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Meeting in the Park Part 1

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By *rganicChemistry   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Meeting in the Park Part 1

Written as a series of emails


You see me jogging in the morning, early before many people are out. I wear yellow shorts and a sports bra. You've placed and ad in the local paper, telling me to watch for you the next morning. You'll be in a suit and you'll have a flower for me. That's where we left it.

I wake up the next morning, the first thing on my mind is you...wondering who the man is who'll be waiting for me. I dress as usual in my shorts and bra, on this day I'm aware of exposed my body is I start out on my jog, the morning is cool but the sun is out. I'm jogging casually; I turn a corner and see a man sitting on a bench and I wonder if it's you. As I get closer I smile...I see a good looking man holding a flower. I stop in front of the bench, still smiling, and catch your eye...hello...


I stand up smiling, excited and a little nervous. Hi ! I smile broadly. "I'm David" I offer you my hand to shake and then my flower. "You saw my message then? I'm so glad. I know it seems a little wierd to just see someone and know nothing about them and want to meet them but from the first moment I felt a connection between us" I look at you. Your bright eyes, slim legs and firm abs and bum. Sweat dripping between the swell of your breasts and down your spine. "Would you have dinner with me er... I don't even know your name but please say yes"

She replies

""David" I smile "I'm Laura, it's very nice to meet you." I shake your hand, your fingers wrap around mine; the slight pressure of your thumb on the back of my hand feels electric. I don't have to, but I slide my fingertips over your hand just to touch you, and accept the flower that's offered to me. "I'd love to have dinner with you. Tonight? There's a restaurant only a block away right on the water. It's cozy with a wonderful view. Why don't we meet in the lounge at 8:00 for drinks first?""

David responds

"My hands respond to your touch. I graze my nails along the palm of your hands and feel the slight tremble. I squueze your hand and feel a reassuring squeeze back. Only slightly shorter than me I look into your brown eyes ith my hazel ones. "Laura.. that sounds perfect. In know the place and I love the water. It is so relaxing. Do you sail?" I reluctantly let your hand go and wave.. "Tell me all about it at 8....." Bye for now."

Laura showers

I hop into the shower when I return home from my jog, I think about our brief conversation and how my skin tingled at your touch. As I rub the soap over my body the thoughts of you arouse me; I soap my body and start to run my hands over my slippery skin. Squeezing my breasts, sliding my hands down my belly and slowly stroking my pussy. I remember the rush I felt when our eyes met and thrust two fingers deep into my pussy. My legs start to tremble...I brace one hand against the shower wall and continue masturbating...stroking in and out, rubbing my clit with my thumb...the warm water dripping over my face, down my body and between my thighs. I can feel your hands on me when I cum.

David replies

I watch you jog away, your trim bum encased in those shorts, your breasts barely contained by the sports bra. I linger a while breathing in your lingering scent imagining licking away your sweat as I peel you clothes off you after a long run. Imaging sliding your panties off and running my tongue along your slit. Despite the public setting I can't help but get an erection and by the time I arrive home I'm in some discomfort. Should I waste it now or save it just in case our date goes well? Nature takes it's course and my hand unconsciously strays to my uncut cock and I leisurely stroke it, enjoying the slippery precum coating my shaft before exploding into orgasm at the thought of you sucking my cum from me. Later that evening I shower and dress carefully for our date. I shave carefully hoping that you get to feel my smoothness against your skin. Black socks, blue briefs, boot cut jeans, faded and a little tight, a blue collared shirt, sleeved rolled up to reveal toned forearms and a splash of armani aftershave. I tidy up the apartment making sure that the collars, whips and other tools are carefully put away. I know nothing about you and yet I sense that you could be the one strong enough and intelligent enough to put your desire in the hands of another. To trust another. To trust me. I smile and myself getting ahead... just a date with a gorgeous woman which I intend to enjoy and lets things develop as they will. I set off to the restaurant in plenty of time and reserve a table with views over the water asking that when Laura arrives to call me . I order a long cool Labatts and then wait for you to arrive; my heart pounding a little faster than usual, my mind drifting to our first meeting. You looked gorgeous with no makeup. I wonder what you will wear.

