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a bloke wrote this for us

*illwithshywife By *illwithshywife  (M)(F  over a year ago

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Two blokes out walking in the country they had been in the pub all morning and were quite drunk. They see a man on a dirt road with a camera, they wonder what he is taking picture of, so they walk a bit closer. They see a very sexy looking woman walking down the road she is wearing a short black dress and has her tits out. the man and woman are you and Bill out to take some sexy pics.The drunk blokes look at each and say we gonna fuck that hot little bitch. They run out of bushes and grab you one bloke puts his hand over your mouth before you can scream, they drag you off into the woods they tear your dress off the bloke with his had over your mouth starts to remove your bra and tells you the only sound i want to hear out of your mouth is moans baby. He forces you to bend over and ties your hands to a fence. he rips your knickers off you still have your eyes closed cause you are scared but down deep you feel a twinge of excitment. The bloke drops his trousers and starts wanking his cock getting it ready to fuck you. You hear Bill say Oh My God for the first time you open your eyes look back over your shoulder and see Bill filming. You wonder why Bill said that and then you feel why the bloke has the biggest cock you have ever seen. He grabs you by the hair and forces his huge cock into you. The other bloke is close to you now he reaches under and starts to play with your tits and has his cock out also and is wanking. When he roughly pulls on your nipple you let out a slow moan he says to the other bloke...the little fucking bitch likes it....the bloke fucking you says no mate she is moaning because of my cock. Even you arent sure which one is making you moan but you do know that his massive cock is the biggest ever to be in your pussy. You look back at Bill again and to your surprise he is filming with one hand and wanking his rock hard cock with the other.The bloke that has been wanking walks up to you and says suck my cock you hot little bitch. You are moaning as you open your mouth and suck eagerly on his pulsing throbbing cock. He gives you a couple mild slaps on your face and says...thats it cunt...suck it bitch. the bloke fucking you lets loose with a huge load of cum into your pussy you hear the other one start to grunt and moan as he arches his back and you feel his hot spunk fill your mouth. they pull up their trousers and walk away leaving you tied to the fence Bill is so turned on he doesn't even untie you before he fucks you. He unties you after he is done and says to you.....wait I want to get some pics of all the cum dripping out of your pussy. You pick up your clothes and walk back to the car, on your way home you look at Bill you wink at him and liked that didn't you?????

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