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Erotic Fiction - The Red Light District

*hatguy88 By *hatguy88   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Walking down the paved streets of the busy and noisy Amsterdam afternoon were a couple hand in hand. Each with one hand holding the others, whilst their other hand trailed a suitcase behind them. Scouring the buildings as they walked, they were desperate to find their destination.

"Samantha...Are you sure it's this way?"

The gentleman of the pair spoke up, he was of average height around five foot seven, brown hair, dark eyes and of an average to thin body type. He looked across at his wife, her brunette hair held up in a ponytail, look a little disheveled from travelling but she still looked good even in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Yes Frank...I'm sure..In fact...I think that's it"

Samantha slowed her pace slightly and let go of her suitcase, using her now free hand to point to the hotel ahead of them. 'The Rho hotel'. Frank smiled and nodded, grabbing Sam's suitcase with his free hand. She began to rifle through her handbag to find their passports and hotel confirmation papers. Making their way into the building, they presented themselves to reception. After receiving their welcome pack up, they were taken upstairs and shown to their room. It was a modest room, more than practical for their weekend away. Leaving the suitcases to one side, they both flopped down onto the bed, exhausted.

"Well..I'm going to go take a shower to freshen up"

"Ok well, i'll go in after you then"

Frank stood up and opened his suitcase, locating his shower bag, he disappeared into the small bathroom. Showering and refreshing himself, he wrapped a towel around his waist and exited the bathroom using another towel to dry his hair. Draped over his head, he could hardly see as he came out of the room, his hands furiously rubbing his hair to rid it of the excess moisture. Making his way into the room, he sat on the edge of the bed and continued to dry his hair, the towel covering his face. Suddenly, he felt the towel around his waist tugged open, his legs spread open, his cock laid limp between them. He felt a warm hand gently grip his member, picking it up and slowly massaging it. Pulling the towel from his face, he looked down and was greeted with the sight of his wife on her knees between his legs. She looked up at him with her slate eyes, whilst she purposefully wanked his now hardening cock.

"Mmmm I thought you were going in the shower after me?"

"I am...i'm just making sure i'm nice and dirty before I do..."

Frank groaned with pleasure loudly and fell back onto the bed. Samantha now manipulating his hardening cock faster in her hands, once she could feel that it was nice and hard, she began wanking it slowly. Pulling it back and forth, stimulating the length of his member. Feeling it throb and pulse in her hand, she could also see the veins along it bulge. Moaning herself, she could feel her pussy moisten rapidly due to handling his cock. Desperate to pleasure herself as well, she had to fight the urge to use one of her hands to rub her damp slit. Moaning loudly, she plunged her head downwards, taking Frank's cock into her mouth. Frank gripped the bedding as she felt his cock disappear into his wife's mouth, the sensation of her tongue swirling along his member was fantastic. He closed his eyes and moaned, allowing himself to drift into the feeling. Completely at her mercy.

Samantha upped the pace at which she was servicing his cock. Her head at first gradually bobbing up and down was now working at a frightening pace as the lust between her legs over took her other senses and she serviced her husband in the way that only she could. Samantha sucked hard on her husbands meat, noticing his legs begin to shake slowly at first but building up more and more momentum. She felt his cock bulge and pulse in her mouth, she grabbed the base of it and wanked it hard whilst simultaneously fucking it with her mouth. It only took a few minutes before a long loud moan broke the silence of the room.

"Mmm fuck I'm cumming!"

Sam moaned into the cock in her mouth as she felt it throb and his balls tighten. Streams of sticky white juice exploded from the tip, splashing against the roof of her mouth. Pushing her face down onto the cock as it continued to cum inside the wet confines of her mouth, she deep throated as much as she could manage. Feeling her husbands cum, spurt directly down her throat. She could feel her pussy was practically dripping, desperate to feel a hard cock inside her. Sam continued to fight the feeling, she wanted to be wet for their excursion tonight. As Frank's orgasm began to slowly die down, she pulled his partially throbbing cock from her mouth and gracefully cleaning it off with her tongue. Ensuring every last drop of cum was licked up. Standing to her feet, she smiled at her husband, turned on her heels and proceeded towards the bathroom. Undressing and throwing her clothes to the floor as she neared the door.

"Hope you liked that sweetie, better get ready go out...I won't be long in the shower"

Samantha stepped into the bathroom, the cold of the tiles taking her by surprise on her bare feet. Turning the shower on she stepped inside, the water cascading down her body and curves. Rubbing her hands along her body, she could still feel the taste of her husbands cock in her mouth and the sensation reminded her just how wet she was. Using one hand to rub her breasts, the nipples now rock hard, she used the other to rub at the wet spot between her legs. Gently panting she could feel her clit was hard, she expertly swirled her fingers around it, causing her knees to go weak as she let out a stray moan. Biting her lip to keep herself quiet, she didn't want her husband to hear what she was up to. Continuously swirling her fingers around her pleasure button until she was just about to cum, her body trembling, breath turning to panting. She stopped suddenly. Taking her hand away, she felt her body pulsed in outrage at being denied the orgasm. Biting her lip once more, she fought the feeling away as she continued to shower. She was certainly going to cum tonight but not by her own hand. Eventually finishing her shower, Samantha wrapped herself in a towel and exited the bathroom.

