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The Stranger on the train

You were not very old when this occurred It isn't a true story and I have those shorts now.

*ubBtm320 weeks ago *ubBtm

Is anyone interested in cucking me? Always been a fantasy of mine to be in a cuckold relationship, being made to watch or get sent teasing photos and videos while at work x

*ig_bob2018120 weeks ago *ig_bob2018
Let's cum to an agreement.

Today had started like any other, but it was to turn out to be anything but ordinary. We have a surprise inspection of the lockers on occasion at work and today was that day. We find the usual things that employees aren't supposed to have, but we

*pecoid1967121 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Who goes there?

Recently I attended a party at a posh country hotel. The party was being held in a large converted barn within the grounds of the hotel. The party had been in full swing for an hour before I had arrived, so there were lots of merry people. I mingled

*pecoid1967121 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Cum slut goes to a swingers club

Hi again, just thought Id tell you all about the great time I had on Saturday night. If you remember from my previous dogging stories that I met a very good looking TV Anna, well she/he phoned me with an invite to go to a swingers club in Londo

*ustinlatex121 weeks ago *ustinlatex
Cum this way.

Close to where I live, there are many places of interest. There's a couple of Castles, Napoleonic Forts, Stately Homes to name just a few. With all these places of interest, you have tour guides which, if you go to enough places, you'll see time and

*pecoid1967122 weeks ago *pecoid1967
A good talking too.

Our Rugby Club was founded almost a hundred years ago. The founders wanted to uphold a tradition that Rugby was a game for Gentlemen. To that end, they drew up the ten commandments of chivalry that all members must abide or be removed from the club.

*pecoid1967122 weeks ago *pecoid1967
dirty talk

That's how we started too...fantasising while fucking then trying it for real. Great fun...

*622 weeks ago *ands1000

There are two trains that leave the station that all commuters use to get to London. First is the normal service, where you have to change to the mainline train to get into the City. This train leaves at 6:30 am and will normally take an hour and a

*pecoid1967122 weeks ago *pecoid1967
More tea vicar?

In my home town is a church that was having a fundraiser for some much-needed repairs. As it's a church that everyone in the town has used at some point for weddings, christenings and funerals, the Rugby Club stepped up to help. The oldest records

*pecoid1967122 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Enjoy yourself boys

It was a warm summer afternoon when I invited four friends back home for some drinks. We had been having a laugh and generally taking the piss out of each other for a while when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see two young women

*pecoid1967123 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Latex love

This sounds like something I would love as my partner loves to watch me with strangers and then have sloppy seconds. L

*pecoid1967223 weeks ago *ustinlatex
rubber cum slut goes dogging

I love how your partner told the guys to stick around so they could piss on you. I'm also amazed at how they could hold it in until everyone had their way with you before pissing on you.

*ustinlatex223 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Fill me up

Many years ago, when I first moved away from home, I got myself a small house close to work. To get to work, I had to walk through a large park which has an old groundskeepers house at the far end, which stands alone within the grounds of the park.

*pecoid1967123 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Blood is thicker than Sperm

I moved away from my home town many years ago and return to see family and friends on rare occasions. On this occasion, it was for a friends birthday party on Friday and school reunion on Saturday. My sister had offered to put me up for the weekend,

*pecoid1967123 weeks ago *pecoid1967
Like Mother, Like Daughter.

hi i have read all your stories they are quite good,i like to write erotica myself sometimes if you don't know it have a look at a site called Literotica.

*pecoid1967223 weeks ago *adyChatterlyslover
Who are you?

Yes I think I would have been kneading her tits as I fucked her too.

*pecoid1967324 weeks ago *
Now I know why they are called Best man

The best man get's to sleep with the chief bridesmaid, have you heard this old wives tale? I knew Val from Uni and introduced her to Andy, Ten years later they are getting married. I was to be Andy's best man and Abby, Val's chief bridesma

*pecoid1967124 weeks ago *pecoid1967
That's camping (part 2)

It's early evening and I'm laying on my bed after having a shower, I feel my eyes begin to close while trying to watch the TV. I'm not sure how long I've been asleep for but I'm awoken by loud bangs on the cabin door. I roll off the bed and open the

*pecoid1967124 weeks ago *pecoid1967
That's camping

My sister asked me if I'd like to go camping with and some friends one weekend soon. I laughed as I explained what she does isn't camping. It's Glamping, I mean, her tent is like a home from home. It has a gas-powered table top oven/stove, cooler,

*pecoid1967124 weeks ago *pecoid1967

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