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Not always a Master

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By *orkshirepro   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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I got the key out of my pocket and opened the door. I was always half an hour earlier than her, so I knew I had plenty of time on my hands. I threw my bag on the floor and kicked off my shoes, removing my blazer and tie I hung them on bottom of the stairs and ran up to her room. I shouted to make sure she wasn’t in before I opened her bedroom door. It was the usual mess, quilt bunched up and thrown to one side, her dressing table covered in little pots of make-up and lots of girly things. Down at the side of her bed was the t-shirt she had worn last night and thrown off in the morning. Just at the side laid a pair of bright yellow cotton panties. My cock was hard at the sight of them. I picked them up and sniffed at them. I could smell her. My cock twitched and responded. I remember how it strained against my trousers so hard that it hurt. I stood and rubbed it, with the yellow panties in my hand, pressed against my nose.

I pulled out her top drawer, one side socks, the other knickers and bras. I pulled out the odd item and looked through them, being careful not to dig about and leave clues that I had been searching through her underwear. Suddenly I found something hard tucked away in the corner, I lifted what I thought was another bra and saw it. A gold bullet shaped object, a vibrator. I had never seen one before and hesitated to touch it. I pulled out what I thought was a lacey black see through bra, only to realize that it was a suspender belt. I was shocked, I had seen these things in magazines, even in the shops in town, but I had never seen a real woman wear one. I put it back, and ran my finger over the vibe before picking it up. I was curious and turned it on. The noise shocked me and I nearly dropped it. I quickly turned it off and put it back, covering it with the items I had moved, but not carefully I was panicking inside. I didn’t want her to catch me.

My cock was so hard, I had a little damp stain of pre-cum. I didn’t really understand much about sex. I had seen the videos with friends, I had one or two magazines that I kept well-hidden but this was all new to me. I heard the garden gate with its distinctive squeak and I jumped. Pushing the draw shut at speed, I left the room and pulled the door too, crossing the hall I ran into my room, and jumped on my bed.

She didn’t shout as she came in, but as I laid there it crossed my mind that I hadn’t put her knickers back, I didn’t know what I had done with them. I knew she would know.

I laid there for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. I was worried, physically sweating and feeling sick. I wanted to run away. My cock was still hard, and it felt harder than it ever had, but I knew I was in trouble.

My mind was playing tricks on me. I remembered my first kiss, which was only weeks before. I remembered how she had let me touch her arse as we kissed and I remembered how she let me touch her tits with my left hand, under her jumper but not under her shirt. I started to wank myself as I laid there waiting to be discovered as a pervert spying on people.

I had my cock on my hand, my head back and my eyes shut as the door opened without warning. I heard the scream and I sat bolt upright. I grabbed at my quilt to cover myself and I came without warning.

I was bright red, cowering to cover my cock, but I was still looking at her. Her long blonde hair covering her shoulders. He blouse barely covering her black bra and her massive tits, her skirt rolled over at the top to make it shorter. She normally wore black thick tights, but today her milky white thighs were on display, her tiny feet not covered except for bright red nail polish. She stood with her hands on her hips, her legs apart. I didn’t hear what was said. In her right hand were the pair of yellow cotton pants.

You dirty bastard, she screamed. You’ve been in my room, and then I catch you wanking!

I wasn’t I protested, but this just made her laugh in a nasty evil way.

Why were these on my bed?

I don’t, I don’t …

Come on spit it out you little shit. She moved forward and grabbed for the quilt, wrenching it with force away from me. I covered my shrinking cock with my hands, and then tried to grab a pillow, to cover me.

She pulled that away from me.

You pathetic little twat. She grabbed my wrist and twisted it, fucking move your hands.

We struggled but she got the better of me and I eventually gave in placing my hands at my side.

So you weren’t wanking were you? She slapped my cock and wiped some of my cum off the quilt with her finger, before wiping it onto my lips.

I know you’ve been wanking little your little cock you dirty fucker. Where you sniffing these? She asked as she waved them in my face.

No I protested, but we both knew I was lying.

She pushed them against my lips which I held shut, and she grabbed my chin. Squeezing my cheek she pushed my mouth open and shoved the material inside before stepping back and laughing.

Wait till I tell everyone what a disgusting little perverted wanker you are, wanking with my knickers in your mouth. Go on then show me.

I tried to protest and I spat out her knickers. She stood over me, picked them up and told me to open my mouth. Show me now.

I opened my mouth and she pushed them inside.



Start wanking you fucking pervert.

My eyes were fixed on hers, I felt for my cock which was already quite hard and I gripped it, wanking myself hard. She stood over me and I couldn’t cum.