"Did you have a relaxing shower sweetheart?"

Frank asked as he was sat on a chair, leaning down to tie up his shoe lace. He stood up and straightened down his clothes, a grey suit, white shirt and no tie. He stepped past Sam and squeezed her ass, as he entered the bathroom to finish getting ready. Samantha knelt down to her suitcase and opened it up. Searching through her clothes, she found her black lacy bra and panties. She threw them onto the bed behind her and continued searching for her black slinky dress. Locating it, she carried over to the bed and laid it out. Along with a pair of black heels. Dropping her towel, she first grabbed her bra and placed it on. Creating a pert and heaving cleavage, she then reached out for her panties and picked them up. Pausing for a second, she looked back to the bathroom door and grinned. Throwing them back into her suitcase, she then picked up her dress and shimmed it on. Feeling the material hug her body and curves, always made her feel sexy. Sliding her heels onto her feet, she sat at the table and began to apply her make up.

Eventually Frank emerged from the bathroom, just as Samantha had finished applying the last pieces of make up. He smiled as he saw her and offered the crook of his arm, she got to her feet and interlinked her arm.

"Shall we?"

Samantha smiled as Frank led her from the room, closing it behind them and into the Amsterdam night. Stepping out into the warm evening air, the sun was just beginning to set. The street lamps were beginning to splutter to life in various places along the walkway. Walking hand in hand, the couple slowly sauntered along, picking out various sights and sounds of the busy city. After a certain amount of exploration and people watching, they happened up a nice looking restaurant. Completely unspoken between them, they subconsciously gravitated towards the open door way. Stepping inside it was a very busy restaurant, young waiters and waitresses bustling around with trays of food and drink. The Maitre d' welcomed them and quickly found them a table. Helping his lady into her chair, Frank then moved around and sat down. They were only sat for a moment until a young dark skinned waiter arrived at their table. Jet black hair and piercing blue eyes, Samantha could do nothing but stare in awe at the young man. He was easily half her age as well.

"Good evening to you, These are your menus and would you like something to drink?"

"We'll take a bottle of red wine, the house specialty if you please"

The waiter nodded in agreement and retired from the table. As he moved to leave the table, his eyes were locked with Samantha's. She could see him look across her slinky dress, taking in every last curve. She felt the spot between her legs moisten and she instinctively crossed her legs, not wanting to drip onto the leather chair she was sat in. The waiter moved from the table and disappeared, Sam picked up her menu and began to peruse it. A minute or two into their discussion over what meal to have, a loud ringtone and buzzing could be heard. It was Frank's phone. Picking it up, he held it to his ear as a rapid torrent of noise came blaring from it.

" Hello?...What??..No no no..We..No we are agreed on that price....No they can't get out of their contract like! its cast iron!..But...What?...Hold on..."

Frank pulled the phone from his ear and covered the mouth piece. Looking upset and defeated, he looked to his wife.

"I'm really sorry sweetie, i'm going to have to go back to the hotel to sort this out with my work laptop...Stay here and I'll try not to be long ok?"

Samantha nodded and sighed. She watched as her husband stood from his seat and exited the restaurant, all the while discussing this and that into his phone about some client contract or what not. The waiter returned at this moment with the bottle of red wine and two glasses, as he began to place the glasses down on the table, Samantha looked towards him.

"No no, no need to put them on the table sweetie, My Husband will not be back tonight...I'll take it at the bar"

The waiter nodded and retrieved the glass he had just set down. Moving aside in the busy restaurant, he allowed her to stand up from the table. Leaving her chair, she pushed it back under the table and attempted to squeeze through the crowd of tables to the bar. As she walked in front of the waiter, she playfully pushed her ass into his crotch, nonchalantly enough that he couldn't possible realize she'd done it on purpose. As she did it, she could feel he was well endowed and if she wasn't mistaken, a little bit hard. Licking her lips, she made her way to the bar and placed herself on the bar stool. She placed her hand bag on the bar in front of her. The waiter followed and placed the bottle of red wine and single glass next to her. As she turned to take the items from him, she accidentally knocked her bag to the floor. It hit the wooden floor with a clatter but not enough to make everyone stop and look. The waiter, immediately stooped down and began picking the items up and placing them back in the bag. As he was occupied with this task, Samantha swiveled her bar stool around, uncrossed her legs and spread them just enough. As the young man finally finishing placing the items back into the bag, he looked up as he began to rise and the sight before him was glorious. Up the dress and between the thighs of this older woman was a perfect shaven pussy, dripping wet. He stopped in his tracks and just stared for as long as he could get away with before someone noticed him. Standing straight up, he was awestruck at her bluntness.

"So Mr Waiter..I'm guessing you liked what you saw?"

"I..I did madam"

"Well then...when do you finish work? I have this bottle of wine to drink and after that i'll be very bored and my husband has left me for the night.."

"Give me fifteen minutes..."

