add that I'm nice and normal and just the kind of chap you'd take to meet your Mum/Granny/Vicar/millionaire father (delete as applicable). I'm also dead good in bed, always up for lots of press-ups in different positions and I can sleep for England too.

I've been on here before, it was ok, not brilliant, bit peculiar sometimes. Anyway, I'm not too obsessive about this sort of thing, bit sporadic actually, which is why I think my male hymen may have healed over and I'm here to sort it out. Help required, clearly.

I'm open to many things, but I guess my main interest is women. Peculiarly, I'm not really interested in uber-babes (not that I'm beating them off with a shitty stick....) and definitely not those that are slightly too self-interested. I like 'ordinary' people, the lived-in and down to earth type who know what they like and are amenable and approachable.

That said, I really do like it if you're reasonably intelligent, it's very attractive, and I also quite like those with strong features (although without a large Adam's apple and hairy hands thank you....) - read Tamsin Grieg or Sofia Coppola. Christ, I'm starting to sound up myself. I'm very far from picky, all sorts of people are attractive in different ways, but I'm not after any old slapper. Well, unless I've had one too many communion wines, then who knows.

Happy to travel a reasonable distance or accommodate at my boutique abode (read into that what you will). Don't all shout at once, orderly queue please.

What kind of people do you want to meet?Straight woman
Couple with bisexual guy
Bisexual couple
Bisexual female
What are you into?Swinging
Picture exchange
Erotic emails
Straight sex
Oral sex
Your interestsKnitting yoghurt, lentils, heritage sausages, bonsai and Tudor footwear.

Ah, no - this bit is for the sex-things isn't it...?

Well, in that case, I really like bottoms - shapely ones in particular. Plus most forms of sex (not too vanilla as it's kind of dull after a bit), but experimental and v.kinky very welcome (although not a desperate fan of BDSM or rough stuff). Like anal play but it's not mandatory - it's a pain in the arse for some but I like it. Plus anything you fancy - I'll almost doubtless give it a go (unless it involves clowns or chucking dwarfs around).
Height5' 10"
CountryUK: England
Where are you from?Brizzle
Other locationsOften in Notts/Derbyshire (usually weekly)
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