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Careful where you stand.

*pecoid1967 By *pecoid1967   profile verified by photo (M) 26 weeks ago

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A friend and I got tickets to a local sporting event. The area where we had to stand was halfway between the entrance to the section and the exit, and it was packed solid. If we had to leave for any reason, it would be at least a 15 minutes before we could return to our position. Even longer, if you had gone to get drinks from the packed bar.

My friend and I are standing there enjoying the event when I notice the couple next to me. The female was in front of the man, and she was jumping up and down, screaming. She was wearing what could be described as a schoolgirl outfit. Short skirt, thigh high socks, tight-fitting blouse, and her hair was done in pigtails. She was clearly not a schoolgirl as she was in her later thirties. This carried on for some time until she stopped and began to rub herself against her partner. I watched discreetly, and she was really enjoying the effect she was having on him. This carried on for some time, and it was becoming more and more obvious what was happening. I'm unsure why, but the guy suddenly leant forward a whispered something then began to make his way towards the exit. She looked put out by this and stood there with her arms folded.

After watching her sulking for about 5 minutes a thought accord to me. He was going to be at least another 15 minutes if he had just gone for a piss, longer if he'd gone for drinks. I was roughly the same height as her partner, and I had a hard-on knowing what was happening beside me.

I took a couple of small steps to my right and squeezed in behind the woman. I gingerly placed my hands on her hips and pulled her gently into my groin. The moment she felt my hard cock against her arse she started to rub herself against me without looking back. She had got herself into such a position that my cock was nestled between the cheeks of her arse. Her hands then grabbed at my jeans as she pushed herself harder against me. Her hips moved slowly up and down, the feeling was glorious and my cock was now throbbing.

After a few minutes of this, both her hands moved and began to fumble at the zip to my jeans. Quickly, she had my cock out and had pulled it down and had it clasped between her thighs. I spread my legs slightly as she backed up towards me. She began to move her hips back a forth, I could feel my cock rubbing against her pussy. I placed my hands on her waist and jutted my hips forward. Her movements increased in speed slowly as her pussy got warmer and wetter.

Then all of a sudden she stopped, one of her hands let go of my jeans and I could feel something warm and liquidity being rubbed onto the head of my cock. She then slowly moved forward allowing my cock to move along her pussy. She stopped, rasing herself onto tiptoe. I responded without a thought and lowered myself and slumped down on the wall, almost like a seat for her, enabling her to place the head of my cock where she wanted it to be. She then slowly lowered herself down my shaft, once she had all she could take she stopped and rested for a few moments as her hands clasped my thighs.

I remember it was tight and warm as we both stood there. I quickly looked about to see if anyone was watching us, but everyone was too interested in the event, except my friend who gave me a wink. She then slowly, short movements at first where she began to raise and lower herself. Each stroke became slightly longer until she had a good rhythm going. I wanted to reach around and rub her clit but thought that would be too obvious too what was happening. I needed of worried as one of her hands disappeared under her skirt and she began to do it herself. I felt her nails on her other hand dig into my thigh through my jeans as her legs started to wobble and shake. Then her whole body followed as she slumped down hard on my cock. This was now too much for me to bare and I gave a couple of short thrusts into her as I exploded inside her. She responded as her whole body shuddered with each emission.

We both remained still for a short time. That is until she slowly raised herself off my cock and rearranged her skirt. I quickly put my cock away and slide back over to where I had been standing originally next to my friend who just stood there and smiled at me.

It was also good timing as her partner suddenly appeared with two drinks. She looked shocked to see him standing in front of her when just second before she thought he was behind her. I watched out of the corner of my eye, trying not to give away it had been me as she scanned the men around her. Her partner looked puzzled and whispered something and she calmed down as she took the drink from him. From that moment on, she didn't jump about as much. I'm guessing in case some of what I had left inside her may come dribbling out.

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By *ipsforlips   profile verified by photo (M) 26 weeks ago

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Thank you - a horny little story, and a great form of crowd control

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XXX pic...
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By *lutandhubby  (M)(F 26 weeks ago

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