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*hocolateboy1976 male age 42 from Stanmore

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Profile titleSinful chocolate goodness
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Returning to this site after some time off. Horny uncut sarky non-pc asian male.

N/Nw London. Can travel within reason. Prefer daytime meets.

A bit about me:

I'm an early 40s Brit born Asian male. 5'7", slim limbs but a bit of a paunch (that I am trying to lose). I am also uncircumcised and shaved down there.

Sort of things that interest me:


I have, for much of my life, held more than a passing interest in the non-vanilla life. I first learn't of these feelings very very early on in life and since then have been lucky enough to practise, develop and grow through the few long term relationships I have had. I can be extremely dominant and yes I do have real life experience but from what I've seen, any Rod Jane and Freddie can use a pair of hand cuffs, slap an arse and call themselves a 'Master' but that's not really how it works....(that said, if it gets your rocks off, who am I to judge?). For me it's not just about tying a person up tighter than a model nor spanking them so much they can't sit's also about pushing boundries and taking a person where they wouldn't normaly go, or at least have a deep yearning to explore but very apprehensive...sort of like how moths are drawn to lightbulbs. Should we ever meet in real life, I will leave it up to you decide what lable I fall under.

2) Inter Racial sex

I absolutely adore seeing people of all colours fucking...and I'm not just talking white and black. One of the things on my 'fuck-it' list is to organise, film and take part in gangbang with people from all white,black, oriental, asian all having fucking each other and all literally having fucking great time. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

3)Amature porn stars

Yup - it’s the thought that as I'm sitting in a que of traffic, out doing shopping or sitting on a bus and I may be next to someone on this or similar sites. Someone whose out there getting up to all sorts of sexual depravities. That is an absolutely massive turn on for me. With that in mind, I am trying to make my own amature videos. I was once lucky enough to play with a very submissive couple where the male of the pair was a cuck. I used a camcorder set up to a tv so they could watch themselves on tv. Sadly, I never got a copy so I won't be making that mistake again! I do appreciate that for many, discretion is paramount and it’s the same for me, however there is nothing to say one can't cover ones face, or at least film/take pictures in a way that faces aren't shown. I'm also not to bothered by physical appearance - does that make me desparate? No, because I believe variety is the spice of life. Let me explain: when I was young, I loved stick thin super models (as you do when you're young dumb and full of cum)...but as I grew and actually met and had relationships with women I grew to appreciate that we all have different wrappers but the present is always brilliant. All I would say is; a) cleanliness - in a world where we have running water and soap there's no excuse for poor hygine and b) take a bit of pride in your appearance - you don't need to dress to the nines all the time, but don't feel so self-conscious. Relax...believe me you'll have much more fun ;)

Don't get me wrong I love the professional porn stars...but it's all about folks like you, normal people who have real lives, but behind closed doors, in a quite layby or in the middle of a forest get up to so much naughtiness it'll make Nikki Ferrari, Dirty Garden Girl and HotKinkyJo blush ;)

Talking of those three, we come to:

4) Toys...big toys that stretch and go deep

Since my very first foray into sex early in life I have been very 'handsy' wasn't me but the pepole I was with at the time who enjoyed me using my hands in certain ways on them. That began to define my sexual interests as I grew. Thanks to certain 'holy-grail' vhs videos from the 70s and 80s and the growth of the internet I am now very much drawn to deep insertions and gaping...not just fisting, but using longer and wider toys and other objects. Yes I know the professionals make it look easy as they take plenty of time to prepare and also use plenty of lube...however it can still be done. As such, when I do chat / meet folks, I will always ask if they enjoy any of this, and if so to what extent as it is something I love doing. As an aside, I love prolapse fucking (another one on my fuck-it list). If this sort of thing holds an interest feel free to mention it.

5) Dp's, 3-somes, GBs and more-somes

As much as I adore the intamacy and attention one can give and recieve 1 on 1, I love group sex. Nothing better than seeing a woman or women surrounded by lots of men all waiting to take their turn and have fun...after all it would be rude not to right? And continuing the theme of stretching...dp either analy or vaginally is a another turn on for me...yes again it does take time and practise but seeing a woman writhe with exstacy is amazing...I just hope to one day tick that off my 'fuck-it' list.

For those that are into this / interested this might help explain me a bit more

== Results from ==

100% Dominant

100% Degrader

100% Rigger

100% Sadist

100% Master/Mistress

100% Primal (Hunter)

99% Owner

97% Non-monogamist

94% Voyeur

84% Exhibitionist

Also on Xhamster where I made some vids, if interested,

want to know more, you know what to do.

Lastly, be rude to me and don’t whinge when I give it back to you.
What kind of people do you want to meet?Straight couple
Straight woman
Straight man
Gay single guy
Couple with bisexual woman
Couple with bisexual guy
Bisexual couple
Bisexual single guy
Bisexual female
What are you into?Dogging
Picture exchange
Erotic emails
Straight sex
Oral sex
Your interestsfast cars, faster women
Height5' 7"
CountryUK: England
Where are you from?Stanmore
Other locationsNorth / North West London, Central London ...actually anywhere within London hahaha.., Watford, Hatfield, Herts

Can travel outside London within reason
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