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*atietvsheff TV/TS/CD age 56 from Sheffield

... "Katie is a sissyTV,pink pussybow blouse,black leather pencil skirt, pink lace bra,thong,sussies,black seams and black ankle strap patent high heels". 13 hours ago

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Profile titleKatietvsheff
Profile descriptionSub TV, always dresses to please, love seamed stockings and killa heels, ALL male bits 100% outa bounds, only to be used as a woman gets used by a horny guy or Cpl, CANNOT ACCOM, love role play scenarios, MILF,Sexcretary, Business woman, skoolgurl, smart tart. classy lady, gurl next door,
What kind of people do you want to meet?Straight couple
Straight woman
Straight man
Couple with bisexual woman
Couple with bisexual guy
Bisexual couple
Bisexual single guy
Bisexual female
What are you into?Dogging
Erotic emails
Cybersex (IM/Chat)
Straight sex
Oral sex
Phone sex
StatusMarried but looking
Your interestsI love to suck, be taken, condoms down to you, will do alfresco if I know and trust,otherwise you must be able to accom
Height5' 9"
CountryUK: England
Where are you from?Sheffield
Other locationsAfter chatting on SH Katie agreed to drive to Wakefield on a Saturday afternoon to meet a guy who professed to have a 9" cock who wanted to "give Katie what was usually his wifes". He had asked for me to dress in black undies, black seamed stockings, black heels and dress so I dutiffuly packed the outfit with the obligatory cocksucking red lipstick.

Arriving at his house he showed me upstairs to the bathroom and said he would be waiting in the bedroom, nervously I undressed and started the transformation.

Firstly the lacy black bra, matching black suspenders and black lacy thong, the thong having a gorgeous ribbon bow at the back. I opened a new pair of Black FF seamed cuban heel stockings, the type that wrinkle at the knee and ankle as you walk. I put on my 5" patent black courts with a gorgeous ankle strap, pulled up my black short lacy dress, fixed my hair, did the make up and finally the cocksucking red lipstick that I knew would not be on my lips for long.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, on the side were condoms and lub, he said......"mmm, turn around lets have a good look", Katie dutiffully twirled, as she did he put his hands on my thighs and rubbed the suspenders.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed down, I responded by falling to my knees, looking up I saw his eyes and he was so dominant and Katie felt so submissive. He motioned to his jeans, so I undid them, pulled them down and his shorts, and there in front of my face was a cock the size of I had only ever seen in magazines, he wasnt lying, in fact it looked bigger than 9" and was so fat......., my first thought was "no way"....."no way that is going in me, it will rip me in 2", he thrust his hips towards my face and I opened my mouth, taking his cock head and a few inches in I sucked and licked, and then gagged...., placing a full hand at the base to stop him choking me, I deep throated, I had heard that if you can get the head past the gagg reflex it wasnt that bad, and so I took a deep breath closed my eyes, pushed forward and I managed it. I thought if I can suck him off and make him cum he wouldnt be able to split me in 2 with that huge shaft.

After what seemed like ages he pulled away, and said "right you wanted to be my wife for the afternoon, kneel on the bed" I obliged, and was scared stiff of what was going to happen, he lubed me, slid 1-2-3 fingers in, stretched me , then I felt that unmistakable feeling as the thick cock head starts to probe, I felt behind and could feel his condom covered shaft,at least he was going to have me safely I thought, he slid in, 3-4-5" and it was paintfull, by far the fattest cock Katie had ever had, and then he kept going, I tried to pull away, but he held my stockings and suspenders and pushed deeper....., as he did he said, "fuck its split", he pulled out, I breathed a sigh of relief,a few secpnds for my pussy to recover I thought, to which he pulled the ripped condom off his shaft, I must have been too tight. I saw in the wardrobe mirror his face, and I knew what he was going to do, in a flash he was trying to enter me without a condom, I protested and said no, please dont.........please no, not without a condom I begged.

He said "your my wife and you will do as I want", all the time pushing deeper, finally he was fully up, I tried to pull away again but he held my stocking tops, and then he got even harder and bigger, the more I tried to stop him, the more turned on he got, and finally I knew he was gonna cum. He gripped my hips so hard and went so deep, he was fucking me without thought for my pleasure or how I was feeling, all he wanted was to take my pussy and use it for his pleasure, it hurt, he was huge and he was so masterful.........I buried my head in the pillow and accepted that I couldnt stop him and would just have to take what should have been his wifes.....,and then I felt it, the shorter thrusts, the harder grip on my hips, the bucking and grunting and I heard him say "fuck .....yes....... take it all you fucking slut".......spent he slid out, spanked my ass and said "he had finished with me". With that he said, pick up your bag and go, my Mrs is home soon,I didnt even have time to change, I had to walk down his drive in my dress, stockings and heels to my car, terrified that anyone would see me, I got in my car....... and I knew how a woman feels after she has been used, I was sore, I was aching in my stomach, I could feel cum leaking into my panties. I fastened my seat belt across my boobs, started the car and drove away........ as I drove down the motorway I pulled into Wooley Services on the M1 near Barnsley, I went to a quiet part of the carpark past all thr trucks, but not out of their sight, I sat and recalled what had happened, how a guy had totally used me, had his way and left me totally unfullfilled........ I loved that thought as I imagined how many other women had also had to endure such things in their lives and then carry on as normal ......waiting for their own chance to cum long after the man has had his I sat there a trucker walked past my car, glanced in I knew my stockings and suspenders were on show,he looked away..... walked a few yards, then turned again with and enquiring look on his face.........., OMG Katie thought, do men think of anything else?????
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