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*etra Suxx TV/TS/CD age 50 from Sunderland

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Profile titleNone convincing cd in Sunderland
Profile descriptionUsed to be on here before as a none convincing cd. ( male face, only smooth waist down. ) That met and sucked off guys that bought me 20 superkings dressed waist down in their cars after midnight. - Due to a unforeseen change in circumstances, I no longer meet in guys cars anymore.

Anyone know the password for cottaging.

- I'm now a full time carer ( 24 / 7 ) So I am very low paid, rarely alone, and unable to travel. - Now I meet and suck off guys that are quiet and discrete and buy me 20 superkings in my kitchen nightly after 2amish. Or on most Sunday nights between 8:30 – 10:30pm.

I ONLY MEET GENUINE AND DISCRETE TOP GUYS THAT MEET MY PROFILE REQUIREMENTS (GUYS THAT ARE IN THE NORTH EAST, HAVE 20 SUPERKINGS FOR ME,AND A HARD COCK TO SUCK EITHER ON SUNDAY NIGHTS 8:30 - 10 PM OR AFTER 2AMISH NIGHTLY ) UNLIKE THE MAJORITY ON HERE, I AM TOTALLY GENUINE,( REAL AND AVAILABLE NIGHTLY FROM 2 AMISH TO SUCK OFF GUYS WHO ARE QUIET AND DISCRETE AND HAVE 20 SUPERKINGS FOR ME,IN MY KITCHEN, AND MOST SUNDAY NIGHTS BETWEEN 8:30 - 10pm. - IF YOU ARE GENUINE AND IN THE NORTH EAST WITH 20 SUPERKINGS FOR ME, AT THE SPECIFIED TIMES THEN I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK AND SWALLOW YOUR CUM, IF YOU TURN UP, GUARANTEED. - NO MESSING ABOUT, NO IF, BUT OR MAYBE, NO BULL. - YOU SIMPLY CONTACT ME, IF I AGREE TO MEET I GIVE YOU MY POSTCODE, YOU CONTACT ME WHEN YOU GET HERE FOR MY DOOR NUMBER, THEN WALK IN THE BACK DOOR, GIVE ME MY CIGGIES, GET YOUR COCK OUT, GET SUCKED TILL YOU FILL MY MOUTH WITH CUM, THEN LEAVE. IF YOU CONTACT ME AFTER 2AMISH, AND HAVE CIGGIES FOR ME, YOU COULD HAVE YOUR COCK IN MY MOUTH WITHIN MINUTES. I WON'T REFUSE TO SUCK OFF GENUINE AND DISCRETE GUYS THAT HAVE CIGGIES FOR ME. I WILL EVEN GET OUT OF BED AND PUT ON STOCKINGS, SUSPENDERS, G STRING, HEELS AND BREAST FORMS TO SUCK YOUR COCK. - Totally genuine, real and available nightly. No refusals.If you bring me ciggies, and get your cock out, you will be sucked off. as long as you have ciggies for me ( either menthol or regular, any brand as long as they're superkings, I like the long ones. ) and a hard on to suck - though I do have a fondness for old cock - So over 55s can bring a mate as long as you're both quiet and discrete, will suck you both off for 20 superkings. MESSAGE / KIK ME WITH ONE WORD, OR ONE LINERS THAT JUST GUARANTEES THAT I'LL IGNORE YOU. - NO BASIC INFO AND COCK PIC, NO REPLY. NO TURN UP WITH CIGGIES, NO SUCKING YOUR COCK. - While I am not even remotely convincing, I am real, genuine and available. I meet,at short notice at the times specified, simply buy 20 superkings for me, contact me for my postcode at the times specified, contact me when you get here for my door number, quietly walk in the unlocked back door, give me my ciggies and get your cock out. Fill my mouth with cum and leave.

