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hard at work

XXX pic...
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By *uy4Fun83   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Im at work in the office and im the only person in the whole building, while i sit there going over op's paperwork and preparing for a powerpoint presentation for the next day, i lean back in my chair and closing my eyes i drift of into a deep sleep...

I dream of a girl that walks into my office dressed as a Secretary, glasses on the edge of her nose looking seductively at me as she leans on my desk, she tells me i work to hard and look tense, she come up behind me and start rubbing my shoulders to relax me more, moving my hands behind the chair and then "click"

Handcuffs my wrists behind the chair and swivles me around to face her,

She starts unbuttoning her top to reveal her breasts, caressing them as she takes off her top,

Next she starts to undo my trouser and reaches inside to pull out my already hard cock,

Getting down on her knees she takes me into her mouth and begins to nibble and suck my cock,

She then stands up and turns aroun, bending over so i can just see the gravest of her pussy, she puts her hand between her legs and rubs it untill i see the slight glistening wetness of her juices,

She moves back and places herself ontop of me putting my cock inside her, feeling the warmth of her pussey i breath heavily in disire,

She rides my cock hard, fucking me in my chair as it smashes against my desk, still handcuffed to the chair im helpless to do anything but enjoy the pleasure as she gets her way with me,

She stop and uncuffs me from my chair, straight away i grab her and force her on my desk, laying her on my paperwork, and pushing my computer asode i place her leg on my shoulder, i enter her again, this time fucking her on my desk, holding one leg on my should i use my other hand to play with her clit, pleasuring her as she screams into an orgasm,

I turn her over,

I get on my knees and start licking her pussy from behind, fingering her as i do, i spit on her arse before putting a finger in to it,

I pull out spitting on it once more before i Press down on her hips and i thrust my cock deep in her

and need to,

Is this what you want you fucking dirty girl i say,

Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, she groans... yes!

I then grab her throat while i fuck her from behind, i can feel her pulse get stonger as i thrust deeper and harder untill she screams in peasure as she cums all over my cock,

Quivering as she turns to drop to her knees,

she take my cock in my mouth "suck it" i say as she does, i force my cock deep into her mouth and she stuggles to bretah, my throbbing cock cant take nomore and i explode into her mouth and cum dribbles off her chin onto her pert nipples,

She wipes it with her finger and puts it in her mouth and smiles,as i sit back in my chair i watch her leave feeling exhhausted i tidy my desk and i lay back in my chair thinking of the great time i had with my Secretary, i fall back into a deep sleep... I wake up to the noise of knocking at my door, its my secretary...

Dreams can come true

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