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Darker than Grey. Part 1

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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You should have been out with the girls tonight. Drinking. Dancing. Flirting. But a bad day at work and a burst tyre in the rain on the way home and all you want to do is sit down, eat junk food and watch a rubbish film.

Trackies and a hoody on, you hit the sofa with a bag of popcorn and start channel flicking. The usual boring stuff on, so you grab your laptop and look for a film to download. All the usual trashy stuff is on as Valentines has just passed. Then you spot 50 Shades. You know it's illegal to download it as it's still in the cinema, but you've heard good reviews. You start playing and are surprised when it comes on in great quality. You live alone but still check to see no one is watching you view a "porno" by yourself.

After half an hour it starts to get interesting and you notice yourself twitching in envy as the female begins her path in to bondage. You've had your hands tied to the bed before but this is far more intense. You feel the warmth of the laptop blowing into your lap as your lips start to moisten. This film is better than you expected. You don't even notice when you're left hand slips into your comfy knickers and starts to gently rub in circles. You try to copy the film, dipping a finger into your moistness as the characters enjoy each others bodies and are jealous when she erupts into orgasm. You can't do this any more. You run upstairs and grab your mini vibrator and take your top off. You hit the rub and begin rubbing it over your chest, your stomach, your pelvis, before placing it over your folds.

You rub gently along your clit, turning the power up, sending pulses of pleasure down your spine. You slide it easily into your love hole, lubricated by your flowing juices, your scent hits your nose. You delve deeper into your V and start to sweat as you bring yourself closer to orgasm.

Squeezing a nipple, you hammer jack your pussy until you release yourself over the bed sheets. You lay there rubbing your lips gently, until you hear the faint sound of voices downstairs. You head down and see the scene in the movie has got even hotter, and even though you've just given yourself a seeing to, you can't help but feel that it's not enough as you watch the actress tied and unable to control her orgasms. You long for someone to do the same. To tease you, to fuck you, to hurt you.

It's still not late as you pause the movie and open up and update your status: Wishing Mr. Grey would come to my house soon......

Playing the movie again, you're distracted by a message notification.




A darker shade of grey

You click it open and see a short message:

In 15 minutes I could be at your house.

In 25 minutes I could have you tied to the bed.

In 30 minutes I could be inside you.

In 60 minutes I could make you mine.

You hit reply: "What have you got in mind?"

A moment later, a reply with a photo, showing hand cuffs, duck tape, rope, lube, a vibrator, a blindfold and a mini flogger.

You think for a moment. Do you really want this, or is it just a quick fantasy? You check out his profile and like what you see.

You tremble as you type back your address, not even thinking if the person on the other end could be a serial killer. But you're not thinking with your brain any more; you're thinking with your pussy. You've been un vanilla relationships too many times. A new message:

'Leave the door unlocked. Take all your clothes off. Lay face down on the bed. The safe word is "sunshine".

You're committed now. No going back. You rush to the shower to clean up your mess, drying yourself off and laying on the bed as instructed. You lay there in silence for what seems like hours. Eventually you hear the door swing open. It isn't windy so it must be him. Light steps make their way upstairs towards your room.

He stops in the doorway, your body trembling. This is too much you think, as you try to remember the safe word. The lights dim and you feel a breeze on your bare pussy. He steps forwards puts a bag in the floor. "I'm going to put a blindfold on you now". His voice is comforting. You settle in to your new role of follower. He places the silk piece over your forehead, and without revealing his face slides it over your eyes. Blind, you feel his hands move down your back, grabbing each wrist and placing them in the small of your back you feel the cold of steel around your forearms as he locks the cuffs into place. You are his now.

He glides over your butt, parting your cheeks slightly. He can tell you've already treated your pussy to some fun tonight. He places a finger gently inside you, fucking you very slowly. You lift your head as he inserts another finger. You're surprised further when he puts a clit vibrator inside you and turns it on as you start to squirm.

He grabs your hips and flips you over. He walks up to your head.

"Do you trust me?" you hear.

You nod in agreement as he strokes your face. Placing a thumb in your mouth, he pulls your jaw down and instantly puts his cock in your mouth. It's not fully erect yet but after a few thrusts into your mouth it starts to fill your cheeks. You can't think as the pulses in your groin force blood to your tingling folds. He withdraws his cock completely then pushes it in deeper. He grabs your head and holds your face to his stomach. Unable to breath you struggle as best you can, the sensation of asphyxia making your pussy tingle more.

He fucks your mouth with his thick cock. You've never loved giving blowjobs but you are concentrating so hard on not cumming you forget about his member penetrating your throat. He can tell you're close so he switches the vibrator down a level so it is just simmering in your cunt. You long to come but understand that he controls your orgasms now.

He grabs an ankle and ties it to the foot of the bed, then the other. He pushes the vibrator deeper into you with one hand and rubs your anus with the other. You tighten both holes. He prods further.

He unties the handcuffs momentarily before pulling your hands forward and cuffing them to the bed head. A quick flick on both nipples makes you spasm. With a cracking sound, you feel him bind your thighs around the knee, so now you're stuck in a doggy position, the whirring of the vibrator breaking the silence along with your moans.

He pushes the vibrator all the way inside you. You feel the rough movement of his tongue on your clit. You don't need anything more to come now. Dipping his fingers inside you he pulls the vibrator out and immediately replaces it with his solid penis. This is too much, with just 5 strokes you come all over his cock and tighten up around it.

"Did I say you could come?"

"No. I didn't know" you reply.

SMACK. His hand comes down hard on your right cheek. You shunt forward.




This is a new sensation to you, and you just start to adjust to it when you feel him line his cock up against your lips again.


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*hat do you require lol By *hat do you require lol  (F  over a year ago

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I no this was written a longtime ago but wow mmmmmmm xx

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By *eorge1949   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Well it certainly got my undivided attention!

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*ames9555 By *ames9555   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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That was hot as fuck!!

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