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*inalanyon TV/TS/CD age 64 from England, anywhere

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Profile titleShy, closet CD, struggling to get out
Profile description* August 13th

Blog is experiencing technical difficulties.

But you might be able to contact me on Google Hangouts ( My ID is **nalanyon@... [register free to see email addresses], try adding me on Hangouts and perhaps I might be able to show off a bit.

* July 12th

Finally got my blog working (ish). Come and visit me at

* May 25th

Starting to feel a bit desperate! No idea when I can take another holiday and meet my special friend. Need to be filled up!

* Update March 26th 2020

Looks like I won't be going anywhere very soon so no more adventures for a while.

* Update January 25th 2020

Looks like I omitted to say where I come from. I'm originally from the south of England but now I live in another European country so I'm not always available at the drop of a hat. But when I am back in the UK visiting I can go pretty much anywhere in the country. I usually change my status to say where I am if I'm in the UK.

* Update January 4th 2020

Several people view my pics and wink. Not many taking the plunge to send me a message. Perhaps everyone else is as shy as I am.

* Update December 16th 2019

I think I'm ready to try anal sex with another crossdresser now.

* Update December 2019

Had a lovely meet and sleepover late November with a lovely CD I met on SW (see my profile there

Confirmed my desire to meet more crossdressers for more fun and to slowly expand my experience.

* Updates July 2019

Well, I did manage two meets, one organized here and another via Similar Worlds. Both events over a bit quickly so I've been thinking that I should revise my profile. But first I should say that I got what I expected to get and both men were very nice to me. I daresay they were less impressed by me as I find I am really not very skilled at masturbating someone else's penis!

But I think I need to emphasize that cross dressing is important to me. I suspect that actual dogging is not for me, not just yet anyway, I want a bit more contact, someone to appreciate the way I dress (or just gently tell me it's no good).

Otherwise I'd like to say thank you not only to the two men I met but also to loads of lovely people with whom I have chatted here in the last few weeks.

* Original profile

Shy, closeted CD, not passable, looking to get out of my shell just a little. I have a beard too and a bit more body hair than average. And no I most likely will not be shaving before meeting anyone (if I ever get up courage to do so).

You can see lots of pics on my Flickr page ( and I also have an account on SimilarWorlds (

I haven't been with a man yet and not with a woman for a several years, I'm shy,and inexperienced, so I hope people will be patient and not expect too much to begin with. And always use a condom.

Getting braver. Been out four days in the last two weeks wearing skirts, blouses, necklace, bracelets.

If you've read this far I hope you didn't skip the bit about the beard. Several people have claimed to have read this and that everything is hunky dory and then when I remind them about the beard declare that that is a total turn off.

Please click to love the pics you especially like, it gives me a lovely warm feeling to see that.

My Google Hangouts id is **nalanyon@... [register free to see email addresses] but I don't always have it on; you are welcome to send me a message and if I can I'll show myself to you.
What kind of people do you want to meet?Straight couple
Couple with bisexual guy
Bisexual couple
Bisexual single guy
What are you into?Dogging
Picture exchange
Erotic emails
Webcam fun
Cybersex (IM/Chat)
Straight sex
Oral sex
Your interestsMasturbating, sucking, anal sex with another crossdresser. Chatting on Similar Worlds and occasionally blogging at

Sex, computers, camming, dressing in sexy clothes, expanding my crossdressing experience (slowly). Slowly chatting here. Sometimes I can chat on Google Hangouts (**nalanyon@... [register free to see email addresses]). You can also email me at **nalanyon@... [register free to see email addresses]
Height5' 7"
Where are you from?England, anywhere
Other locationsWiltshire but when I am in the UK I can travel almost anywhere. Can sometimes accommodate, though not necessarily overnight, if I have a hotel room booked for the time in question.
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