She shouted at me to stop pissing about and make myself cum, but I found it difficult.

See you can’t even do that right you pathetic shit. She turned to walk out of my room but stopped in the door.

She turned back around and stood still staring right at me.

Without a word, she lifted her skirt by both sides to reveal her knickers. A white cotton pair, molded to her body, showing her mound. My jaw fell open as she showed herself to me. She spun around and showed me her buttocks, clad in the white cotton.

She laughed as this was enough to send me over the edge and I came again.

I covered myself with my hands and sat staring at her. She dropped her skirt but reached up underneath it and pulled her knickers down and then stepped out of them.

She returned to me, she dropped the knickers on the floor at the side of me, and reached for the yellow pair which had fallen onto my stomach. She grabbed them and wiped my cock with them.

I’ll put these in the laundry, she scoffed at me, holding them in between a finger and her thumb like they were contaminated.

And, I’ll leave you those, she toyed with the knickers she had dropped on the floor with her toes.

In fact, I think you should put them on you little fucking pervert. She looked angry and with her free hand she slapped my face hard enough for it to sting. Get them on, now.

Her sting had brought a tear to my eye. I couldn’t say no as she pulled at my arm and stood me up.

Go on then little boy.

She hooked her knickers with her toes and raised her foot a little. I looked at her and she smiled a weird and almost evil smile. It wasn’t a happy smile but it showed a sadistic pleasure. I reached down and took them.

Go on, take these off. She put her foot between mine and pressed down on my y fronts and jeans. I obliged, my face stinging and red, not only from her slap but from the embarrassment.

Take your top off.

I did and stood with my hands crossed in front of my crotch.

She softened and smiled. She pulled my hands away from me and left me with them dangling by my side. She ran a finger over my soft cock and balls.

Put my knickers on.

I daren’t argue, she didn’t threaten me outright, but it was there. I knew how much trouble I would be in.

I bent down and stepped into them one foot at a time. I stood and pulled them up. She laughed at me, a real belly laugh.

God you look so stupid, you really are a perverted little shit aren’t you. Slap.

My eyes filled with tears, and for a second I thought she felt sorry for me. She brought her hand forward to my face, and I leant backwards convinced I was to be slapped again, but there was no slap, instead a tender loving stroke of my cheek.

Doesn’t that feel good? Do you like the feel of my knickers against that tiny cock? Her hand had moved down my body and now circled the white material around my waist, toying with the waist band of her knickers as she stroked across my stomach.

It was tickling and I flinched away from her. She let go of the waist band and without warning cupped my cock and balls in her hand, squeezing and feeling my getting hard once more. She was enjoying this.

I bet you would like to touch me like that wouldn’t you?

I nodded.

Go on then. Just touch.

She took my right hand in hers, and guided it between her legs. Holding me tightly by the wrist, she was controlling my hand so I could just feel the warmth on my fingers. I tried to move my fingers, I didn’t really know what I was doing but I was trying.

She pushed my wrist downwards with a lot of might, and before I knew it I was on the floor kneeling at her feet, I looked up at her as she let go.

You weren’t trying to finger me then were you? She said as she stood up.

I shrugged.

Well, from now on, you little shit, you will do exactly what a tell you or you will be in lots of trouble. Do you understand?

Yes, I nodded, trying to speak, but my voice wouldn’t come out. I was mesmerized by her.

Sit properly, on the floor, against your bed.

I rose from my knees, before sitting on my bum, shuffling myself against the bed.

She put her left foot on my right side. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I was ready to cum again when she put her right foot on my left side. Her bare pussy was only inches from my face, and the only thing that separated it from my face was her skirt.

Head back, mouth open and tongue out, she ordered. She lifted her skirt and I tried to move.

Fucking stay still. You don’t fucking move at all, you fucking pathetic wanker.

She leant forward and negotiated her body so that her clit was half an inch above my tongue.

I daren’t move. I waited for her to do something, but she didn’t. She looked down at me, holding my eye contact.

I own you now, don’t I?

Yes, I agreed.

And you will do whatever I fucking want, won’t you?


Good she said as she stepped backwards and dropped her skirt, removing me from heaven and placing me in hell in one move. Leave them on. I knew what she was referring to as she had her toes in my crotch.

My bedroom door shut, she had gone, as quick as that.

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By *orthy68  (M)  over a year ago

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Well....who was when?

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By *orthy68  (M)  over a year ago

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Meant to say who was she?

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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that was very hot stuff I bet you look great in them

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XXX pic...
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By *hil76   profile verified by photo (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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Really well written, nice job

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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what a wonderful lady their will be no going back for you

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