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Hairy Big Titted Pub Adventure

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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"I cant believe she's just been sitting there for the past hour opening and closing her legs at us the dirty fucking bitch" said one of the guys!

"It's a fucking jungle down there I can tell you" quipped another!

It was just another late night out in town and the local pub was the destination!

A trio of guys had gone into a well known watering-hole that had a bit of a reputation for being a great place for those just looking for a casual fuck!

After ordering their drinks and sitting down they noticed a solitary woman sitting opposite!

She was a brunette in her mid-forties dressed in a very tight low-cut top with a skirt that barely covered the tops of her stocking clad thighs!

The woman had notice the three guys and had now flashed them with a smile several times now!

Watching the young redheaded slender landlady going over and collecting glasses around the mystery milf was very interesting for the guys!

The clearly horny brunette would constantly be making for a sneaky playful touch and watching the landlady's every move with a glazed look of lust on her face!

When the landlady came round to the guys table to collect their empties they told her about their entertainer sat opposite was up to!

"Dont worry about her! Thats Jo-Anne she's a regular in here! She can never resist touching me up and telling me what she wants to do to me! Dirty bitch!" The landlady said with a wink!

The guys enquired if she minded Jo-Anne's attention!

"No I've got used to it now! Within a few days of me taking over this place I found out what she was all about" She smirked!

"She's got some big fuck hangers on her and that minge of hers is proper hairy" one of the guys quipped!

The landlady replied "She's got fucking massive milky white tits! Her areloas swell up like she pregnant when shes horny and yeah she's got a proper jungle down there but did you see her pussylips? They are fucking massive and her pussy is well loose too! I often taken her outback a few times when she comes in and give her a good fisting or fuck her with a bottle the landlady bragged!

Just as she left she said "it's nearly closing time! If you hang around I'll show you what a dirty fucker she is"

The trio just gaped in amazement before nodding!

With that the landlady slinked off over to Jo-Anne and whispered in her ear!

Jo-Anne looked over at their table with a big grin and winked!

After the last of the customers had left the landlady walk round behind Jo-Anne and reached round lifting Jo-Anne's top reveal a large pair of milky white tits with massive dark red swollen nipples!

The landlady said to Jo-Anne "why don't you lay back on the table and show our guests that hairy cunt of yours"

Jo-Anne stood up and began to strip revealing a pretty shapely body for a woman of her age!

Laying back on the table Jo-Anne grabbed being each knee and spread her legs back her knees were nearly either side of head exposing her pussy in full!

The guys noticed how densely hairy it really was and the unusually thick red meaty labia that oozed a small river of creamy juice down and over the big pouting brown anus underneath!

Walking round the landlady reached down and spread open the lips of Jo-Anne's meaty cunt exposing the fleshy pink source of the juice!

"Look how fucking wet this nasty slut gets when she knows she's going to get fucked by strangers" hissed the landlady!

Removing the rings from both fingers plus the watch and gold bangles from her wrists the landlady knelt at the side of the wide spread Jo-Anne!

"Watch how easy this is guys" said the landlady with a wicked grin on her face!

With that she made a fist with her hand and placed her knuckles against the creamy sticky lips of Jo-Anne's pussy!

She teasingly and slowly rubbed her clenched fist up and down between the large fleshy lips!

Jo-Anne let out a loud long moan which prompted the landlady to say "tell me what you want you dirty little fucking bitch"

For the first time all evening the guys heard Jo-Anne actually speak!

"I want you to give my cunt a proper good fist-fucking! Show these guys what a good little nasty bitch I am" She moaned

They watched as the landlady giggled as she slowly and easily slid her hand in well past her wrist which instantly provoked a loud cry of pleasure from Jo-Anne!

The trio watched as the landlady began pulling her hand all the way out before plunging it back into the now very sloppy loose hairy cunt of Jo-Anne's increasing the speed and ferocity of the punch-fucking she was administering!

Jo-Anne was now crying and wailing loudly which made the landlady say to the trio "why dont you boys go and stick your dicks in this bitch's mouth for fuck-sake and keep her quiet"

The trio couldn't get to the top of the table quick enough as Jo-Anne stared up at the them with a glazed look of pleasure on her face!

"Feed me your cocks please guys! I want you all to fuck my mouth" Jo-Anne panted!

The three guys started to unbuttoned their jeans as Jo-Anne gazed up at the bulges in the denim hovering above her face!

Jo-Anne flinched as the three hard dicks sprung out and slapped her in the face but this drove her to begin wildly kissing and licking the guys dicks!

"I just love the taste of your cocks guys! I want you all to empty your nuts into me tonight" She moaned as she began kissing and sucking at the three sets of balls dangling over her face as well!

