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Pic to the person above

Can’t, but tried

*r and Mrs shy702 hours ago *elmordan
ow ow ow bloody ouch

got myself a drift x ghost a few months back, very very good ,think there a must these days.

*itstop4133 hours ago *izzle1955

Someone forgot to clear their internet history?......oh dear. :-(

*ave412365 hours ago *ushingEvenMoreBoundaries

one has to take peoples age om trust as with the rest of the profile, if they are up for a real meet then how do they explain having aged 10 years & lost a couple of inches ? I've been having blind dates regularly for the past 40+

*iplove256 hours ago *aptain_mithras
Come on Harry x

Harry is a smooth talker who says what he thinks will appease and has a voice which appeals to the commoner (that's me .. I had jellied eels once)but now he is royalty.

*igbum.77 hours ago *aptain_mithras
THIS SITE !!!!!!

Yes it's a place where you can be a dick without being self conscious or fanny about with not a care in the world. A brilliant little site.

*lder-pref37 hours ago *aptain_mithras
Pets GRRR!!!!

I find cats worse as they seem to enjoy watching you do the deed whilst having a look of “you shouldn’t really be doing that” on their faces . Yep! How can a cat lick it's own arse and still look at you in a critical way?

*aptain_mithras3911 hours ago *itstop4
Dominant, Submissive Or Switch

Sub, dom and switch..... Just being greedy

*6311 hours ago *itstop4
Ever caught your..

I always had a bit of a thing for my friends mum ever since secondary school and I used to drive her home from work as she worked in the same town. Now it may be that I was imagining it, but I always remember this one occasion when she was wear

*anudle91 day ago *imjonesuk
Advice on safe meets with a group

just invite more than the lady requires ,,,you will have no showers ,and set rules and limits out at start ,and ask for resect from all Why do you say that this person will have no one who has taken a shower or expects one? !-) he mans

*hocolateboy1976121 day ago *iManExeter

miss you

*erpentine12 days ago *erpentine
Stockings or tights??

Tights, but I would still be happy to get my hands on legs in stockings!

*ic4tgirl1062 days ago *orthernDom

am interested, but depends when and where.

*ocking122 days ago *hocolateboy1976
Genyouhine peepol only pleez

Halls meye shits are clean iduz thee lawndurry, :-)

*lder-pref32 days ago *lder-pref

If you have second degree burns I'd recommend Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

*ashfulone22 days ago *Enoch
Older girls into younger guys

Miss kat, I thought you only had eyes for .... Oh what am I saying!

*oungguyxxx42 days ago *Enoch
Will someone please meet Dave...

I'll be honest, it was his Dyscalculia put me off.

*orkshire rock22 days ago *Enoch
RIP Pete Shelley

Tempted to say, 'never mind'. Class.

*ipsforlips22 days ago *Enoch
Bolton meets?

See you in Scott's Bar, Saturday week.

*22 days ago *Enoch
New and curious + Dorset

New here,but I've found myself watching more and more porn with males masturbating in cars with females watching... I'm in Dorset but do travel around. Into females only and wanting to learn as I'm new and in my twenties. Drop me a mes

*earded14 days ago *earded
New and curious

New here,but I've found myself watching more and more porn with males masturbating in cars with females watching... I'm in Dorset but do travel around. Into females only and wanting to learn as I'm new and in my twenties. Drop me. Mess

*earded14 days ago *earded
cringe moments??

haha yeh wasn’t funny at the time but once we got over the shock it was funny. could only happen to me! embarrassing but something i’ll never forget and will anyways make me chuckle thinking about it

*ushingdeeper44 days ago *ushingdeeper


*Enoch124 days ago *Enoch

Sex for me is always more exciting if Im dressed or partially dressed, having a quick fuck or fumble behind the bike sheds as they say, must have influenced my later sex life. L

*am ron194 days ago *ustinlatex

Has anybody ever had good experiences with their house cleaners? I had a few years ago (and would love to get more). Just reveal: fantasies, shags, been caught masturbating etcetera :) . Thinking ex wife or Henry the Hoover! I d

*ondiego8524 days ago *aptain_mithras
Keen as mustard.

Who's a sausage short of a hot dog then?

*aptain_mithras104 days ago *omu
cam sex

Any lady looking for cam sex (for me, its an antipasto, so if everything goes well we xan get to the next step :))

*ondiego8514 days ago *ondiego85
Is dating over!?

I am not sure about dating but I am sure about meeting. A one off or regular meet for purely sexual reasons when both parties are in agreement is the only way to gain satisfaction sometimes. Personally I like to take see an excited man leave once

*adderMax86 days ago *dcbdc
Out of luck.

That's lucky.

*Enoch146 days ago *Enoch
How to make a bottle of wine last longer


*oonshadow116 days ago *Enoch

Veet might help ,but don't get it on your rosebud

*edsCock67107 days ago *eavyhaul
thigh boots in stanningley

Thigh high boots wow ??. Love them or fck me boots as sometimes referred to! Xxx 8-) :-?

*otninja5207 days ago *am ron
Please ....

I know what you mean Mr Enoch. I went down to our local car showroom today ... I said to the salesman, “My wife would like to talk to you about the Volkswagen Golf in the window.” He said, “We don’t have a Volkswagen Golf in the window.”

*aptain_mithras51 week ago *r and Mrs shy
When do the Christmas decorations go up?

Hardhead? . Yes. Named Sheila.

*oonshadow131 week ago *aptain_mithras
Noisy blow jobs.

Oh dear, I had a lovely blow job from a lovely admirer. I am noisey. It's so very liberating to let go a great screech as I cum. But my lover was furious that his neighbours would hear. I should be proud. Lovely to see Thier faces at the net curt

*aptain_mithras142 weeks ago *illgossard

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