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aww cannot send out of age range :-)

*essengerToTheGods1318 minutes ago *uckylad 69
Delivery men

I used to deliver for a bed company so it was always a case of being invited into the house/upstairs .. usually offered a cuppa and lots of opportunities for cracking innuendoes and chatting up. Never one to miss an opportunity!

*arrywom822 hours ago *aptain_mithras
download festival

Shame mate, it was awesome although I was surprised how old axel looked lol

*appybudda33 hours ago *appybudda
First time meeting

my wifes lets guys shag her on 1st meet if theres a spark

*atchthisbitch354 hours ago *exywifechat

Can you imagine JT ;-)

*haredtimes414 hours ago *atpurr


*lackburn Man918 hours ago *eli1
Local sites.....North Wiltshire

Haha! What is their fish like!? :-)

*oSmallTalkMeets x320 hours ago *oSmallTalkMeets x
Libby’s sauna Stratford

It looks like a brothel :-o

*ondonWorker521 hours ago *ay83

I've recently come out to my long term female partner that I have gender dysphoria. She is very supportive and I am now dressing most days - could be just a pair of knickers . The future looks bright.. Darcey xx

*aptain_mithras91 day ago *avy100
Naked camping

I'm more of a front garden kind of man. As long as the lawn is not too overgrown and covered with weeds.

*esandrick171 day ago *ohnnyThunder

We have got our first meet in the works for this weekend hopefully many more to come cant wait for the hot weather to get here

*iManExeter31 day ago *r and Mrs shy
"Panties" or knickers

I much prefer 'knickers' as it seems much dirtier! (After all, who would want to sniff & wank with clean panties?)

*1052 days ago *madirtyoldwanker
cum kissing

I've kissed a few girls with cum in their mouth, and I've cum in my own mouth lots of times. Did it on cam on Swinging Heaven with lots of people watching. I'd love to try it with a guy. I surprised myself. A friend fucked m

*ewukman222 days ago *irtyMack

They could have been playing monopoly We were playing monopoly in the back of my van, when we all got sent to jail. That’s when the fun began. The sign on the back of the van read. “Please do not come a knocking when this van is a

*aptain_mithras222 days ago *irdlip Barg
Sex education

Teeth should be left out of the equation lol

*anudle52 days ago *r and Mrs shy
Zeus - Slough

have you been yet

*aughtyFemale62 days ago *eterdaventry
Mixed saunas.

This might be controversial (or not) but it shows how the genders usually think. Man gets horny and wants to shag something/anything sexy. Woman gets horny she wants Richard Gere, Brad Pitt or a particular person she already fancies.

*aptain_mithras42 days ago *aptain_mithras

***** SMILE ***** :-)

*aptain_mithras82 days ago *aptain_mithras

One local paper (now deceased) listed one place as a dogging spot, even though it had changed use to a dual carriageway a year beforeJust to add an extra risk to the dogging experience! More likely to get a cold shoulder than a hard

*aptain_mithras52 days ago *ohnnyThunder

What are couples mainly on here for ? Other couples or single people ?

*tevendanno13 days ago *tevendanno

Which pub was you in? I’m sure you didn’t look ancient at all O:-)

*tevendanno113 days ago *tevendanno
Open Relationships

It might work for couples who have been married for a while and drifted apart sexually but have remained great friends. Most of those I have met who are in 'open relationships' haven't told their partners that is the case. If I loved someone

*ohnnyThunder73 days ago *aptain_mithras
Fingering- a lost art.

I’ve gotta say you can’t beat getting a lass aroused with good oral and fingering the more you put in the more you get out one you put him in at the end lol

*1453 days ago *romethious
Group Sex

no really big groups. The biggest was in Maidenhead with six or more men sharing one woman with the others watching. she was a regular attraction. The same on a venue near Gt Missenden in bucks. Both these venues are practically deserted these days.

*aster888733 days ago *aptain_mithras
hi ho Hi ho

Quote from Patsy... “Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and the meaning of life, you’re better off just downing a bottle of whisky. At least that way you’re unconscious by the time you start to take yourself seriously!” wise lady!

*aptain_mithras303 days ago *aptain_mithras
To busy

At my local dogging area this morn it was to busy there was so much cock about i wanked a few before leaving xxx I was saying the same thing a few days ago. We dont get lengthy summers so it's impprtant we get outdoors and take

*aula200824 days ago *aptain_mithras

Dog day afternoon OMG .. a blast from the astrological past. :) Al Pacino film More recent then lol. I remember seeing him for the first time in The Godfather.

*aptain_mithras65 days ago *aptain_mithras
Profiles that say 'looking for males'.….

....and when you view said profile,the yellow band appears with the message 'no one of your sex'! how does that work then? Why put that you are looking for men (or women or whatever) and then not allow them to contact you? :-| Becau

*orkshire rock55 days ago *ay83
A bun in the oven?

The toys come out when there in bed Oh you mean the lego lol ha ha ha

*aptain_mithras85 days ago *r and Mrs shy

Funny you should say that as we wonder lol if a womans vagina is known as a pussy? Does cats call theirs 'Humans' lol Haha! I can imagine Felix saying to Tiddles "can I finger (or claw) your human?

*orkshire rock65 days ago *orkshire rock

having my wicked way o-)

*aptain_mithras35 days ago *ne for the road

My mind keeps jumping back to the Cheeky Girls.

*ondonWorker95 days ago *aptain_mithras
How Long?

Maybe it wasn't a pain thing, maybe you were just hitting just beyond a sweet spot ;-)

*utwillie115 days ago *ushingEvenMoreBoundaries
Amsterdam 20th April

How did you trip go? I travel to Amsterdam quite often and love the place. . Mmmmm must get myself a bike.

*m197726 days ago *aptain_mithras
Quick poll

Using a condom can mean a bit of buggering about (unless I’m the only one who has fumbled with the foil wrappers or tried putting it on the wrong way round) but the feeling is about the same and it’s goid to know you’re protected from anything

*exualchocolate69126 days ago *aptain_mithras

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