I am strictly bottom - a girl - with guys. I'm not interested in being sucked or wanked, although I don't mind my bum being fingered or licked and I have absolutely no interest in your backside, only in your cock. So as long as you have 20 superkings for me, and a hard cock to suck don't care if you're gay, bi, straight, married or divorced. - IF YOU ARE GENUINE AND DISCRETE AND HAVE 20 SUPERKINGS FOR ME THEN I'M A SURE THING, IF YOU TURN UP AND GIVE ME CIGGIES, YOU WILL GET YOUR COCK IN MY MOUTH FOR EVERY TIME.- I AM NOT AVAILABLE DAYTIMES. ACCOMMODATE ONLY AND ONLY AT THE TIMES SPECIFIED.

I live in Farringdon,in Sunderland. Near to the A19 /A690 ( about a mile from the slip road) , Doxford International. Strictly bottom ( a girl with guys) . I'm not bothered about being wanked or sucked. ( though don't mind my bum being fingered or licked) Not interested in cd's / tv's or bottom guys,(don't waste your time you'll just be ignored) and not interested in cyber either, sorry. - only interested in genuine top guy's with hard cocks to suck and with ciggies for me. I may not be convincing, but I am real and available unlike most on here. If you have ciggies for me and you are genuine and discrete with a hard cock to suck, then I am a sure thing. If I agree to meet, then I will meet, and if you show up with ciggies for me, I will suck you off and swallow your cum. No refusals, no fucking about.

I am not even remotely convincing ( Male face, clean shaven,don't wear make up,only smooth waist down ( my legs and bum are usually smooth) – I am not convincing but I am real, genuine and available nightly at short notice,- After 2amish usually within minutes of contacting me - (if you are genuine and discrete, with a hard cock and full balls and have 20 Superkings for me then send me a message if it's the middle of the night I will get out of bed and put on stockings, suspenders, high heels etc to suck you off in my kitchen, guaranteed.- and most Sunday nights between 8:30pm - 10pm. Though I don't always dress on Sunday nights now due to the fakes, timewasters and no shows. Usually know by 5pm on the Sunday if I will be available that night. So message me around 6pm on the Sunday if you want to know if I am available that night, and If I am I'll be dressed ready to suck your cock from 8:30pm ) - 5'6",size 14 /16 – 16/18 , Size 7 shoes both ears pierced - all my footwear are 5" stiletto heels, except for a pair of 5" chunky heel ankle boots and a pair of 7" stiletto ankle boots,and three pairs of 6" stilettos - 28" legs - smooth and usually in stockings and suspenders or leggings ) but a girl when dressed in private with guys. ( strictly bottom) When dressed and smoking I can't resist sucking cock. Love to see nice hard cocks, have a fondness for old cocks. (it always gets my attention when I'm sent pics of a guys hard cock. - send me a pic of your cock with basic info and I will reply. Turn up with ciggies and I will suck you off and swallow your cum, guaranteed ) Love sucking on fat old pensioner cocks while dressed and smoking.

I also have kik ( two phone's and two separate accounts -PetraSuxx and varyheart - my phones are with me and always on 24/7, so guys can contact me anytime ( I don't give out my phone number, sorry) - but I only reply to guys that send me a pic of their cock with a name, age, location, status and basic info - cock size, how heavy / often cum etc.


I usually smoke rothmans blue superkings, or rothman green ( menthol) superkings. - But any brand of superkings will do. I like the long one's, lol. One day I would love loads of American superlong, superslim Eve 120 ciggies. I am totally genuine, real, available and easily reached.

Would love loads of American super long, super slim Eve 120 cigarettes one day, if any guys are going to the states.

- NOTE I HAVE 2 HOUSECATS SO IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO CATS NO POINT CONTACTING ME. I haven't sucked black or Asian cock yet. Would love a load of American Eve 120 superslim ciggies one day. - In male mode love women that smoke and love licking pussy for hours.

Petra Suxx
What kind of people do you want to meet?Straight couple
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Height5' 6"
CountryUK: England
Where are you from?Sunderland
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*etra Suxx

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