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Boy what a dream!!!

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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This morning I started to awake in the midst of a truly delightful intense that I kept trying to slip back to sleep to continue with it!

Somehow I had been drinking a coffee in some café or other where Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) was sitting with a young well-formed lad of about 25yrs old, and I had gone over to them for her autograph (as I am truly a great fan and think of her as a beautiful young lady!) whereupon she said "No problem...would you like to join us?" Oh boy I thought and promptly sat at their table admiring them both.

Then it all goes a little blank as I awake (in my dream) lying on a soft and comfortable bed but totally naked!

They are both cuddling beside me at the top of the bed, and seeing me open my eyes Emma says "are you feeling a little better?" and runs her hand across my forehead and cheek. I weakly say "Yes, but where am I and what happened for me to be here"?

She leans forward and gently kisses me full on the lips stunning me...her firm breasts hang inches from my face showing through her flimsy see-through top as she says "you fell asleep and we brought you here to care for you!"

I thought this very strange and had a weird taste in my mouth which made me suspect I had been drugged possibly? But before I could think about that the young very fit guy whose name was Paul (I know not why) leaned in and his hand fell onto the top of my thigh...distracting me.

Emma kissed me again focussing all my attention on her beauty and firm nipples now pressed against my chest! I responded by putting my arm around her tiny figure and enjoying the taste of her warm moist lips on mine. She moved down my body and her hand cupped my by now stiffening cock before gently kissing it and licking its head...oh what heaven I thought still delirious...the guy had shifted to replace her at the side of my head and I could distinctly see a hard stiff cock poking out of his loose shorts just inches away from my mouth. Emma continued to pleasure my cock in a slow but sensual way eventually taking its length full inside her lips!

I closed my eys to savour this delicious feeling and soon found the guys cock out of his shorts and pressing onto my lips. I opened my mouth and took his magnificent cock eagerly in. licking and sucking for all I was worth! After a few minutes Emma shifted her body so that her pussy lips were right above my face, the smell was heady and I flicked my tongue against her clitoris only to be met with her response to my cock. Paul pushed his cock back towards my eager lips and Emma's pussy and I gave both the attention they desired.

Suddenly a door opens and a big black man stands at the door viewing us all and saying "that looks like fun...can I join in?" to which we all nodded in agreement and he rapidly undressed to reveal a really large veiny cock and tight fit physique.

Emma and Paul continued whilst the black guy stood at the end of the bed wanking his impressive tool! A short while later he said "let's turn you over "(to me) and positioned Emma under my now doggy-style body so she could access my throbbing cock, and Paul shove his in my mouth again. In seconds I could feel the black guys cockhead slowly rubbing up and down my asscheeks and something cold and slippery being applied, only to feel a great force against my hole until after an initial sharp pain his huge cock slid slowly higher and higher into my rearend! Boy oh boy that felt stretched, but in a good way...and soon he was slowly riding my arse deep and hard! His rhythm intensified signalling he was about to breed me...just at the same time as Emma was licking my balls and Paul shuddered to an enormous orgasm spurting his cream down my throat and filling my mouth (which I swallowed completely until he had stopped shaking!)

The cock in my arse then shot a huge load into me as he fell forward completely sated!!!

Emma licked up any overflow and then kissed me on the lips whilst dribbling some of that hot-chocolate juice onto my tongue, mixing the cum together between us!

We all relaxed and laid back savouring what had happened.....and then disappointly...I AWOKE!!!

Damn I thought, that was SO horny...and wished it had happened for real...

Oh well, there's always another nightime dream!!!

x x x x x!

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