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Is this site in its death throws

lol x love to pursue you though................might lead to a happy ending O:-)

*ertcher342 hours ago *ony6644
A band of shoppers.

Not that I'm aware. He did however go head to head with Irwin Rommel.

*aptain_mithras62 hours ago *Enoch
Bare arse spanking.

It seems a very specific request. Are there and BDSM websites for this sort of thing?

*aughtyboy6334 hours ago *ohnnyThunder
Best Cock and Crap Cock.

I'm comfortably in the running.

*.likit.3715 hours ago *Enoch

Too much Harp will do that to you.

*elfast fucker1115 hours ago *Enoch
Who is the best Welsh person called Johnny on here?

Who is the best Welsh person called Johnny on here? Whoever it is, they ain't nowhere near as buff as what I is. Init!

*ohnnyThunder715 hours ago *Enoch
Snog, fuck or buy a drink mine had a better title.

*asygoingguy518 hours ago *orkshire rock
Your next holiday location and why please?

Croatian island. Some great nudist beaches

*ardbellend5819 hours ago *asygoingguy
Best chest

I think there’s a lot of nice ladies and certainly a lot of great chests I’d like to nominate a great pair that are certainly at the top end of the scale mrs Leeds fun yours looks great

*ornynorthener9419 hours ago *romethious
Gynae Chair.

I lend it to, I.likit. For there G/B. most Thursdays and for Parties. You can borrow it anytime you wish. I can deliver free if I watch.

*asygent123 hours ago *asygent
Ice Cream ?

What about a Baskin Robin

*ongkongphewy101 day ago *oonshadow
Who's pics do you like to wank to from the site ?

Sappire…….love that round rump.

*igknob Bob702 days ago *layfulplums2
Kiss,fuck ,buy a bevvie or avoid the person above.

Any THING but avoid xxxxx

*igknob Bob1552 days ago *romethious

This site is just a microcosm of real life. In real life I find that I'm not too keen on interacting with the majority of people. But then you meet some people that are fantastic and you love spending time with them. Unfortunately, you have to

*.likit.83 days ago *ohnnyThunder

I don't have any tattoos personally, but I have no axe to grind either way. Some look really really good while others look like they were done with the six inch nail and felt tip pen. I may be a bit old fashioned but I don't like to see tattoos on

*.likit.214 days ago *omb raider
Respecting women

I think most men would welcome a bit of disrespect off women on here... If only cos it would mean getting some attention for once! Some deserve it too ..Im all for whipping a bad ass. OOhh this could be the wrong thread lol

*igbum.204 days ago *ebs.

I can't remember when I last brought a newspaper - probably about 8 years ago! Everything is online these days. No one buys a newspaper. I recall when I used to read the Times every single day. Very sad and we are losing so many W

*ohnnyThunder94 days ago *arcusUK2
Every cloud...

And now Marvin is dead! Brain the size of a planet couldn't help him. Too many gargleblasters? He should have stuck to good old sex :-D

*Enoch45 days ago *ikeit72
Police 'aware' of claims about dogging on Felixstowe seafront

I could gopher that.

*73621105 days ago *Enoch
Body parts

Favourite part is probably my spleen, it hasn't ruptured or anything yet so it's still doing whatever job it's supposed to do. Least favourite is probably knees or elbows...

*ixie Dot215 days ago *hy.Norfolk.Guy
knickers-crutless-sliky-french-big moma -nylon - thongs

French knickers are similar to boxers but lots more sexier. Loose legs make it easier access to treasures inside. I prefer Brazilian style. I used to wear tanga style but difficult to find. Also tie side are great for ease of removal and replacement

*rummiemale236 days ago *ottvcarole

Fancy chatting to a few of us guys?

*pireboy7816 days ago *pireboy78

Ooo let’s play xx

*litlicker50477 days ago *nfiniti

"Phone Wank - Nasty MMF Fantasy Where F is Abused Hard - My call" Stop don’t read anymore otherwise you may need medication to combat the utter shite some people write (thumb) (thumb) :-?

*ohnnyThunder177 days ago *inge1969
Cock and ball straps

I am wearing it now the mosthumilliating part si that as well as being made to squat, your legs are spread apart by the shape leaving your little cock and balls totally exposed and availlable right between your neatly presented bottom cheeks

*eterdaventry127 days ago *eterdaventry
Bare arse spanking.

Spanking fun in South Yorkshire.

*aughtyboy6317 days ago *aughtyboy63
Dirty talk

What dirty talk turns you other girls on when playing or being fucked. The best ones that have got me going in the heat of the action are, let me use her first, love your tight pussy let I'm going to lubrirate it, get your legs over my shoulders so

*ustinlatex17 days ago *ustinlatex
How funny is this,lmao

I know it happens in Corfu. I was told this by a friend who lives there. Another great British export. Lol

*atchers.57 days ago *omb raider

Because this is a dogging forum and not eHarmony? It doesn't matter regarding Eharmony. Some of the messages I receive are harrowing. I've just blocked a Male who said some totally disgusting things. Politeness appears to have left th

*ixie Dot407 days ago *insxx

I've seen the future; I'm not impressed!

*ohnnyThunder157 days ago *Enoch
Flashing the truckers ???

Evening all, and a very good one to everyone. I keep hearing about some ladies that like to drive the motorways giving the truckers a bit of a show. Do any of the lovely ladies on here partake in such activity or is it just an urban myth ??

*shtons11 week ago *shtons
Yer can’t hide!

Just needs to get his balance right (or left)

*aptain_mithras171 week ago *oonshadow
Names that match their job

PC Plod.

*oonshadow441 week ago *Enoch

Get 'em off you lovely lady! I'm as horny as a hell. 8-)

*Enoch31 week ago *Enoch
Attic cinema derby

Monday daytimes can be busy, but its just from T'girls and admirers x

*adance7421 week ago *itsassman

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