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spanking good tail

By *oodoo27   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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hi all forgive me but this is my 1st post of some of my stories so be kind.

I knock on the door you come and let me in dressed in some tight denim hot pants with a small top on showing your slim figure pert breasts and tight bum cheeks just poking out of your shorts

I enter the house and

I follow you to the kitchen.

I watch you as you slowly drop you shorts to the kitchen floor next to your top. My stomach is doing flips I tap my hands on the back of a chair as I gesture you over I sit down . I’d never spanked another woman before. But there you are standing before me in her bra and panties waiting my next order.

The silky material of your French knickers snaps delicately against your back after I pull on the waistband.

I tell you to strip totally nude. A spanking isn't a spanking if it isn't given on the bare bottom. You step back turn round and put your legs together and bend over slowly peeling of your panties. Showing your smooth pert bum and tight pussy as you step out of them. I watch the thin lacy material slip over your firm muscular hips, hard thighs and supple calf muscles.

Then you unhook your bra, letting it slide off her arms and onto the floor. Your breasts bounce slightly with each movement. Soft, and round, they look as delight. As they draw my attention from you sculpted stomach.

I pull the shoulder-length hair away from your face, you stood there nude, your arms down you sides. You take a deep breath and look at me with anticipation.

I can feel my cock begin to grow in my pants. As is stand up and take the paddle from the table. Inhaling deeply myself, I try to settle my own nerves. I motion you forward with a pat on the chair back You came toward me, I feel you hard nipples graze against my bare skin as you brush past me You skin is warm and smooth against mine. Before firmly grabbing the back of the chair I was sitting on. draping you athletic body over the chair

Tentatively, I lay my right hand on your bottom. Your teardrop-shaped cheeks quivered with each movement. I begin rubbing your bottom, separating each cheek and holding their warm fullness in my hands. I put my left arm around your narrow waist holding you lightly in place. Then Without saying a word, I raised the paddle and brought it down quickly.

The slap echoed through the kitchen I spank the opposite cheek. You jump slightly but did not react. Your face looking straight ahead. Smack… Smack… Smack… I placed hard spanks across both cheeks slowly turning them a light pink. With each slap you took short -quick breaths and arched your bottom up toward me, beads of sweat appearing in the small of your back.

You began to wriggle clenching your cheeks together, raising your hips, moving your bottom from side to side you push up on your toes. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… After a particularly hard swat, you moaned, “Ohhhh…” softly I pause and take my fingers spreading your wet lips apart and sliding my fingers inside you. I can hear how wet your getting. As I tease your clit you beg me to fuck you.

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