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Written for a lady on here, posted with her full consent.

*ogginduo By *ogginduo  (M)(F  over a year ago

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In anticipation for what was to follow I had made extensive preparations. I had met women before but never one only half my 49 years. As I walked around the shops with my husband the previous day my mind could think of nothing else. Would I be able to keep up with her youthful energy? Would she be able to withstand the all out assault I had planned for her tender body? As we loaded the car I thought of my purchases; the maids uniform my favourite, the basque and seamed stockings to accompany it, the frilly handcuffs and rope restraints. Then to the supermarket bags; a superb squash, strawberries and cream, a large tube of chocolate sauce. Finally, and in a bag of its own a new strap-on, a present from my husband for my special day. Now, here I stood in front of my husband, freshly shaved, perfume applied and basque wrapped loosely around me. I asked him to draw tight the laces and winced as my tummy was drawn in and my boobs pushed up and out. I left the bedroom door open as I put on my stockings, my poor husband was desperate to get his hands on me but he had promised not to touch and I had given him a good time last night after our shopping trip, with a promise of more tomorrow; tonight was for me. Twenty minutes later and I was all made-up ready with maid’s uniform barely covering my sexy new underwear. My long suffering husband asked are you ready and with a final sip of my wine I replied that I was.

Just ten minutes after the agreed time I heard a car pull into our driveway and peeped out of the window to see a young couple sitting in the front. As agreed previously, my husband opened the door to allow access to my visitor before he joined her husband in the car to start their journey to the pub. In spite of having spoken on both the phone and the computer I felt a little awkward as I greeted my new found friend. We leaned forward and kissed, not on the lips but in the same way you would kiss a visiting relative. I need not have worried though, at the same time as our facial cheeks met, so too did her hand on my bottom cheek, the ice was broken. As our embrace became more passionate I pushed from her shoulders her long coat and was greeted by a superb tight skinned body encased in only a pretty suspender belt, French knickers and stockings, she had no need of any support for her large firm breasts; they stood erect of their own making.

For the next hour we explored each others bodies, hands and tongues were employed in the satisfaction of one-another, taking me to the far side of ecstasy and back again. With beads of sweat running from both of us we came to a position of natural rest and shared the contents of a bottle of wine as we spoke with one another. I wonder how our boys are getting-on I commented, bet they wish they were here she answered. There was an elongated pause, we both laughed, shall we invite them back to watch I asked. We agreed and sent a text telling the boys we were comfortable for them to come home and watch if they wished, with that we entered the bedroom.

It didn’t take much persuasion to get my new friend to apply my handcuffs and tie me to the bedposts. Very quickly my boobs tummy and naughty bits felt the cool chill of spray cream, closely followed by strawberries and chocolate sauce highlighting my nipples. As my new friend started her feast, I felt the sustained stretch as the cream lubricated squash parted my most private lips. Once again I visited that place of ecstasy and must have stayed a while as I didn’t even hear the boys enter the bedroom. As I regained my senses and my eyes opened I was able to see not only my lover as she finished her feast but also both boys with their manhood in hand. I can only imagine their view as they sat at the far end of the bedroom watching their respective wives every twist and turn.

Released from my constraints, it was my turn to offer pleasure to this most able of young women. I reached for the box containing my new strap-on and teased those poor boys as I asked them to fix the straps, both remained true to their word that they would not touch, they must have been confident that their turn was to come later. Without ceremony or care I approached my target and soon got into a rhythm that was to make the recipient scream with pleasure. A further 20 minutes and once again we lay in a heap of sweat and sticky food, gradually we recovered and felt ourselves strangely embarrassed in front off our husbands as we reached for the bathrobes at the side of the bed. Our final act was to shower together prior to joining the boys back in the lounge, all agreed that it had been an evening to repeat and as our friends slipped slowly down our driveway, so into the front of my robe slipped my husbands hand. We raced to the bedroom and enjoyed a night of further passion ignoring the mess that the food had left, as we writhed, entwined in each others bodies.

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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very erotic, thank you for sharing!

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