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the dietition

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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i was told i had become a diabetic.....oh shit thats me well an truly fucked i


i was given an appointment at the hospital to see the dietition..its part of you

being a diabetic i was if yer

so on the day i went...i was expecting some old battle know the type

big knickers and a scowl!!

i was suuprised..........i woman of mid 40's longish flame red hair tied back

she was wearing a skirt and blouse.

i was given the do's and dont's of food for diabetics...jesus fucking christ this

sucks i am gonna die of malnutrion ere.

you can not have this you can not have that.and you can only have 16 units of

alcohol a week...ha ha i said ill have all mine on a friday night,

oh she siad i see i am goin to have problems with you!!!.

she asked me what i did for a living and what hobbies i had

some of you know me on this great site any and photo's.

because of this woman laying the law down on food i was going to get my own

back..or try to. i told her fishing and photo's and i bathe once a year and wank

once a week

her answer was............"what sort of photo's...i would rather not say i told

her. oh come on dont be shy.. sorry dear i do not wish to offend you....what a

crock of shit...i was dieing to embarass her

i bet you take dirty photo's she asked

oh yes i said

any way my time in the office was up, but before i left she made another

appointment for me, part of it all she said

3 weeks went by and off i went to the hospital to see this woman.

i had a lap top with me i was going to see a friend after who wanted some stuff

from it.

on the office door was a notice saying she had moved offices for a short period

due to renovation work

i found the temporary office and knocked. come in a voice said i wonderd

a quick glance round i saw a examination table in the corner..come on guys ffs

yes my mind was racing.......yes i did,read on though.

the first 5 mins we were chattin about my diet. what diet you ask...yer!!

all of a sudden she asked me about the photo's i take

they just plain simple i told her

and naked ones she asked

naturally i said

i want to see some she told me

i had to think fast now..ok i told her on one condition,

go on she said

you have to stand by the table and pull your skirt right up round your waiste

well she never spoke for a couple of mins but you could see her mind workin

overtime on this.

i agree came the answer.... you sure i asked....yes

so i got the laptop on the table and let her look at the tame pictures

girls fully clothed down to girls in just their knickers.

where are the naked ones she i showed her a few

some of them had the girls with dildo's as no guys an gals..not fellas

all she said was i am impressed by them

i shut down the laptop went back to my chair..and told her right it's your turn

now.. oh do i have to, i walked ovet to her chair took her by the hand and took

her to the table

i went and sat down ......

come on then dear show me. either you pull the skirt up or i will!!

after all a deal is a deal

she lifted the skirt up to the middle of her legs...keep lifting i said all the

way up round your waiste

this time the skirt did go up

i never touched her i just sat and looked

i passed a few comments you would

i made her turn round and open her legs a bit..nothing to harsh

i let her pull her skirt down and sit down

the one thing i did ask was if she wanted me for another appointment,

yes she said one more i think. i had to wait 5 fucking weeks

my 5 weeks came and went and it was time to see her

off i toddled this time with my laptop a grin on my face,

i got in the office it was the original one again, first thing i did was plonk

me laptop on the table

she spoke first.........i hope you have more pictures on that.......

oh yes i told her but this will cost you !!

you want to see my knickers again

yes dear sort of...what ya mean sort of

this time i want to see all of you..i need a pee so ill give you a quick time to

think about it

i went for a piss it took me 5 mins to get there n back and piss of course

well i asked as i sat down

she said she would take some of her clothes off

ok then ill go for it.i had a better plan in mind.

i showed her the photo's all hard core ones..sucking .. fucking.. cum shots the


all she asked who they were .. just people i know

after 5 mins of lookin at the photo's once again i said to her..right dear its

that time again

she stood questions asked and took off her skirt

she said you have seen this before

i made her come round to my side of the desk and stand before me

once again no problems

now take off your top...gingerly it came off

she stood before me in just her bra and knickers...phwoarrrr

turn round i told her to face the problems there

i stood up and undid her bra clips and before she could do any thing to stop me i

had the bra on the floor

now turn back round and face me..she did as i asked

ok you take off your knickers

this came as a bit of a shock to her..she covered her boobies up at this.

because her hands were covering her tits quick as a flash i reached over and

pulled her knickers to her ankles

now you can step out of them i told her..and she did

take your hands away.........she did

i told you i wanted to see all of you

she came back with i said i was going to take some of my clothes off

i laffed and said you did i took the rest off for you.

well my last appointment turned into two more

but thats for aonther day

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

@private mail, +add as contact


6 months had gone by, i recieved a letter in the post from the NHS its time for your deit review..bollox i sat thinking. do i have to go.

the time of day suited me and so did the person i had to see and she was going to be back in the room

with the examination table.

i went on the day and i found out that computers were to be installed in that wing and all net work cables had to be in place, that meant across the cealings and such . any way where was i,oh yes.

the usual questions about how i was coping as a diabetic came first, she noticed i had not got a laptop with me

but i did have another bag instead..what ya got this time that dont look like a laptop she asked.

it aint i told her, what is it then she asked come on tell me

its me digital camera i casualy replied.........for taking pics of you !

oh yes

dam right i said and more besides


yes more, and what is more

oh easy the more is i am gona stick me cock in you

haha we will see she said

a few more questions came my way about diet and diabetes, i answered them all best i could.

that's that then she said all done for a year now.

no its not it i told her..i got out my camera and told her to go stand over by the table.

she did go over and said she had never done this before. don't worry dear i will guide and tell you what to do and how i want you to do it.

funny thing was she went over to the table without a care in the world and pulled her skirt up ,looked at me and said hows that. dirty randy bitch had no knickers on at all

how come you not got ya draws on i asked......her answer was simple..she knew i was on the way she took them off, they were in her hand bag

so you took them off for me

no she replied i took them off beause they are wet

she went on to explain how she knew i would be there soon and the thought of them photos and me bringing the laptop made her feel randy as she said..more like desperate for a fuck i would have said.

ok then lay on the table and open your legs wide or the best you can, i am going to find out if your still wet

i was not get any comments from her now she just did as i asked.

i went over to her and put my hand between her legs then slid my fingers over her mound and a finger in her fanny.

you have gone a touch dry dear i told her....but it wont be for long!

oh thank you doctor she giggled

it did not take long to get her wet again i can tell you,nor did it take long for me to get my cock out and in her mouth.

time was running short so i got her off the table stood up and told her to take all her clothes off.

this she did instantly. come over to me i asked , i was sat on the chair rampant cock as well

now come straddle me and slide me cock in side you and you ride me.

well i did not last very long i can tell you. and as luck would have it she came as i did

well to bring this part to an end i left with her private phone number and a promise of more to come

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