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hotel fun

By *hef101  (M)  over a year ago

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working in hotels u get to hear and see a lot of people having fun whilst they are staying away, once had a couple staying in the hotel that kept ringing down for towels and toiletries, every time I went up with them the had less and less clothing on, the last time I went to the room with some fresh towels (set no 7) the guy opened the door in his birthday suit winked at me and said thanks, his partner then appeared behind him also sans clothing and asked if I could pop in as the had a couple of issues they would like addressing in the room, I unfortunately had to decline and explained that It was hotel policy not to enter a room when the clients were in that state of undress, she gave me a sligh wink and said ok hold on closed the door then opened it again wearing a not very concealing t-shirt, I went into the room where the only light was coming from the tv, I then glanced over to see her partner in a very revealing dress, she asked me what kind of "services" the hotel provided I had to politely tell them that we were unable to provide the kind of services they required as it was against hotel policy, to which she replied that's a shame and removed her tshirt. to this day I wish I had just gone with it and joined in the fun but alas at the time I was worried about loosing my job.

anyone else had the pleasure of meeting someone at a hotel for fun?

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By *ena69  (M)(F  over a year ago

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I along with my gf had been on holiday to Bangkok over the Christmas holidays. Enjoyed a lot and I met R at the hotel. I planned to spend some time with him. When my gf was busy with a lady boy in her room, I invited R for a coffee in my room.

R was a black Muslim from Kuwait and very attractive and muscular. He got me attracted to his bulge … he followed my eyes to his asset. I invited him to have a good night coffee in my hotel room. R grabbed me and kissed me. He pulled me close and I melted in his strong arms. His shirt was damp with sweat and he smelled like musk. My pussy was already moist in anticipation, but now it was gushing. R moved his left hand between my legs, His work-hardened fingers gently glided across my wet panties and my pussy lips. He bit my lip while he pulled me so tightly I could hardly breathe. I fondled his cock through his pants. It was massive and hard as a rock.

"I want to fuck you" he said. He was straight … He picked me up and carried me into the living room and put me down in front of recliner in the room. He spun me around and bent me over, his hand between my shoulders. He was taking me dog fashion. This is my favorite way to be fucked. He unbuttoned his pants and kicked his shoes off, then he yanked my panties down. I quickly stepped out of them. R kicked my legs apart with his foot. I was now in an uncomfortably wide stance, my ass high in the air giving R the perfect angle to enter me. R slapped my ass cheeks playfully as he rubbed the meaty head of his giant cock against my wet pussy lips. He slid it back and forth a few times, going a little deeper with each stroke. I couldn't see his cock but I could tell it was big and thick. The lubricated head of his cock now pressed hard into the tight opening of my vagina.

I have always been praised for having a tight pussy. Now with the giant head of R's cock straining to enter my vagina, I was a little worried that he might be too big. R grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. Finally my pussy stretched enough for his cock to enter. He pushed it so deep inside me that it hurt. He bottomed out inside my pussy. I felt his balls pressing against my clitoris. It hurt in a good way. It had been months since I had been fucked by a big cock. After a couple more slow and deliberately deep strokes, R grabbed my hair with one hand and pressed the other on the small of my back. He pushed me forward with one hand then pulled me back by my hair, setting the rhythm. He was in total control of me. I was his fuck slut. I was in heaven.

"Oh yeah!... Fuck my pussy hard baby!" The dirty slut talk originated from a primal part of my brain uncontrollably. R loved it. Our pace built steadily. Every bone and muscle in my body was getting a workout. The chair rocked and squeaked. R fucked me so hard that the Precious Moment figurines in my curio cabinet in the corner were rattling. Sweat beads rolled down my back. The cool air felt good against my moist flesh. I panted and screamed obscenities. I was sure he was going to loosen the fillings out of my teeth. "Goddamn baby.... FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK.... you're fucking me so good!" "Oh, please don't stop." I begged.

He had been quiet up until now, but he began to moan. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." "Inside me baby, cum in my pussy... I want your cum." I begged.

I imagined that R was up on his tip-toes while his jackhammer cock destroyed my cervix and he pumped a quart of hot sperm into me. It was no doubt the best 15 minutes of slam-bam sex I had ever had. R's cock slid out of me and dripped cum onto the carpet at the foot of the chair. I turned to face him and sat in the recliner. Cum dripped out of me and onto the seat of the chair. R's glistening cut cock was a couple of inches from my mouth. I finally got a chance to admire this beautiful big cock. He was still hard. R sighed as I took it in my hands and guided it toward my mouth. He stroked my head affectionately while I gently sucked it clean. R had been here for 25 minutes. "You have to go baby" I said. "We'll meet you again." R pulled me up and kissed me while fondling my throbbing boobs. He quickly dressed and left leaving US$2000 as gift but asked for my panties as souvenir! I happily handed over my cum-soaked panties to him and stood naked at the door and waved at him good bye for his nice work …

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