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my last bareback dogging night of the summer

XXX pic...
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By *ustinlatex  (F  over a year ago

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As usual when I get horny my thoughts turn to getting a well filled pussy, so my partner suggested dogging with a difference but wouldnt tell me what, but to just get dressed up in my usual horny rubber wear which I did wearing my open crutch knickers,my short flared rubber skirt and matching rubber bikers jacket, stockings an rubber Acquo thigh boots.

We went to our usual place in Surrey hills which we hadnt been to for a while but it was a bit early and only just getting dark.

We sat around with my partner playing with my pussy for a bit getting it a bit wet but with know body showing he suggested we go to a pub for a drink and come back later, so of we went and I was thinking this is going to be fun with me dressed like I was I should get a few looks and I enjoy being an exhibitionist.

We were sitting having a drink when my partner whispered to me that I should flash a bit of stocking top as there was a couple of guys giving me furtive glances, so I wriggled about in the seat to make sure they got a good eye full. Well that got there attention and when I caught them looking I just smiled and blew them a kiss. My partner whispered that he thought we had hooked them and that they would probably follow us, which sure enough they did and to make sure my partner lifted up the back of my skirt as we walked back to the car and as we drove past there car I opened the window and asked them if thy were up for some fun then to follow us

We got back to the dogging spot with them in hot pursuit and parked up and opened my window and beckoned them over pulling my skirt right up to give them a good eye full and I could see the bulges in there pant as we chatted with a lot of sexual banter. I think they were surprised at how eager I was as I started playing with their bulges but they soon had there cocks out which I greedily started to suck on thinking that if any more cars arrive they would immediatly know that there was some action to be had. The guy I was sucking started to fumble in his pocket and pulled out a rubber and I told him not to bother as I wanted to feel it in me and wanted a pussy full of cum. They got in the back and I climbed onto his lap feeding his quit large cock into my pussy as I did so, and as I fucked him I played with his mate. It didnt take long for him to cum and As I lifted of him a big load of spunk dribbled out onto his cock, to good to waste I thought so I got out the car and began to suck and lick all the spunk of his cock while his mate fucked me from behind. I was now getting into a right dirty mood with one cock well up me and cleaning up the mess from another. I felt a twitch and got that lovely feeling of spunk spurting in me as the second guy came and then pulled out which I then sucked clean before he put it away. We said our good buys and they drove off with smiles on their faces and me with spunk running down my legs.

Well I said to my partner that was a good start now Im gagging for more,well he said now you can have what I thought we would do when we left home as he took my hand and led me into the woods. I could just see in the dark that a few cars were now parked up as we entered the woods so I new they would be out in no time especially if they had seen me performing earlier.We stopped in a little clearing and my partner pulled a blind fold out and put it over my eyes which really turned me on as I never know what to expect or whats going happen. He then guided me along, stopped, and told me to bend over while he tied my hands around a tree, I felt my skirt being lifted up at the back and tucked in my belt and then silence I could feel and hear nothing.Well I thought this is a new one on me I felt quite vulnerable but excited and horny at the same time and then all of a sudden I felt a hand on my bottom which made me jump, and then fingers started to play in my messy pussy which started to get me moaning. The next moment a hard cock was pushed in my mouth and I was now well on heat as the fingers were removed and a big cock easily pushed well in my messy pussy and started fucking me hard. Im in fuck heaven I thought as I suddenly got a mouth full of hot spunk and the cock up me unloaded as well and was quickly replaced with another which started quickly banging away and I could feel several pairs of hand over me playing with my tits an bum, This is great I thought as no sooner had one cock cum there was another well up me giving me a pounding and flooding my pussy, there was so much cum that it was running down my legs and everywhere. I dont know how long they were fucking me or how many but when they finished it went strangely quiet where I couldnt hear a thing and time meant nothing as I didnt know how long id been there, but all of a sudden I felt a hot spray over my arse and I knew that someone was pissing over me, and this turned me on all over again. It was my partner, who now started untying me saying that I looked such a spunky mess that he thought he would give me a wash down by pissing over me, I thought that was nice and dirty right up my street. It was nice to straighten up again as we walked back to the car and me with piss and cum sploshing about in my boots. We were nearly back at the car when we met a guy coming the other way who asked if he had missed all the fun as someone had told him that there was a woman tied to a tree being fucked by anybody, I was still feeling horny so I lifted up my skirt , bent over and told him he could be the last one if he diddnt mind fucking a pussy that was still running in lots of guys cum. He dropped his trousers stuck it in fucked me, came and just walked off. Great just how I like it, no long marathon fucks just slip it in, fill me up and leave.

Driving back home smelling of piss and spunk I asked my partner how he managed to get them all to perform without saying a word. Easy I had a torch and a piece of paper saying dont talk, quickly fuck her, cum in her and leave and I used the torch to let them see what they were doing and I could also see what a spunky mess you were getting into which has turned me on so I will be the last one to fuck you when we get home before you have a shower. Yes Im such a dirty bitch but then I just love spunk and piss I replied.

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By *issyfelissa  (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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how fab, I'd love to be the last man in and feel a spunky full pussy. I probably wouldn't last long before I squirted too but, it would be a lovely few minutes


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