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Sauna Encounter

*rian2 By *rian2   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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I work overseas in Asia and had been looking for massage outlets. I heard of a hotel which had a spa and massage. I maybe had six uneventful visits and was unimpressed. Then the last time, I went through the ritual of sauna for 20 minutes and then steam room, whirlpool and massage.

The steam room, although room sized, was so steamy at first I thought noone was there. I sat by the door and after a while I could make out a man lying on the bench at the far end. Someone else came in and left shortly after. I moved across closer to keep away from the colder air entering from the door, but still only halfway in along the wall bench, to the man on the bench and could make out he was not wearing a towel and was fingering his cock for several minutes.

He rearranged himself, got up wrapped in a towel and came and stood by me. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see him there. He was looking down at my towel covered cock. He undid his towel and I saw his erect cock. All the time he said nothing but motioned me to suck his cock. I refused saying I did not know him - meaning whether he was clean or not. I don't know what came over me, I loosened my towel while sitting and he reached down to wank me. I took his cock in my hand while pushing the fingers of my other hand behind his balls. Instinctively I made for his nipple, licked it and gently nibbled with my teeth. I heard some moans of approval. He jiggled me to a climax and I saw the sperm jump out across his hand. I dropped my saliva on to his cock and shortly after brought him to a climax, disgusted with the ejaculated sperm across my hand. He said nothing wrapped his towel around him and walked out. I wiped myself clean on the towel and wanted to shower clean. On the way to the showers I came eye to eye with him. He looked expressionless and said nothing.

Is this how a NSA encounter happens- no conversation? Is that the turn-on ?

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