"Why don't you let the guys take turns fucking that greedy little mouth of your!" The landlady asked

Jo-Anne promptly laid her head back down over the edge of the table as one of the trio position the tip of his cock in between her painted red lips and slowly sunk the entire length of his hard dick into Jo-Anne's mouth and throat till his balls were tight up against her nose!

As the the guy slowly began fucking Jo-Anne's face she released the grip she had on her spread legs to reached up and wrap her hands around the other two guys hard dicks!

Jo-Anne slowly began to stroke the hard cocks she had in each hand which in turn provoked the guys to start playing with the big pale white titties of Jo-Anne's!

Pulling her mouth off the cock briefly she gasped "Thats it boys take turns in fucking my mouth! Abuse those floppy white tits of mine! Pinch, squeeze and slap them around please! I love it" as the guys switched position and another one of the trio got to plunder her mouth and throat with his dick!

Soon the sound of smacks slaps and moans filled the air as they began attacking Jo-Anne's heavy tits which now showed just how horny she was by the way the nipples had swollen obscenely and was now a dark shade of crimson! Judging by the way Jo-Anne jerked around whilst slurping and moaning loudly they were now hyper-sensitive with arousal!

The landlady interrupted the titties fun by asking if the guys could open Jo-Anne's legs!

"Pin her knees down by either side of her head! Let's spread this dirty fucker wide open and give her what she deserves" ordered the landlady as with a loud squelching plop she pulled her fist from Jo-Anne's sloppy loose cunt!

As two of the guys grabbed and folded Jo-Anne into the desired position her big thick meaty pussylips quivered as her pussy released a very long wet sounding queef!

"Oh you nasty fucking dirty little bitch! How dare you queef when we have guests" smirked the landlady!

Taking her mouth from the hard dick in her face she gasped she was sorry!

"You dirty lying bitch I know you love it! Making that big sloppy slack cunt talk" giggled the landlady as she reached in with both hand and slowly spread open Jo-Anne's huge swollen labia which was surrounded by very sticky matted public hair which was covered with her creamy fuck-honey!

The guys got a full view on just how slack Jo-Anne's pussy really was as the creamy pink centre surrounded a large dark hole which answered the question of why the landlady's fist has slid inside Jo-Anne so easily!

Beckoning the guy who was fucking Jo-Anne's mouth over to where she was the landlady drooled "shall we make this big cave cunt talk somemore?"

Walking over to the bar and rummaging around behind it the landlady returned with what looked like a large bottle of clear liquid lube!

Sliding two fingers inside Jo-Anne's pussy the landlady then pulled them out covered in a creamy coating of Jo-Anne's fuck-honey which she slowly began to rub around the large brown puckered anus that flowered out from dense black mass of pubes which instantly made Jo-Anne let out a long slow whine!

She opened the bottle of lube and tipped it upside down inserting the tip easily into Jo-Anne asshole and proceeded to squeeze the sides!

Jo-Anne began to wriggle but the landlady's sternly said "hold the bitch still! She fucking loves being treated like a nasty little novelty toy!"

After around half the bottle had disappeared the landlady removed the tip from Jo-Anne's bumhole and closed the lid!

Looking up at the chosen guy as her placed the tip of his cock against Jo-Anne's anus the landlady said "bury that cock hard and deep in that nasty pooper of her! Let's make this dirty bitch's cunt sing"

The landlady grabbed the guy cock and teasingly began to slowly rub it around Jo-Anne's puckered bumhole producing muffled whines and moan from Jo-Anne's cock filled mouth!

"Come on then you filthy little slag tell us what you want!" Demanded the landlady

Removing the two dicks she was sucking from her mouth Jo-Anne gasped "fuck me in my asshole! Fill it full of big fat cock"

Stalling even further the landlady spat "Beg for it you fucking nasty little cunt!!!"

Almost in tears of frustration Jo-Anne whined "please stick your cock up my pooper! I want all of you to use my asshole and fill it full of spunk" as she gently shook her hips and winked her puckered greasy bumhole!

Grabbing his cock and pointing the tip directly against the flowered pinky-brown hole and sunk it slowly all the way till his balls were squashed tight against Jo-Anne's asscheeks causing the lube held in her asshole to squelch and stream out down between her pussylips and making Jo-Anne cry out loudly!

It turn this produced a extremely loud and very long queef from her pussy making her meaty cunt lips visually vibrate!

Looking up at the guy fucking Jo-Anne's ass the landlady said "slow long deep strokes now!"

Moving in the landlady pulled Jo-Anne's hairy messy pussy wide open as the guy slowly pulled his dick out before letting go of her pussy before his pushed his entire length back into Jo-Anne!

