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An unexpected invitation ends in soaked panties(tame and bi stuff)

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By *eterdaventry   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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An unexpected invitation ends in soaked panties(tame and bi stuff)

Message said he had read my post and would like to see my wife’s pictures. He was bored in his hotel and I should come over and amuse him. He said I should come right away and be there at 10.30pm sharp which put me into a total funk – it was only a short distance but I jumped into the shower and fumblingly put on the pretty panties and bra and stockings as promised in my post and got out the pictures but it was now getting late and I thought about postponing: but when I phoned his number he was very assertive and said I should make sure to get there quickly. I was in such a fizz as I drove there and so aware of the thong between my cheeks and the tight bra straps. It was barely past 10.30 but I could see he was about to give up on me. I locked the car and rushed to him. I recognised the smart business suit that he said he would be wearing and so just waited in front of him politely. He barely looked at me but said I should stub out my cigarette immediately and follow him. He would be going to sleep in an hour but I could still amuse him until then. He said his girlfriend might turn up but even if he had her strip to her undies in front of me to tease and irritate her , I would have to turn to the wall when she stripped completely as he didn't allow guys to see her naked.

I was totally nervous by now and entering the lobby following him ,acutely aware of the gap at my ankle where the sheer black stockings would show and the slight bulge under my shirt caused by the padded bra. The concierge glanced at me and I was so aware that these people know what is going on and I could see a small smirk as I passed him.

Max opened the room but left the door slightly ajar and as I offered the pictures politely he told me I should strip while he looked at them. Max settled down on the bed and gave the occassional approving comment about Jill's tits and how inviting her cunt looked. I was by now very embarrassed at nervous I concentrate on folding my clothes neatly as I removed my slip on canvas shoes and then my shirt exposing the turquoise satin and black lacy bra and tehn stood up before stooping again to slide my jeans. As I stood now showing the tiny matching panties and sheer black hold-ups I quivered as Max casually glanced over and told me to do turn round slowly and show the sheer bottom. He than had me face the door with my fingers on the corners of he architrave and my legs spread so that my ankles touched the skirting on either side. It was incredibly uncomfortable and my bottom and thigh were contorted so that my bottom stuck out and spread. He told me to wait like that while he enjoyed looking at my naked and exposed wife and that he would decide if I might be allowed to suck his cock.

I could hear him getting comfortable and when I finally looked round he was naked and showing off his hard cock. He had me pull down the front of my panties to show him my little cock which although stiff was limp and small compared to his big manly one. It wasn’t that much longer than mine but was tapered from the fine hard glistening head, so that at the base it was a s wide as a coke can and his big balls sat beneath it with more of the thick black hair that covered much of his body. Even from where I was I could smell his cologne and slightly acrid scent of the alpha male aroused.

As I waited exposed in the tiny panties and bra I began to quiver all over with an overwhelming desire to suck his big cock and feel it stretch my lips open and squash my tongue, as I imagined Jill being gently opened wide and pleasured by him. He glanced at his watch and told me to put my cock back into, and come in my panties and get dressed. I could hardly stand up as my I touched myself feebly through the soft satin and felt the turquoise fabric darken with my cum. I quickly slipped on my jeans and shirt and shoes and thanked him respectfully. He told me to close the door on my way out as he handed me back the pics .

It was an incredible experience and although in reality not much had happened I felt so wonderfully humiliated and so excited and horny as I drove home with the damp panties sticking to my little balls

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