She gets ready for the date

You drift in and out of my thoughts over the course of the day and I find myself smiling whenever I catch myself. I look forward to getting to know you a little better. I want to touch you again; feel your lips on my mouth and your hands on me. I wonder how far things might progress tonight. Even though we only spoke briefly this morning, I sensed that you were a man who I wouldn't have to hold back with, in either conversation or physical desire. I take my time getting ready. When I shower again and soap my pussy, I'm glad that I had been to the spa for a wax two days earlier. I keep just a small, trimmed strip of hair above my pussy but other than than I'm nice and smooth from front to back. My nipples harden when I run my hands over my breasts and I wonder if I should wear a bra. I think I can get away without one with the outfit I've chosen, but I'll make that decision later. I get out of the shower, towel myself carefully and blow-dry my hair. When I'm done, my hair flips up a little at my shoulders. I slip into a pair of black thong panties, a small triangle of sheer fabric at the back and a slightly larger one at the front. Lace trim connects the two pieces at the sides and lays low on my hips. I slip into the red dress that I've chosen. I decide that I won't wear a bra; my nipples are hidden but I'm aware that depending on how I move they may be obivious once in a while. I put on a wide black belt and stop to choose shoes. Hmmm. The dress is a mini and I'm keeping my legs bare. I can wear a pair of heels or black, knee-high boots with stilletto heels. I feel sexy as hell when I wear those boots so I decide to go with them. I'm not wearing any jewelry except for small garnet earrings and the dress isn't tight, so the outfit looks sexy without looking cheap. Good. Lastly I put on some make-up. I don't like wearing too much; natural coloured eyeshadow, eyeliner on my upper lash line and mascara. Just a hint of red on my lips and I'm done. A little bit of Opium perfume behind my ears so that only someone who gets really close to me can smell it. The restaurant is close by and I don't want to worry about parking so I call a cab. In the restaurant I say I'm meeting someone and ask if David is here yet. They tell me yes, and ask me to wait a moment.

We arrive at restaurant

The pretty waitress walks over as I drain my glass. "Your friend Laura is here Sir". I smile and thank her. I get up and walk to the entrance. I catch a glimse of a vision in red as I approach. I pause and watch as your lithe body moves then I walk towards you. "Hi Laura !" My arm slips around your waist and I kiss your cheek. You can tell by the way I hold you that I'm at ease with women. I take a step back and look at your outfit taking in your red mini dress, long elegant legs. I notice the absence of bra straps and am turned on by the thought that you are almost bare under that short dress. "You look absolutely stunning" "Shall we?" I take your hand in mine squeezing gently and guide you to the table overlooking the water. I pull out your chair, the one with the best view and sit opposite you. The waitress approaches and asks for our drinks order. I have another Labatts and you order a white wine (I guesses Laura.. what do you drink?). She arrives with the drinks and asks if we would like to wait before we order. I glance at you..."15 minutes ok? Just like to enjoy our drinks". You nod grateful that I've not taken the decision for you. We chat about our day and we watch the boats bob about on the water and then tell you about my sailing, in Scotland and Greece. I get my phone out and show you a few pictures. I slide my chair around so I'm at right angles to you so you can see the small screen. You lean close to me, your soft breast unselfconsciously against my bare arm. I can smell your perfume as you bend your head close. "I'd love to sail in Greece, it looks lovely".... I reply "It is gorgeous and so relaxing and remote. You can anchor in a remote bay and just dive in the water.. no costume required" As I say this you feel my eyes on yours trying see if the slight innuendo is appropriate. I see the smile reach your eyes and I place you hand in mine and squeeze. "Perhaps we could arrange a sail around here and see how it goes?" You squeeze my hand back and with our faces close I risk a kiss, my hand squeezing yours. As we part I look into your eyes.. "that is if you fancy a second date". Then I laugh... silly me.. we have barely started with one, haven't even ordered and here I am like a teenager. Please take it as a compliment, it was meant as one. The waitress returns and we order. I order a Thai Mussaman curry with satays to start and your order is.......

She orders

"I'll have the Pad Kee Mao" I say and then look at you "Satays sound wonderful. If we share, we can order a few different ones. If you haven't had the prawns, you really should try them". The waitress offers to bring us a sampling of satays and you tell her that sounds like a good idea. She smiles and I notice that yours eyes follow her momentarily as she walks away. I slap your hand playfully and when you look back at me, I'm taking a sip of wine (Pinot Gris for tonight). You can see laughter in my eyes and a smile at the corners of my mouth. I put my glass down and lean toward you. I pause and you turn your head to hear me, my lips almost grazing your ear "We've just barely started our date and you're already eyeing other women. Watch yourself David, this night could go very well for you if you keep your attention where it belongs." I linger for a moment, breathing in your aftershave. I feel my arousal growing and think that if it wasn't obvious I wasn't wearing a bra before, by now there should be no doubt. I sit upright in my chair again and smile broadly at you, laughing a little. I'm enjoying our date and I'm already thinking I'd like to do this again. "I haven't done much sailing. I would love to go with you, but you'll have to be very patient with me..." I start to say when the satays arrive. Our conversation stops while the waitress places the food on the table. I watch you and notice you're looking directly at me and not the waitress. You smile at her briefly and thank her for the food before turning your head back to me; not watching that cute ass in the tight skirt walk away. I can't stop looking at you, I'm amazed at how good this feels, how comfortable I am with you. I think that I should have started reading the personal ads in the paper a long time ago...

