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Almost first time.

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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True story starts in the Bitter End pub and ends with a bitter disappointment.....

I was in my late twenties around 1985 and single at the time. It was a December evening, I was out for a drink in the Bitter End in Crewe with a friend his wife had stayed home as their young son was not well and my friend R was to phone home (payphone then) every hour or so and see how he was, it got to about 9.30 when he phoned and said he had to go, I still had 3/4 of a pint and said I would stay to finish it and he left.

There was about 20 other people in all groups so I stood at the bar and even though I was on my own there was a good atmosphere what with the approach to Christmas. I did not relish the cold walk home which was about a mile so on finishing the drink I ordered another, the barman was chatty, my age and was gay when he was not busy he came chatting to me about all sorts, sport, work, life in general. I ended up staying till last orders and I was the last customer still in, he said I could have one more drink with him and we sat at a table chatting, when we finished the drinks he said he had to lock up, so I left and started the walk home.

I had been walking only a few minutes when he caught me up, he was going my way so we walked and chatted more, he asked me if I minded him being gay and I said of course not and the the conservation got more intimate, near where I lived was a field with a playground and we ended up on the end of the slide chatting, he moved closer and put his hand on my leg, at first I was shocked but it soon passed, he rubbed my thigh a little and then a little more next thing I realised I was doing the same just a response, still chatting and laughing his hand roamed more until his hand reached my crotch, we both realised then that I was rock hard, he turned and kissed me and I just followed.

Because we were sat on the low end of the slide it was hard to explore further so he suggested moving the the roundabout which we did, now leaning against the bars almost standing he soon had my jeans undone and was caressing me through my undies and I was not far behind caressing him too. Of course undies were not a barrier for long, he gave me a long kiss the crouched down and kissed my bell end, I was harder than I had ever been before.

The next thing a dog walker (at around 1 am, who walks a dog at that time?) walks towards us, we scrambled to dress and I walked off one way and he the other, after a while I circled back but he was nowhere to be seen, I went home and finished off what he had started I had never cum so much. It was a month before I got the opportunity and courage to go back to the pub only to find he had left Crewe to work at a university in York, I had no way to contact him or even have his name.

I always thought what if the dog walker had not stopped us.

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By *orderman  (M)  over a year ago

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1980 mindset... Shit dog walker.... As pre popularity and knowledge of dogging.. Modern age mindset... Could they be walking the dog for another reason at that hour....

Oh for time travel...

Talking of walking the dog just remembering didn't Daltrey do a single on his own with that title.. Now wondering was a message being conveyed

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