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ferals stories.....

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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ok... posting 3 of my short stories.. (on request) please be gentle..

Story 1

you turn yur head slightly, seeing the thin crimson ropes bound round your wrists...your arms are stretched out at right angles, your big soft tits flattening out over your chest as you breath..

you slowly bring your face back up, your eyes travelling over the faces of the men staring down at you... you can't really make out their features, just their eyes, hungry and hot, running over your naked body, from your quivering shoulders, over the swollen peaks of your nipples, your tummy, their gaze trying to pierce the shadows in the hollow of your thighs, to see the slick wet lips of your pussy, the smooth curve of your thighs.... each glance is like a carress to you, you can feel there gaze stroking across your limbs, the attention giving you goose bumps, the lust in thier eyes pulling your nipples to hard hot peaks....

as if at a signal the men strip slowly, shirts unbuttoned to reveal a multitude of nakedness, belly and six packs, taut muscular chests and pale white rib cages, some hairy, covered in thick curled tangles, some smooth and soft... your eyes blink as you focus on each one, then wander down them as they did to you, belt buckes hitting the floor to reveal the last of their skin, their cocks and balls all different, but with one thing in common, each shiny shaft and swollen head is upright, and pointing straight at you... some thick and long, some smaller and slender, some pulsing with the racing heartbeat of the man, some already seeping sweet clear pre cum as they edge closer...

you feel your pussy contract as the first hand runs over you, lingering on your breast, teasing your sensitive nipples, then up to your mouth, sliding a finger between your lips.. you suck on it hungrily as more hands follow the first over your body, seemingly touching every inch, slinding under you to knead and carress your bum, your thighs, some roughly massaging your tips, some gently carresing the soft lips of your pussy... the first mouth closes over your nipple and sucks hard, and you throw your head back, moaing as fingers strum your clit, sliip up inside you, the wetness flowing from you now as more and more hands run over you, heating you to boiling point, cocks pressed hard agains t your side, your tits, your thighs, insistant, urgent, wanting you...

your eyes cram shut as the weight of a man presses down on yu, your thighs roughly pulled apart as he moutns you, the thick gluey head of his cock bumpng against your pussy, and finding entrance... you swallow his shaft all the way, his balls banging into your ass as he grunts above you, pumping deeper and harder, faster and faster, swelling and tight and hot, buried inside you... you feel his cum splash inside you and he is gone, but instantly replaced, a thichker but shorter cock nudging up you, insistantly fucking you, as cocks fill your hands and run over your nipples, swollen shiny heads pressing at your muth, begging for attention...

your hips are rocking now, matching the beat of each shaft in turn, each morsel of hard flesh dragging your sweat soaked body closer to climax, your thighs rippling, fucking them back, your muscles milking each swollen member in turn, pumping and churning as they grunt and moan above you, filling you, stretching you humping and fucking and rutting for you, each hard hot stiff cock ploughing deeper inside you til you take it no more and with a scream your body shudders, gripping the buried shaft, your hair wild and your hands shaking as you feel the last man slump over you, drained and content as your feel soft gentle hands untie you, and warm lovers kiss on your face...

Story 2

Imagine your face resting on a pillow, your head turned to watch me, your arms bound by thin but soft ropes to your ankles, leaving you sort of hunched on all fours, most of your weight resting on your knees..... My hand snaking under your body, sliding over your belly and up to your breasts, my fingers closing over a nipple, pinching firmly, you allow your jaw to open. And focus on the stiff cock before you. its hard, swollen and solid looking, and an angry red, the eager head pushing against your lips, and my fingers returning to your breasts, as you allow the stiff flesh to penetrate you, sliding over your tongue… my teasing finger tips move over your breast and slide along your side, brushing over your spine, before dipping onto the crease of your bum, and sliding downwards.... you shivers slightly as my finger tip briefly caress's your ass, then I move on, my touch beginning to trace the line of your pussy, gently sliding up one puffy swollen lip, and down the other, sometimes pinching the lips between finger and thumb and massaging in circles, sometimes sliding slowly into your pussy for one lonely thrust, then withdrawing to slide over your clit for one swift stroke, vibrating my finger tip on your sensitive flesh for a second, no more, before continuing my exploration of your flesh... flesh that seems to be growing hotter and wetter with each minute. You moan around the swollen shaft of my cock still slowly pumping in your mouth, and it gently withdraws… letting you pant and groan out your lust…. you feel me move round behind you, and my fingers return to the previous task, flitting and stroking over the wet shiny lips of your pussy, teasing and sliding over your inner thighs and ass. you become aware of a pattern, that each journey over your pulsing pussy is finishing at your ass, that your wetness, your juices, are being transfered... and the thought of this makes your pulse quicken.. my thumb begins to circle round and round that most sensitive area, pushing in slightly, gently testing how easy you will allow me to penetrate your tight hot ass.... not something that was new to you, but new enough to still make your breath catch and your pulse race as the tip of my thumb passed slowly and surely inside.... a slight moan escaped your lips as you realise now I wasn't waiting, but pushing forward smoothly, making you adjust to the presence of my thumb inside you, starting to stroke now, my thumb slightly bent to touch that place in your ass, that makes your mind go finger tips are on your clit too, working in rhythm, slowly but with power, each push of my thumb rocking your body, sending a shock wave into your pussy, even as the spirals of my finger on your clit make you dizzy, and the feeling is building up inside you... and you know soon it will be here, but you need something more.. Just a little more....

and then more happens.... something hard and soft at the same time.. something swollen and turgid, coated in a mix of your wetness and saliva, and you push back.. letting this new invader slide deep into your ass, filling you with my aching rigid cock, the speed of my finger drumming on your clit frantic as I thrust deep inside you, working you nearer and near, feeling you gripping and spasming round my cock, my free hand clutching your hip, pulling you back harder as you bite your lip to mask your cries as it starts to wash over you, and you're cumming, you feel my cock is pulsing inside you as you cry out as the wave hits and breaks, my cum flooding you inside as tears in your eyes wet your cheeks... your body trembling as the tiny after shocks tingle up your spine and you feel me collapse over your back, stroking your flanks and kissing your neck...

