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Oh shit!

*Enoch114 hours ago *Enoch
Boobs, Bums, Legs

I enjoy looking at all ladies to some degree but looks dissolve into a puddle if the minds don't meet.

*ohnnyThunder2010 hours ago *Enoch

Walked into an Ann Summers shop the other day, I was looking at all the knickers on the wall display. The sales assistant asks, ‘need any help sir? ‘Yes’ I replied ‘are those knickers satin? ‘ no they’re brand new!’ ‘

*ortsfun101 day ago *affyboy3
Venues for beginners

Brighton, everybody has fun!

*en4Partner42 days ago *nal Delight
Looking for it.

The good thing about wearing odd socks is that you have another identical pair at home. :-)

*Enoch103 days ago *iManExeter
large couples not getting meets

Why is it that other females or couples are picky on meeting large couples like us just because we are a large couple doesn't mean we can't have fun to I would be very happy to meet either of you- alone or together .

*lvis and tracy193 days ago *avy100
Women watching

Cum In Sock which I suspect a lot of fellas have done in the past.... Are you sure? Mine only reach up to my knees.

*ovepantys153 days ago *limjimc

If I have outdoor sex, or al fresco as we say in naturist circles, I will have a good factor oil on my bum

*iManExeter24 days ago *aptain_mithras
I am NOT complaining

He does whenever someone's grammar isn't correct or when he's giving out bird advice whilst he's getting a BJ....

*ertcher305 days ago *orkshire rock
Your Best Feature

Apparently I have an extremely biteable bum. I’d have said my rapier sharp wit and modesty but going for what the redhead I bedded last week said lol. (thumb) O:-)

*ohnnyThunder85 days ago *egalbeagle
Do women enjoy anal sex?

Do women enjoy anal sex???? Eventually, you just have to keep going!

*ohnnyThunder746 days ago *nal Delight
Anyone ever taken a call put phone on side to let caller listen in while having sexy?

Very nice and if anyone is ever up for it/trying it message me with your number

*ardbellend46 days ago *ardbellend
It's crackers!

You've heard of magpies, while I like cream pies! Nobody minds you shooting and eating them! :-D

*Enoch206 days ago *nal Delight
Songs that mention the rain

Precipitation - Les Claypool.

*oonshadow237 days ago *Enoch
Send me the naughtiest thing you have ever done I need some inspiration :)

I once wrote something on here with grammar that was all wrong knowing full well that BiManExeter was online, I know! crazy or what?.....

*sp6969727 days ago *orkshire rock
Skull Fucking

Not a real woman myself but I watch too much porn and enjoy watching people who look like women being fucked in the mouth. This has led me to the desire to be properly used by a man in this fashion. I've experienced a reasonably large cock push

*ohnnyThunder141 week ago *illgossard
Sex Club

I fell asleep reading that one. Can we have the abridged version?

*62 weeks ago *nal Delight
Great Yarmouth July 6th


*an1000142 weeks ago *an10001
The 'Secondhand Vauxhall Vectra' game...

lock stock and 2 smoking second hand vectra's

*r and Mrs Wilts1122 weeks ago *amslam1000

Read your profile, addicted to masturbating too!! Inbox me and let's chat

*etsue112 weeks ago *andomTask80
Are most women on here bigger than a C cup?

I sometimes think that some of the guys on here are a bit of tit - some much bigger than a tea cup!

*ce cpl892 weeks ago *eorge1949

Any one out and about in Cumbria or Scottish Borders tonight. Can accom. Pm for details.

*ikonShooter80012 weeks ago *ikonShooter800

The waves beside them danced; but hey... ...a poet could not but be gay... . :-o :-o :-o

*Enoch132 weeks ago *Enoch
Role Playing

I always imagined being a cop calling on a man to give him a friendly warning about a complaint received about his driving. He invites me in and explains that his wife is having a bath. They live in a bungalow. While there he offers me a drink an

*estMidsSwingers172 weeks ago *
Inflatable hot tubs, anyone getting one

The best time to use them is in the winter,when it's freezing cold or even snowing. Chillin out with a glass of sauvignon blanc whilst the snowflakes fall....heaven!

*oonshadow82 weeks ago *orkshire rock
I cannot make contact

Thanks everyone for your input. Im not loosing sleep over it. Just dont like missing a local opportunity, there are so few in Telford

*ertcher62 weeks ago *ertcher
Numbers game.

I hadn't thought of that but now you come to mention it!

*Enoch142 weeks ago *Enoch

I have Horses, but me in jods lol no 8-)

*572 weeks ago *ov2lick
Waste of space

Happens all the time people wink at us so every now and then we say thanks for the wink then no reply nothing but we just carry on doesn't spoil the day enough to bother us

*otmale3572 weeks ago *r and Mrs shy
Live Chat

BANG BANG Now I've got Nancy fuckin' Sinatra going round and round in my head!

*atchers.112 weeks ago *Enoch
Cool games

You have to play by the mr rules we get 10 goes you get one and the highest score total wins lol Just don't let Mrs Shy put me off by flashing her bum at me.... :-D

*r and Mrs shy143 weeks ago *orkshire rock

Just tried a waxing. Great fun. Nice and smooth for longer.

*edsCock67113 weeks ago *x-man
Love Bites

I love giving love bites on the cheeks of a womans bum.

*ICAROL3733 weeks ago *afflad
Sexual Health

90,000+ people die each year from smoking. If the tax from ciggarettes went to the NHS, it would be the best and with decent pay for doctors and nurses, as well as down the line for all employees. Smokers would be privileged tax paying patie

*ots43 weeks ago *nal Delight
Jeremy Vine Show .

ha ! should of gone to specsavers lol :-)

*.likit.23 weeks ago *uckylad 69

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