Samantha smiled, re-crossed her legs and spun around to the bar. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she drank from it heartily. The waiter took slightly longer than fifteen minutes but Samantha was a patient woman and her bottle of wine was keeping her company. Eventually he re-appeared, this time minus the apron. He held out his hand to Samantha and looked deep into her eyes with his baby blues.

"I'm all yours for the night now Madam..."

"Please call me Samantha"

"And I'm Sem, A pleasure to make your acquaintance"

Samantha took Sem's hand, hopped off the bar stool and half curtsied in a lighthearted way. She was lead from the restaurant and down and around a number of alleyways. All the while clutching his hand, eventually they found themselves in front of a tall building block. He looked to her and smiled, leaping up the steps, he opened the door with his key and motioned her to come inside. Finding their way into the lobby, He called the elevator. As the doors opened, a number of people exited and it emptied. Stepping inside, Sem pressed the button for the fifth floor and the doors slowly closed. As they closed with a clunk, Samantha threw herself at her young waiter. Her hands were furious and all over his body. Her lips on his, her tongue penetrating his mouth and tasting his own. She could not wait anymore and had to enjoy her prize. Kissing him passionately, she pressed her body against his. She could feel his cock bulging his trousers against her, the feeling itself making her soaking wet. As quickly as this onslaught began, it stopped as the elevator came to a halt with a loud bong and a clunk as the doors opened once again.

Sem smiled at her, breath heavy, taking her by the hand. Leading her down the corridor, passed a number of door until he stopped in front of one in particular. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his keys once more and opened it. Allowing Samantha to enter first, she stepped inside his modest apartment. She had seconds to look around before she heard the door slam shut behind her and felt his hands probing her body from behind. One hand generously massing her right breast, whilst the other slowly sliding down her stomach to press against her crotch. All the while, she could feel his rock hard member pressed against her butt, she moaned and pushed back into it. She could hear him moaning as his cock bulged against her. Sam felt her dress begin to slide up as he had gripped the hem and pulled it upwards, exposing her ass and soaking wet pussy.

"Mmm I know what you want...So what're you waiting for....?"

Sem let out a combination of a sigh and a moan all at once as he pushed her towards the sofa. Reaching it rapidly, he pushed her down into a bent position and spread her legs. Marveling at the view of her dripping tight pussy, he rapidly fumbled with his trousers and released his young thick cock. Grabbing it by the base, he rubbed the head gently up and down her wet slit. Listening to her moan and squeal with pleasure at the sensation. Teasing her slightly before thrusting every inch into her. The sound she made was of pure ecstasy, Sem's cock filling her up to the brim. She grabbed the top of the sofa for leverage and turned her head to look back at him.

"Fuck my married pussy...Use me like a dirty slut..."

Sem grabbed her hips and pounded his cock deep inside of her. Fucking her hard and fast, thinking of nothing other than fucking this dirty married woman's pussy to make himself feel good. He concentrated on nothing but how good his cock felt. Sam was in sheer bliss, she was like a rag doll as this young waiter fucked her hard and fast. Her pussy was throbbing with pleasure, soaking and squelching as he continued to fuck her. Her legs began to buckle as she felt her orgasm appear from nowhere, she screamed out in pleasure as her whole body throbbed with pleasure. Shaking, her eyes rolled back into her head as the sheer nirvana of the moment took over. Her pussy massaging Sem's cock became all to much for him as he pulled out and sprayed up all over her pussy, ass and back. Streams of white juices, coating her entirely staining her dress.

Eventually the cum stopped and his cock went limp, he wiped the last few drops against her ass and sat down on the sofa next to her limp body.

"Now Samantha you're going to go back to your hotel and show your husband how much of a slut you've been...."

Samantha moaned out an acknowledgement and slowly got to her feet, pulling her dress down and holding his cum in place against her body.

"Now get out of my apartment you slut...I expect to see you tomorrow..."

Samantha smiled and turned to walk out of the door, Sem's hand swiftly came and spanked her across the ass. Exiting the apartment, she climbed into the elevator and left the building. She was walking for at least twenty minutes before she found her hotel again. Eventually, Sam entered her room to find Frank on the bed working on his laptop. He looked up from his work towards her.

"I'm so sorry sweetie, I was trying to get everything done as quickly as possible..."

"Mmm don't worry baby...I had lots of fun in your absence..."

Sam then turned around and lifted the dress from her body, exposing the cum splattered across her body. All along her back and butt, the cum coating her pussy and gently dripping down her legs. Biting her lip, she looked back over her shoulder at him.

" did have fun without me didn't you...."


I hope you all enjoyed my writing and if you want to read more, let me know

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By *orthwalesmale1  (M)  over a year ago

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Well written story hope you get a chance to write some more.

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By *thmale  (M)  over a year ago

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Really horny story, hopw the husband enjoyed himself after. Cant wait for another story

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Very horny story, great, want more

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By *adtv72  (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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1st class story and very well written.

Definitely looking forward to more from you.


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By *eo moore  (M)  over a year ago

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Well written and horny.

Looking forward to the next episode. Well done.

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*9AL By  *9AL    profile verified by photo premium paying member (M)  over a year ago

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I tried to get the local council to start a red light district but all they did was put up another set of traffic lights

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