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Purely fantasy

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By *onycovell   profile verified by photo (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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I was out with my partner, Jane, we had just enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant and were ready to leave. She said she would just nip to the ladies and left me to pay. When she came back I noticed she had removed her blouse and bra and just had the suit skirt, jacket, high heels and stockings on. I noticed a few men ogling as she walked out and slowly unbuttoned the top of her jacket to reveal a great view of her cleavage. She was feeling quite amorous and suggested we park up somewhere when we left the restaurant.

I drove down a quiet lane towards a country railway station car park. It was deserted so we parked up facing the wooded embankment.

No sooner had I switched off, my partner was all over me. Her moist mouth exploring mine whilst she pushed her body towards me. I felt her breasts then undid the button holding her jacket together and let them loose. She removed her jacket and I quickly took her breasts in my hand and fondled them. She always had exceptionally large breasts and loved me to fondle and suck them. I could not resist and leant over to take the nipple into my mouth.

As I did she stopped “There is someone in the woods watching us” she said

I was too busy to care and was not going to let that spoil my fun.

“Don’t worry let them watch” I said

We continued where we left off but as usual the gear stick was awkward so I suggested we get in the back. I jumped out and opened the door for her, as she got up both breasts were fully exposed, I bent over and sucked them as she was stood next to the car. Her head went back in ecstasy as I continued to play with her huge orbs.

I felt round her waist and found the zip on her skirt and undid it, kneeling down I gently pulled to reveal suspenders, stockings and a skimpy thong which I quickly covered with my mouth. By this time she was moaning, shouting “Fuck me, suck me”. I wanted to do both so continued to lick her pulling the material to one side whilst my tongue explored.

“ You need a cock” I said “ A big cock whilst I lick you”

“Oh God yes please” was her reply. She sat on the back seat with her legs outside and lay down. Her tits pushing slightly to one side as she lay down.

At this point I suddenly thought this could happen so looked towards the wood where the watcher, whom I subsequently found out was called Richard, was now stood in full view, I beckoned him over and continued to lick my partner. I told her to lie still a minute and dashed round the car coming in from the other side stripping my trousers off in the process. I climbed in, kissed her on the mouth and slowly worked down to the 69 position. She took my cock in her mouth and I beckoned Richard forward and signalled for him to lick her.

She shouted with joy as he took a long flat tongued lick to her waiting cunt, she gobbled at my cock as he inserted his tongue licking slowly up and down, not realising it was a total stranger licking her. I lay in the 69 position and pushed his head away and took over, as I looked up his cock was inches from my face, I took it in my hand and licked his shaft before offering it towards my wifes waiting cunt. I sat upright and he pushed his cock into her in a gentle motion.

She was pleading “Fuck me fuck me oh god fuck me” and must have realised at this point I wasn’t the person doing the fucking as for a split second her body went rigid then Richard started pumping his prick in and out, the juices were starting to flow. I bent over and licked her as his cock went in and out; he gently removed it and pushed it in again, and again, and again. I lay my head on her stomach as close as I could and as he took it out licked the end tasting my partners’ juices in the process. The next time he removed it slowly I grasped it in my fingers and on the in stroke I directed it fully into my mouth, this sent him wild and he pumped with all his might.

Taking his cock from my mouth, we changed position, Jane got out of the car and lent over taking Richards cock in her mouth. I took her place half in and half out and Richard lowered her onto my throbbing cock.. She bent over gobbling Richard’s cock again and Richard pumped for all he was worth, God it was great, she kept shouting “Fuck Me,” then “Cum in me, oh yes cum in me, cum all over me” This was enough for our guest he turned Jane round and she mounted my cock again, Richard came round the car leaving me to fuck my wife, he got in the other side and straddled my face whilst sucking Janes tits. He lowered his balls and I took them in my mouth.

“Oh yes suck him off “ Jane cried “cum in his throat, swallow it, Oh God yes fuck his mouth and cum in it” With that Richard lifted his balls out and thrust his throbbing cock deep into my mouth.

With that there was the sound of a car, we were too engrossed to bother, but at the other end of the car park two black lads were just getting out and had noticed the action. The two black lads arrived and instantly got their cocks out, grabbed Jane by the hair and pulled her out of the car pushing her head onto their two waiting members. She looked up, with delight as she was forced onto the first member, then the second. As one lad fucked her mouth…hard, the other walked round behind her and took her from the rear. Richard was watching this, still erect with cum ooosing from his engorged prick into my mouth. I removed it and placed his balls in my mouth, sucking and licking them. I licked his shaft from balls to tip then took the opportunity to push his cock to the back of my throat and he could resist no more pumping his cum into my throat.

Jane was screaming for more , one of the lads came in a torrent in her throat and on her hair and face, the other inside her almost lifting her off the floor. They left as quick as they had arrived and we all collapsed exhausted agreeing we would meet again the following week.

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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That just what i needed really enjoyed myself to that. Thanks

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