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Cheshire Oaks

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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I've previously posted this story on another site but since I'm here most days, thought that I'd see if any of my dogging friends would like it.

Unfortunately it's purely fantasy, but if anyone wants to....

Dave Wardle was bored. It wasn't that he didn't like shopping - given the right location and objective he'd enjoy it. It was just that today was the first day of the Rugby World Cup and it was a Saturday, so Cheshire Oaks was heaving and they were shopping for clothes for his wife.

It seemed that every item she tried on was too big, too small, too patterned, or too plain.

They'd been here for an hour now, after taking 45 minutes to find somewhere to park and all Dave wanted to do was to slope off to McDonalds and get something to eat.

Presently they were in "Next to Nothing", the place teeming with teenage girls squealing about pink accessories and people who really shouldn't be allowed out without their keepers!

Dave was gazing across the rows of discount clothes when he saw a woman on the other side of the store. She looked to be as bored as him, staring into space while her other half held up a series of what could only be described as garish shirts for her approval. One after another, she nodded at them in the time-honoured tradition of the bored shopper's help, trying desperately to get out of there.

She looked up and caught Dave's eye. He gave her a small eyebrow shrug and a smile, indicating solidarity with a fellow soul lost for the next couple of hours. She smiled back at him.

"Hmm," Dave thought to him, "she's quite fit."

Looking up again, Dave found that she was staring at him too. Embarrassed, he quickly turned himself away, slightly ashamed that she'd seen him looking, and a little excited that she'd appeared to be checking him out too.

His wife took him by the arm and guided him out of the store, muttering something about looking in another shop across the road.

He followed her through the doors and gave a quick glance behind him to see if the woman was still there. She was, and she gave him a wink as she caught his eye again.

In the next shop Dave's wife again stared rifling through hangers of clothes. Dave found himself looking towards the door to see if he could see the other woman walk by. Better than that, he saw her guide her fella into the shop.

They started walking towards Dave and her fella walked behind him. She followed. As they squeezed behind him he felt a pair of hands on his buttocks, just moving him out of the way.

"Excuse me," she murmured as she went past.

"No problem," Dave replied.

Did he dream that?

His wife still engrossed in the clothes racks Dave took the opportunity to check out his new "friend".

She was about his age, or early thirties, with long dark hair falling over her shoulders. She was wearing knee length black boots, a skirt which reached just to her knees, and a pain brown T-shirt. She looked very pretty, and Dave could see that she had a lovely arse in the tight skirt.

She turned and saw him looking at her again, smiled, then turned and whispered something on her fella's ear. He nodded and she left towards the doors. Dave watched her leave the shop and turn into the bookshop next door.

What to do? Hs wife was engrossed in the clothes and probably would be for the next half an hour.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to look for a book and some shorts to take with us? I'll meet you by the car in half and hour."

"Fine," she replied, not really bothering to look up.

Dave gave her a kiss, left the shop and entered the bookshop next door.

"Damn," he though to himself. "I'm sure she hasn't left, but where is she?"

Trawling through the aisles he was cursing, idly looking at the shelves as a cover for his anxious search. Just when he was about to give up he spotted her in the far corner of the last aisle - the adult section!

She was standing there flicking through a book titled "101 Ways to Pick Up a Stranger". She looked up when she heard him approach, smiled knowingly at him then went back to the book, turning the pages quickly - not reading, just grazing through it.

Dave felt that he should look at something and picked a book off the shelf and opened it.

"Interesting read," she said.

Dave looked down and saw to his huge embarrassment that the title of the book was "Casual Lovers - a Guide". He felt himself blush.

"It's for a friend's stag do - bit of a joke."

"Whatever..." she replied as she made a move to leave. "See you."

She went to replace the book, stretching up to the top shelf, and as she did her T-shirt rose up her body giving Dave the merest, quickest glimpse of flesh, the firm undersides of her breasts.

She knew what she was doing to him. She turned and smiled at Dave, winked again and walked out of the shop.

Dave swallowed hard, his mouth dry. What was happening here? More importantly, where had she gone now?

Putting the book back on the shelf, Dave raced out of the shop. Checking that his wife was still next door, he scanned around to see if he could see "her", this tease, this flirt, this woman who was making him feel very horny.

He checked the chocolate shop (an obvious choice he thought), the music shop and the homeware shop - no sign of her. Where could she be?