Story 3

I'm not entirely sure how I got here. bound naked on my knee's in a room with you and your friend, my skin cold and shivery. I can't stand with my ankles locked together, my hands behind my back, but I can shuffle around on the floor as you direct me. I should be frightened but I trust you. I can feel you standing close to me, your bare leg pressing against me, and the knowledge that its starting has my cock slowly swelling, my aching balls hanging low and full, trapped between my thighs as my throbbing shaft presses against my belly. You lock your fingers in my hair as you stand behind me, pushing my face between the smooth spread thighs of your friend. My tongue reaching out to gently lap at her swollen pussy lips, sticky and sweet with her juices, the taste making my cock bounce in time to my heart beat. I feel your free hand slides down my bum. I feel your fingers circling my heavy balls, tugging softly, urging me to service your friend harder. I bury my face deeper in her soaking pussy as you stroke me faster, your fingers straying from my balls to my bum, your finger tip teasing and pushing at the tight hole of my ass, sliding in slowly, softly as I tongue fuck the woman between whose legs I kneel, sucking and licking her swollen clit, my breath coming in gasps as you drive your finger deeper into my ass, her legs coming up around my neck as her cunt spasms against my tongue and lips, my ass stretched further as you add more fingers, her cum filling my mouth as you thrust hard inside me.

I feel you pull away, leaving my ass feeling empty and stretched, and I turn my head in the grip of your friends thighs to see what is happening. Your fingers close on my hanging swollen balls. Squeezing hard and pulling down you punish me for moving, but it is too late, my cock twitches as I see you feeding the thick end of your strap on dildo between the moist lips of your pussy, your heavy tits swaying with bullet hard nipples as you buckle the straps round your waist and between your thighs, the ten inches of thick black rubber pointing at me aggressively.

A cruel sharp tug on my already aching cock brings my head back round. Your friend lays back, her spiteful grip on my shaft dragging me up and forwards as she rubs the angry red head of my prick over her clit and cunt lips. At the same time I feel you behind me once more.

Your hands grip my hips and the hard tip of your rubber cock insinuates between my held open buttocks, pressing and urging against my already abused ass. Your friend pulls my rigid shaft lower, sliding it between her soaking lips, right up against the very entrance to her cunt. She lifts my head and locks eyes with me. Then looks over my shoulder and nods.

You push your hips forward hard and I gasp loudly as you bury the first half of your strap on in my waiting ass. It hurts but makes my cock twitch against your friends cunt lips, feeling good in a odd way. I try to push back, to let my stretched ass swallow more of the thick black rubber, but you stop me, pressing the palms of your hands flat on the cheeks of my bum, you shove me forward hard, driving me off the deeply buried dildo and forward, my fat swollen cock slamming into your friends sticky cunt, the heat of her slick pussy making me scream. She wraps her legs up round my body, crossing her ankles and digging her heels into the small of my back. She pulls me in tight til my balls are pressed up against her pussy hips. Grinding her hips against me, she forces a cry from my lips, quickly smothered as she rams my head into the soft cleavage of her big heavy tits.

I feel your grip change, your fingers hooking into my hips, and I brace myself but my in drawn breath is cut off by the fleshy globes surrounding my head as you cruelly thrust the full ten inches of hard rubber straight and deep into my tender ass, stretching me, filling me, ploughing in hard and withdrawing just as roughly.

The two of You build up a rhythm with my body, fucking me inside and out, my cock thrusting as you thrust, I can feel your friend getting closer to climax beneath me, arching her back as you drive my cock harder and deeper inside her. I feel her cunt walls spasm as the orgasm hits her, feel her sticky hot juices soaking my balls.

It's too much for me, the hard heat of your gorgeous fake cock pumping in my ass mixed with your friends churning pussy pushes me too far.

You pull me back, freeing my swollen prick to the air, pulling back on my shoulder to force me up. Your dildo is still sunk in my body but now I'm kneeling up, my cock pointed up and out over your friends still shaking body.

Your hand slides round my belly, stroking up my chest, your fingernails scratching lightly then pinching at my nipple.

It's too much and I scream, my hips jerking and shaking as each hot sticky burst of cum shudders from my aching shaft to splatter on your friend belly and thighs and cunt. My balls are tight and hard as each shot continues, more more, emptying me, coating the soft sexy skin of your friend til I have nothing left and I sag, spent, worn out, held up only by your arms round my body and dildo still buried inside me.

You slowly withdraw from my abused ass, and lower me to the floor. I curl up and close my eyes. I hear your friend dress and leave, and hear the metallic sounds as you unbuckle your strap on and drop it to the floor. You kneel down beside my curled up form, the soft fingers of one hand stroking my face as you free my ankles and wrists with the other. You tenderly roll me onto my back and I gaze up at you. Your fabulous breast hang low and heavy, your nipples still hard. I try to behave but my eyes wander up the smooth skin of your thighs, staring at the still wet lips of your wonderful pussy.

I meet your gaze and your voice is firm, "my turn now boy ", but your smiling at me, so I smile back at you, my lovely mistress as you straddle my body and slowly lower your gorgeous sexy pussy to my eager waiting mouth.

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