He orders..

As the waitress turns to you I watch as you confidently order and nod agreement at your suggestion of sharing. "I would love to try the prawns with you Laura". I can't help but be drawn by the smile from the waitress and return it but inwardly chuckle as you notice and chastise me. Your closeness as you almost breath in my ear instantly arouses me and I adjust my napkin to make sure I am hidden. As you sit back I notice your pert breasts and am pleased to see your hard nipples. My mind wanders and for an instant I picture my mouth sucking on them and my teeth closing around them, nipping. . I am disturbed from my momentary day dream by your words. I return your smile, my focus entirely on you and laugh with you, taking your hand and squeezing. "I'm glad you feel like that Laura, I am having a wonderful time and I promise you my undivided attention". You catch me as I adjust my trousers a little to ease my throbbing cock. I blush a little. "I'm glad you are the adventurous sort Laura" I say gazing into your brown eyes. "I like to try new things and I am a very patient man. We could start in dinghies so you learn the basic physics of sailing and then move onto bigger and faster boats if you would like." When the waitress arrives I've almost forgotten about the food and in a way resent the disturbance. There exists a bond between us that defies explanation but I immediately feel comfortable in your company. I reluctantly let go of your hand and turn to thank the waitress before turning back to you. She looks a little jealous of us having such a good time together. I offer you first choice of the satay tray before choosing a chicken satay, pouring a little peanut sauce over it. I smile at you and slide the first piece of chicken into my mouth and then watching as you do the same; your small pretty mouth opening to reveal your lovely teeth, your tongue catching and licking a stray drop of sauce. Your eyes dance with mine as we eat, silent for a moment enjoying each others company. "mmmmm these are lovely, this is a great choice of restaurant, have you been here often?"


I've been here a few times with friends for drinks and a little bit of food. I've always thought it was good, but I've never enjoyed myself as much as I am tonight" I smile and lean forward and stroke your hand with my fingertips, lingering for a few moments...I know the neckline of my dress is hanging low...I'm sure you can see the upper swell of my breasts, I want you to see my nipples...see how erect they are. An image flashes in my mind; I see myself walk over to your chair, straddle your lap and pull my dress down to expose my tits...I see you take my nipple into your mouth without any hesitation and lick it...your firm, wet tongue pushing my nipple, flicking it. The image is so clear I have to bite down on my lip to stop a moan. Did you see my eyes flash? I'm not sure. If you're feeling half the heat that I am, the night will get even better "The entrees will be coming any second, you have to try the prawns before they get here" I take one of the prawn satays and open my mouth, my lips stretching to form a circle...I look at you and take the satay deep into my mouth and pull a prawn off with my teeth, the skewer sliding out of my lips. I take a sip of wine and watch you take the other prawn satay. The waitress is coming back to our table with our entreess, I see her out of the corner of my eye. I stand up and walk over to my hand on your shoulder and lean in close, breathing in your aftershave.."I'll be back in just a minute. You'll have to tell me what you think of the prawns" I give you a kiss on the cheek, wanting desperately to kiss your mouth...then walk toward the ladies room just as the waitress reaches our table

