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Teachers New Pet

*uito_bem By *uito_bem   profile verified by photo (M)(F  over a year ago

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Another year; another new year delivering the same tired curriculum. Another year of trying to encourage the college drop-outs to focus on the agreed texts that made little sense to them, or him for that matter and perhaps, the matter of most relevance another year of keeping his roving eye off his students.

Monday began as most first days did; a whirl of new students registering for their courses. A myriad conversations overheard in the corridors; of failed exams and parental pressure; of a Summer spent doing little more than sleeping and drinking; of relationships and gossip. He tried to block this out, this banal chatter that annoyed him so.

He entered his room and surveyed it’s occupants. A mixture of young men and women…boys and girls really if you considered their moral and mental capacity. They quietened as he stood there, looking at them, trying to gauge their willingness to learn just from the look on their youthful faces. Then he saw her; the brunette, smiling at him, waiting for him to say something, anything. He gasped silently as his eyes tracked down over her face and down to her ample breasts as he picked up the register from his desk.

He called the names, almost oblivious to the responses until she spoke; softly responding to the name Joanne. The rest of the day was a blur as he rushed from one room to another, registering students, tracking missing data and completing the relevant documentation that would enable his students to enrol for his classes.

It was around 5:30pm before he was able to find his office; the one space in the entire college that was his and his alone; the space without natural light and so far from the student areas and his colleagues offices that he could enter, lock the door behind himself and depart to his dreams, his fantasies and often, sleep.

He awoke suddenly, desperately attempting to find his place, to remember where and when he was. He heard the knock upon the door again, the first having brought him from his slumber and the second brining him to his full senses. He unlocked the door and opened it gently, her face smiled at him and he was lost in her eyes. He told himself to look at her eyes and not to let his gaze move to her breasts.

“Hello, how can I help?” he blurted out suddenly.

“I need some help with the first of the required texts,” came the reply.

“You’d better come in’” he responded as he opened the door for her.

She entered, confidently brushing past him as he closed the door behind her. Her scent a mixture of citrus and floral notes wafted into his nostrils and left its mark upon his senses. He motioned to the vacant seat and she sat, slowly adjusting her dress and pulling it towards her knees to hide the lace pattern of her stocking tops. He moved to the other side of the desk and she smiled at him as her gaze took in the room, although he was sure that her gaze had lingered for more than a few seconds on his groin. It was then, and only then that he became aware of the bulge in his pants, the bulge that often came as a result of sleep, dreams and fantasies lived out only in his unconscious mind.

He sat, clumsily and grimaced as his pants squeezed his erect member to the point that pleasure gave way to pain. He gasped, but regained his composure as she spoke. When he thought of that encounter later he was unable to remember what was said by either of them, but he did know that this experience set the tone for a whirlwind that would affect him for many years to come. He felt himself writing, almost automatically and taking a book from the table to the side of his desk. He handed it to her, with something akin to an electrical charge pulsing though his body as their skin met. He became aware again of his penis, struggling to depart his pants as she rose from her chair; her cleavage clear though her low cut dress. She smiled as she caught him looking; she knew what she was doing and that she had him. She left the room, flashing her smile as she turned to close the door; him unable to stand for fear of giving his erection away.

He sat there as sleep took him again. This time a more fitful sleep as his subconscious mind took their cue from his experiences that day. He saw them as he entered the room, the young men and women but this time it was different. They were a sea of writhing, naked bodies entwined in each other. He heard the soft moaning of women as they were explored by fingers sliding in and out of their increasingly wet vaginas. He saw backs arching as tongues explored their sex, a mix of pussy from bald to natural unshaved hirsuteness and a range of states between. He became aware of kissing and fucking in a range of positions…missionary and deep stick; cowgirl and doggy. The air began to turn from the mild air conditioned, slightly chemical taste on the tip of the tongue to the heady taste of a mixture of ejaculate, male and female.

Then he saw her. Sat surveying the orgy she had created with a smile on her face that made him question his reality. She watched as one by one the couples melted into each other, a sea of sex with wave upon crashing wave of orgasm and delight that brought with it a new impetus, harder and faster they writhed, genitalia seemingly becoming one as she conducted from her throne. He moaned as her dress slipped from her shoulders, revealing her breasts moulded by her bra, creating cleavage that appeared to be unending. His gaze moved lower, to her hi-leg briefs matching the bra perfectly and just hiding her mound. Her stockings, now clearly visible, stopped at the top of her thighs guiding the way to her inner beauty.

She beckoned him to come closer with her fingers dancing on the air. He felt that he was gliding across the entwined mass of sex as he moved to her, unable to break from her deep stare. As he moved past them, each of the bodies on the floor stopped moving, one by one to focus on the two of them. He was aware of his own nakedness and then of his erection once more. She sat there, legs slowly parting to reveal the delight hidden by her panties. He was next to her, without knowing how he had got there and he was lost; lost in the moment; in his nudity and his erection.

She took his erect member in her mouth all at once. He gasped as it disappeared and as he felt her tongue roll around it she swallowed it into her eager throat. She moved her head back and her eyes met his as she quickly moved forwards again, taking his cock and making it her own. His legs trembled as she gently cupped his balls and pulled them away from his tip; his foreskin pulled back tightly as her tongue explored his urethra. His hands met her head as he pushed it down onto himself; deeper and deeper until he felt sure she would gag but she took it and smiled upwards. He lost his focus and his seed left him, forcing its way into her eager throat. She continued, unwilling to let his erection subside and he was lost again as the sea of sex in the room built its crashing waves to an orgasmic crescendo that he felt sure would flood it.

Then quiet. Nothing but him and her. He looked around but could only sense the two of them in the darkness. She was on her back, her legs arched and wide with her panties now gone. He saw it, her vagina, wet and calling him. He had no control as he felt himself entering her. Sliding in as her pussy walls clasped themselves around his hard cock. He felt her vaginal walls contract and he moved in and out. His foreskin lubricated by her juices. He felt her pubic hair as he brushed against it and his balls as they gently banged against her arse. He sensed her urgency but was unable to see her face as he moved, faster, harder. He felt her orgasm, but didn’t hear it. His cock enveloped by a curtain of juice that encouraged him to move with greater urgency. Her wet pussy underneath him taking his cock, swallowing it as he moved in and out. He took her legs and opened them wider, holding them above her as he pounded in and out. He heard, through the silence, her soft moans as she pleaded with him…

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

He focussed and bore down, urgently forcing his cock into her pussy, deeper and deeper, harder and faster. She bucked underneath as wave after wave of orgasm emanated from within her. She screamed and he was in the room again with a mass of orgasm soaking his very being. He felt her hands as they grasped his arse, pulling him onto her and as her nails sank in he released himself into her and sank into her. His orgasm seeming to last an eternity and draining the very energy from his soul.

Then nothing; nothingness. He woke, the solitary light in his office shining like a beacon above him. He sat, struggling to catch his breath, his chest heaving in an almost uncontrollable attack of panic. Slowly he regained his composure and brought himself back from the brink and into his own space.

He glanced at the clock. 9:00pm; “Shit! Where was I?’ he questioned as he stumbled upwards, grabbing his brown satchel as he moved towards the door. He ran down the corridor and out into the cool night and he saw her, standing in her underwear, smiling at him in his nakedness and in the blink of an eye she was gone.

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*hat do you require lol By *hat do you require lol  (F  over a year ago

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Very nice lucky girl with what she will get

More please really juicy xx

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