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Sucking off at live Sex Show

*2009 By *2009   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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This happened a few years ago in Amsterdam. I was in the city at a business conference and having a late evening wander through the red-light district. I noticed a live sex show was about to take place in one of the theatres. Entering the dingy theatre, I took my seat along with about 40 or 50 other people. Then the show began.

Two women walked to the centre of a nearby stage. The first lay on a leather couch whilst the other knelt beside her. At first they just messed around, touching and licking each other all over. The girl kneeling down then stood up and in broken English stated to the audience if any men would like to come up on stage, she would take great delight in sucking them off. There were murmurs amongst the male members of the audience. Then ten men got up onto the stage. I was not in the mood (maybe later!) so stayed where I was.

The men all lined up and the girl asked them to drop their trousers. Each obeyed. Then she walked along the line and freed their pricks from their underwear.

Kneeling in front of the first man, she proceeded to suck him off. About 5 minutes later he cried out and came into her mouth. She did not swallow the load but walked across to her partner laying on the couch. She opened her mouth and let the come drop onto the other girls body.

Walking back to the line of men, she sucked them all off and each time dropped the loads onto the girl on the couch. When all ten men had been sucked off they went back to their seats. The girl who had done the sucking off them rubbed the fresh come into the other girls body...both moaning all the time.

An amazing scene and one I would never forget!

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