she returns

I look at your eyes intently as you talk, my eyes never leaving yours. I feel my skin tingle as your fingertips stroke my forearms, the hairs standing erect as you gently senually stroke me. As you get closer I drop my gaze for an instant and take in the gentle curves of your breasts and the small bump where your nipples press against the fabric. There is a pause in my breath as I revel in your beauty and my response to you. I reluctantly return your gaze catching you lost in a moment of what looks like desire and wonder what thoughts flitted through your mind in that instant.You bite your lip with what looks like nervousness and I stir a little uncomfortably as my cock hardens and gets trapped in my pants and I feel a familiar wetness as precum oozes out. I look at you and say "I'm really enjoying myself too Laura and I'm glad you are". I watch as you offer the satay and then your pursed lips open, your tongue flickering and then the long satay stick entering your pretty mouth. Your teeth clench and slide a prawn off and I alomost moan thinking of my wet uncut cock replacing the satay stick in your mouth. As you drink I take the other stick and slide the prawn off. "mmmm delicious, fresh and perfect". You rise as I watch and as you get close I can smell your perfume and a distinct lovely womanly scent. I feel the gentle press of your hand on my shoulder and the soft breath on my cheek, a precursor to the delicate kiss on my cheek. I watch as you walk away without a backwards glance. The rear view as compelling as the front I gaze at your firm bottom cheeks under your skirt, the swell of your lower cheeks tantalisingly close to the hem of your dress. I take a moment to adjust myself. I have traces of your perfume and lipstick on my cheek and I sit there smiling at the thought of how much I'm attracted to you and how the feeling appears to be mutual. The waitress appears with our entrees and I smile at her and ask her to place them in the middle so we can share. She leans close to me her breasts almost grazing my forearms. "Looks like you are in for a good night" she says. "Oh you think so?" I reply. She smiles and whispers almost inaudibly "Oh yes..but if it doesnt work out I get off at midnight". I smile and look her in the eye."That is a lovely offer but for tonight I think I'm taken..maybe I'll come back again alone one night. if Laura doesn't work out". She walks away and mouths "Do that.." I sit a little dazed by the sudden glut of women muttering to myself "must be the new aftershave" as you return catching me in my reverie. Slightly startled I leap up and slip my hand round you and kiss your cheek. "Welcome back". I move my chair so that it is now at right angles to you. "I think we will be more comfortable like this don't you?" I pull your seat back so you can sit and then sit myself, your bare legs almost touching mine. I can feel the heat from your body and I turn to you and squeeze your hand. "Laura.. I want to kiss you". I look in your eyes and see an acceptance and I lean in and gently kiss your lips, our mouths slightly parted I run my tongue gently along your lips and my fingers rub the palm of your hand before I reluctantly pull away. A little embarrassed, even scared I might have gone too far I laugh and say "Laura..I've wanted to do that since the instant I saw you".

She writes...

Your kiss leaves me in a daze. I slowly open my eyes and look at you. Forgetting for a moment that we are in a public restuarant and wanting only to continue kissing you, touching you. As I come out of my reverie I realize that I'm still leaning towards you, expecting another kiss. I feel my cheeks flush and sit up straight "David, that was a lovely first kiss, I only wish that it didn't have to end." I smile at you. Our kiss has erased any doubt I may have had about the attraction between us; I know now that we'll be spending the night together, and I know that the arousal that you're drawing out of me here will only intensify when we're alone. I reach under the table and gently squeeze your leg. My breath catches in my throat when I feel your thigh muscle suddenly tense and relax; I'm happy that the jeans you're wearing are a little tight. I wonder how much different it would be to feel your bare leg instead of the your muscles might twitch if I slid my tongue over them. I run my hand further up your thigh and notice that your jeans are even tighter, I'm sure it's because your cock is straining against them. I fight the urge to explore, but I can't make myself take my hand away just yet. I lean in and give you a soft kiss and as I sit back I take my hand away. "If we don't eat soon our food will get cold. We don't want the waitress to think we don't like it." When I speak I feel a tremor in my voice. You may have heard it, but I don't think I can fully surpress my desire for you. "The food looks and smells delicious. What types of restaurants do you usually like to go to?" With some difficulty, I refocus my attention on our meal and the conversation that I was enjoying earlier. I take some of my noodles onto my fork and guide them into my mouth with my tongue. "Mmmm. I love fresh food. I can eat almost any cuisine that's done right with fresh ingredients" I look over at you and notice you haven't started eating yet. I give you a playful smile "David, you haven't started. Please, have some food. I want to know what you think of it" Despite not having any physical contact with you, I feel a dull throb deep in my pussy and my clit aches, screaming for attention. I know by the way you've touched me already that your mouth and your hands could make me cum. I try not to get too swept away thinking about what you could do to me with your cock.

DAvid writes..

