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First time sharin my teen gf

By *hynot27  (M) 23 weeks ago

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We was doing some mdma at my uncles house and she started getting horny she was sat on his knee I could see she was grinding her as on his cock when she noticed I was looking she came to sit on me and was doing the same to me I started rubbing her pussy through her leggings and she was playing with my cock I said let's go into bedroom and fuck she didn't want to go she took my cock out playing even more nexthan thing she's starting to suck my cock I say my uncle is right there she don't say anything justo kept sucking I know he knew what she was doing.

I got lost in the moment and close my eyes enjoying her sucking my cock after a few minutes a hear her moaning a bit I don't think much of it so just keep enjoying it. Next thing she's moaning louder she takes my cock out of her mouth and all I hear is " yes fuck me "

I open my eyes to see my uncle and come up pulled her leggings down and was fucking her tight teen pussy I look at her and she was loving it I thought fuck it he's all ready inside her might as well carry on.

We took turns fucking her and cuming in her pussy mouth and ass for hours . We went to sleep I woke up the next day she wasn't in bed with I go out the bedroom and all I can hear is moaning from my uncles room the door wide open I look in and he's fucking her doggy style she looks at me and smiles I just go over and join in we fucked on off for next week as was staying there

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