He was about to give up when he saw her again, standing by the counter in a shoe shop, a pair of sandals in her hands. It looked like she was asking if she could try them on.

Dave slipped into the shop and watched as she took the sandals to the far corner of the shop and sat in a chair. There was a mirror opposite her and Dave saw her look in the mirror to see him watching her. She smiled at him.

What happened next would stay with him for ever.

She reached for her boot, unzipped it and placed it to one side. Then she did the same with the next and placed her feet, legs together on the floor.

She slid back in the chair, and with what can only have been a practised ease, lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist.

Dave could not believe this and his eyes stayed fixed on hers in the mirror as she smiled at him once more. Slowly, ever so slowly she parted her legs, her thighs opening.

Dave just held his breath as she moved her thighs wide; no one else but him could see as she opened them fully.

She was naked!!!!

Looking in the mirror Dave could see her pussy perfectly. The tidy, trimmed pubic hair led to a beautiful open pussy. Dave could see it exposed before him.

His cock twitched in his boxer shorts at the image of this woman showing herself to him. Even his imagination could not have predicted what happened next.

Looking him in the eye and knowing that he was watching, she placed her index finger to her lips, sucked it into her mouth then brought it down to touch herself.

Dave could not breathe as he saw her push it inside herself, rotate it then bring it out, rubbing it slowly across her erect clit. Then she brought it back to her mouth and sucked it clean. Looking at him again she just winked.

Dave was brought out of his stupor by his mobile ringing.

It was his wife. She'd be back at the car in 5 minutes - where was he and had he got his shorts yet? Damn he'd have to go.

"Just going to Gap," he told his wife.

He turned back to the woman, shrugged, smiled and turned away to the shop next door.

Quickly picking a pair of shorts from the rail, he went to the changing room and stripped his trousers off. His cock was still hard; he still couldn't believe what he had seen in the shoe shop.

Holding his cock through his boxers he gave it a squeeze, playing with it slightly, thinking of the huge wank he was going to have when he got home.

Suddenly he heard the changing room curtain pulled aside and in she walked - his teasing new friend. Holding a finger to her lips to keep him silent, she closed the curtain, sat on the chair in front of him, and took his cock in her hands.

Looking up at him she pulled his shorts down and lowered her head to him, pulling his fully erect penis towards her. His heart was pounding like never before as he felt her tongue slide across the head of his cock. She gripped him tightly, opened her mouth and took him inside.

The warmth, the wetness, the tightness was like nothing Dave had felt before. Her hands were as active as her mouth as she ate him, savouring the taste of him, filling her mouth with him, and as she squeezed his balls he felt like he was going to come in her.

"No, not yet," he said to himself.

Pulling her up he kissed her, just once, on the lips, then turned her around so she was facing away from him.

He took her leg and placed it on the chair, her skirt raised. Pulling her skirt up over her buttocks he exposed her ass - round, soft, the cheeks parted as they joined her pussy.

He ran his fingers between her legs and felt her shudder as he brushed against her pussy, pushing inside her, feeling her wetness.

He knew they didn't have long so took his cock and positioned it between her labia, rubbing it up and down her entrance, touching it against her clit.

Holding her with one hand, he pushed himself into her body; her pussy was as warm and inviting as her mouth. He felt himself slide it with one stroke, filling her all the way, his balls resting against her. Her hand reached underneath and he felt the rough edges of her nails scraping against his balls as she rubbed her clit.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he was thinking as he pushed himself into her. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is fantastic!"

He couldn't stop himself, he couldn't think about anything other than just fucking this pussy, this tight, warm wet pussy, fucking it until he came, until he came in her with everything he had, until he had filled her with his cum, until he could hardly stand.

Sensing his moment was happening, Dave erupted. He held her tightly by her buttocks and forced himself into her. Never before had he come so quickly, never before had he come so deeply, never before had he come so hugely. His legs were shaking.

As he came inside her, his senses returned to him. What the hell was he doing? Fucking a stranger in a shop changing room? Shit, what if his wife caught him?

Quickly he pulled his boxer shorts and trousers back on.

The woman just smiled, still with her ass exposed, kneeling on the chair, their juices running down her legs.

"Sorry," Dave muttered, "I've got to go."

"No problem," she replied, straightening her skirt.

She took his head in her hands and pulled him in for a kiss.


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