This caused another very wet and loud queef to erupt from between Jo-Anne's massive labia!

They continued this again and again with each stroke producing obscenely loud squelching plops and queefs!

"Why don't you go give her taste of that nasty asshole of hers and let your mates have a go on this slags dirty old bunghole" ask the landlady

Reluctantly pulling out of Jo-Anne's now open and red asshole barely got down off the table before his mate was there waiting to take his place!

As he walked round and stuck his messy ass juice coated dick in her face Jo-Anne grinned up at him and drooled "looking forward to having you in my asshole again soon honey"

With that she ran her tongue up the underside of his messy cock and wrapped her lips around the end!

At the other end another one of the trio was getting ready to fuck the now gaping asshole of Jo-Anne's!

Reaching in and looking Jo-Anne in the face the landlady hissed "I'm going to get this one to wreck your dirty bumhole whilst I batter your already ruined cunt with my fists! Let's see if we can make you squirt everywhere you cheap nasty anal-whore"

"How does that dirty fucking ass of yours taste off his cock bitch!!!?" Asked the landlady

Jo-Anne reluctantly stopped her dual cock-worship to beam "yummy!!! Love sucking my nasty ass-juice off a strangers hard dick" before returning to stroking and sucking on the two cocks over her face!

Standing up the landlady reached up under her short pencil skirt and began to pull down her panties before removing them completely!

Holding the lacy black panties over Jo-Anne's face she made sure she could see the gusset which was soaking wet and streaked with a creamy mess!

"Here's another yummy treat you dirty old trollop!" Baited the landlady as she tied the panties round Jo-Anne's head so the gusset was tight against her nose!

"How do you like the scent of my nasty pussy whore? I had them on for the past few days and you know how many times I've been fucked in that time" drooled the landlady!

Jo-Anne in between deep sniffs moaned "I love the strong smell of your spunked in pussy and asshole miss"

"Fuck this whore's bunghole mercilessly! Batter her gaping poophole till its as wrecked as this hairy slack cunt" spat the landlady looking up at the guy who was ready to plunge his thick throbbing cock into Jo-Anne's open red anus!

Taking aim the guy with one thrust quick hard thrust he buried his cock balls deep in Jo-Anne's ever hungry bumhole!

Taking the dicks from her mouth Jo-Anne looked up with the landlady's dirty panties tied crudely over her face and begged the guy with his nuts squashed tight up against her asscheeks "Come on honey!!! Pummel my shitter hard please"

Hearing Jo-Anne's request he began fucking her asshole so hard and fast the table began to shake and creak!

Jo-Anne's hairy swollen pussy began blowing out loud nasty queefs with even deep powerful stroke in her anus which prompted the landlady to begin to slap Jo-Anne's hairy minge!

The cock muffled cries from Jo-Anne with every slap gave the landlady more motivation to abuse Jo-Anne's messy pussy!

Roughly spreading open the thick meaty labia with one hand she exposed the juicy erect clit of Jo-Anne's and began rubbing and flicking it at ferocious speed with other hand!

Jo-Anne instantly began to buck and whine loudly!

"You fucking love me flicking your clitty whilst he bangs your pooper don't you nasty little cunt" teased the landlady

Jo-Anne just moaned loudly in agreement as the landlady continued to rub her clit but made a fist with her other hand and again placed it against the messy fat lips!

"I'm gonna handball your cunt till you blow you dirty little slapper! Beg me first!!! Beg like a hungry mutt" commanded the landlady

Deliriously Jo-Anne's cried "put your hand deep in my hairy cunt-hole and wreck the fuck out it please"

Without hesitation the landlady rammed her hand inside Jo-Anne's sloppy pussy to past the wrist then began pumping her hand back and forth deep and hard!

The combination of a hard ass fucking as well as being fisted and having clit rubbed fast was bringing Jo-Anne to the verge of a massive orgasm!

"Come on you nasty fisting addicted cock-junky bitch! Cum for your guest and show them you little party trick!" Taunted the landlady

Shaking and her building muffled cries gave the landlady her cue and she ripped her hand from Jo-Anne's loose juicy pussy which result in a massive eruption of squirt from it spraying the two guys and soaking her face!

Almost screaming Jo-Anne's pussy continued to shoot jet after jet of girl-cum over her panty-clad face till eventually the squirt became just a trickle leaving Jo-Anne just a quivering crying wreck!

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By *HY NOT ME  (M)  over a year ago

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I bet this is all about you you dirty bitch!!!!!

Fucking love it !!!!

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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What a story, love it !!!

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*yketiger By *yketiger   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Thanks. I like the story Big Boobs And Hairy.

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