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The late, late night time thread

Typo *have Spike was one of my all time heroes :-) Oh yes, mine too. Ever so misunderstood due to Spike's bipolar disorder. Such a deeply sensitive man. Spike's poetry often moves me to tears. X

*igbum.689 minutes ago *igbum.
That struck a chord.

Fresh Cream?

*Enoch99 minutes ago *andyBuggers
Surfer's lament.

There was an old fella whilst dogging Saw it fit to put his nob in A window ajar On an old car But it turned out it was Batman & Robin

*Enoch816 minutes ago *andyBuggers
Does anyone...


*andyBuggers41 hour ago *Enoch
How was your Summer?

Everyone sphinx he's an Egyptian.....

*iManExeter132 hours ago *orkshire rock

Just met a few this week in Cape Verde,about 3" long and brightly coloured but apparently harmless....

*aptain_mithras162 hours ago *orkshire rock
Points of Veiw.

I went to see Van Morrison at Brighton Pavilion some years ago and was delighted to find his support act was Lonnie Donegan. His show was brilliant. Next thing I heard, he'd died.

*Enoch402 hours ago *Enoch
Passion killers....

It's not the locals he can't abide!

*orkshire rock302 hours ago *Enoch
Posing for an artist in Manchester?

Hi, I saw an ad asking for 2 men to pose for an artist. I'd quite like to try life modelling so looking for someone else interested in doing it. We need to be able to host, so is there anyone in Manchester that can?

*ood2go4it12 hours ago *ood2go4it
Free to a good home.

LOL $-) (thumb)

*Enoch23 hours ago *USHANDME
Wink, kiss, lick, suck or fuck the person above?

Pass isn't even an option, dickwad. You could have at least winked at him. Wink. Dickwad - love it! All of them wink kiss fuck touch lick lol Sending a cheeky wink your way

*ongshot_xxx12511 hours ago *odlyx
New Private Pic to the person above thread


*sp69697415 hours ago *orny30s_nw
Is Google male or female?

Rocking chair I'd guess. My hermaphrodite experiences have been sadly lacking, captain. Mind you, would be one to tick off! :)

*aptain_mithras141 day ago *Enoch
Best ride of your life

A lovely lady from Blackpool any years ago :)

*oonshadow201 day ago *ack117
sister site

Fab swingers mate (thumb)

*oulboy2121 day ago *illingtotry2017
Never Had Any Complaints.

He's got some class has that there captain. nice of you to say so lol.

*andyBuggers111 day ago *aptain_mithras
‘Tis true.

Have a mixed bag and confuse yourself and everyone else a mixed bag is good .... you dip your hand in and every handful is a surprise :)

*aptain_mithras111 day ago *aptain_mithras
Genuine Couple/Single Female for 3 some fun in Oct

Bump!! Really nice for some couples that have contacted us directly thank you. Any more couples to chat with? x

*akeyleeds Couple41 day ago *akeyleeds Couple
Showing of wife's

Hi DextraCpl You can get naked and flash me anytime you like I would enjoy that In peterborough

*uffolkshowers241 day ago *bm1506
Group Sex

In what way were the 20 guys odd? I heard one ball was bigger than the other :-o ;-)

*aster888761 day ago *ne for the road

always out and about ,but I can see where this is leading ,shop from home and cyber chat ,whats wrong with a drive out and a pub meal ? And don't forget your smartphone! :-) phone is smarter than I am , lol

*212 days ago *erpentine
Ways to release anger please

My winkle isn't quite as efficient as it once was but I haven't reached incontinence just yet. :-) wise man .. stay in Europe .. all that travelling is scary.

*oonshadow312 days ago *aptain_mithras

I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; I left my shoes and socks there, I wonder if they're dry? . Spike Milligan.

*ushingEvenMoreBoundaries282 days ago *Enoch

I had a neighbour a bit older than me who would sunbathe “accidentally” showing her intimate body parts and would also get dressed/undressed with her curtains open. This seems to be as far as most women will ever go with regards to flashing.

*aptain_mithras112 days ago *aptain_mithras

It's six weeks since I put superglue on my mates dart and he's still banging on about it. He can't let it go.

*Enoch113 days ago *Enoch
Just a thought.

unless he was wearing safety glasses , safe in the knowledge he would have seen it coming

*Enoch433 days ago *adolderguy

I think we should have more wind energy. I'm a big fan.

*oonshadow33 days ago *Enoch
kinky things

Only if they're chewing and blowing bubbles. How Michael Jackson was never done for that, I don't know!!

*rummiemale193 days ago *arkeststar
What Makes For A Good Sexual Encounter?

Unplanned sex has always been the most fun for me.

*andyBuggers303 days ago *unwithoutstring
Boiler Room Sheffield

Thanks Max. Not sure when I'll get round to going but will post about it after if or when I do.

*ood2go4it54 days ago *ood2go4it
Your one song

Too many songs to list. It depends what mood I'm in, to which song(s) I listen to. Music is like a time machine. Let it play and you're transported to a time and place that brings back lots of memories. just so

*iManExeter144 days ago *ambler69
Is it true!

"Only dirty people need to wash." "Never a need to wash your towels then" For sale, a never used set of towels....stripy ones O:-)

*lder-pref94 days ago *lder-pref
Been a long time

Hmmm where to start!!... Been a member here for quite a few years... Out of a long term relationship so feeling my feet again so to speak. Moved up to Liverpool (Crosby) So a question.... Does anyone who is local to liverpool know of any places t

*istener15 days ago *istener
Screen names

I don't think mine needs explaining lol You can play a fine tune on the ivories!

*arzan1978137 days ago *oonshadow
Gloryhole Birmingham

Private gloryhole available in South Birmingham area B29. For straight and or married guys only. Private message for more details

*vfc117 days ago *vfc1

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