The first kiss is even better than I dared hope. You close your eyes and it seems as if you pour everything into the kiss. I can feel the intensity, the passion. It lights me up. You don't pull away but stay close, faces almost touching and I feel your breath on my cheek. I feel you touch my leg, my thigh and my cock twitches with the closeness. You kiss you initiate is softer but more valuable because it is a present from you, a precursor to other things you may give to me. I return it gently. As you slowly move away and focus on the food I try to retain some semblance of normality but all I can think to say is a mundane... "what food do you like". My mind is racing on an entirely different track. I watch you start and still recalling the kiss and your closeness I forget to take my first mouthful. I hear you encourage me and I smile. The smile reaches my eyes and I squeeze your hand. "Here..lets share".. I take some steamed Thai rice on my plate and add some Mussaman, red beef curry with potato in a cocunut milk sauce and then add your drunken noodles to my plate offering you some of my Mussaman. My eyes on you I take a taste. "mmmmm thats lovely..especially yours". I eat some more watching you as I do you, admiring your pretty face and figure and thinking how lucky I am to have such a beautiful woman next to me. I finish my mouthful and watch for you doing the same. I take my glass and offer a toast "Laura, thank you for coming out with me night". We both drink and then I lean over and taking your hand and squeezing it a little I give you another kiss, deeper and more passionate than the first my hand slips out of your hand and rests on your thigh. As we kiss my hand slips along your thigh, still decent but inching closer to your hem. I feel your hand gently rest on mine, not removing me, not enouraging me, just telling me you are comfortable. I pull away and smile at you and laugh...."We are probably starting to be embarrasing... I'm sorry I cant keep my hands off you". You smile and laugh with me and we happily resume eating, both of us knowng we will need to keep our strength up to end the night the way we both want to..

She writes...

The time we spend over entrees is comfortable and fun. We talk and laugh easily, always flirting. We contstantly have our hands on each other, I place my hand on your leg or stroke your arm, my hand resting on top of yours. Nothing overtly sexual now because I know that if I kiss you again or let my hand linger on you too long I won't be able to stop. For now, I want to talk to you and get to know your thoughts and interests. There will be plenty of time after dinner to discover your sexual side. It's been obvious through our touching that there won't be any hesitations later, we're both eager to experience each other. I wonder if it will be possible to share some of my darker desires with you on our first date. My sexual cravings have intimidated men in the past, but I have a strong sense that you're not at all like those men. I hope that you will embrace my dirty little kinks, maybe even encourage them. Could I possibly get that lucky tonight? We've almost completed our entrees. I look out the window and see a beautiful night. The lights from the boats are reflecting in the water. It's still cool at this time of the year. The restaurant has a patio on the water side but dispite the heat lamps that they've turned on, people are reluctant to sit outside. "David, I would love to sit outside for one last drink and maybe dessert. What do you think? We can sit right by the water and have the patio to ourselves. We'll be warm enough under the heat lamps."

She replies

"I'd love to learn more from you, David" I've been looking out at the boat light reflecting in the water, listening to your explanation. I'm excited by your closeness. I love listening to your voice in the quiet night, without the background noise inside the restaurant. I turn to you and smile back. I'm about to kiss you when the waitress comes out. It's been obvious all night that she wants you, and in my aroused state an image of you sucking on her erect nipples suddenly pops into my head. I'm surprised to feel my pussy twitch as more of my juices flow, only to be soaked up by my panties. I want to experience you tonight, but if you're as hot as I think you'll be, maybe we can come back and chat up thaewaitress another time. The waitress leaves after taking our order and I've forgotten about her as soon as we begin to kiss. Your mouth so firm on mine, your tongue sliding smoothly into my mouth, caressing mine. Your finger finds my panties and teases my slit. I moan softly into your mouth and I know those moans will get louder as the evening progresses. I stroke the bulge in your jeans with the palm of my hand. I wonder if you're uncut, I hope you are. I'm starting to think that the wine is going to my head, but maybe it's just the effect you're having on me. I catch you licking my juices from your fingers and decide that it is definitely you that's making me feel this way. We enjoy our coffees and watch the night. Your hand warm and comfortable on my bare leg. I lean my head on your shoulder, my breast pressed against your arm. The waitress does not come out again, she's sensed my desire for you and knows that at least for tonight I want you as my own. We put down our empty cups and I slide my leg off of yours, raise myself onto my knees on the couch and swing one leg over. Straddling your lap, I lean in and kiss you again. Slowly licking your lips and sucking on your tongue, my fingertips massaging the back of your neck, running my nails through your hair. I don't lower myself down fully on top of you but my body is moving, you can feel it under your hands. Occassionally you'll feel the unmistakable moist heat from my pussy as it grazes your cock. I kiss the side of your face and whisper in your ear "David, this is turning out to be the best first date I've ever had"

He responds

Loving how you respond to my intimate touches and reciprocate I'm delighted as you straddle me, knowing that you want me as powerfully as I want you. Your kisses tell me so much about the kind of lover you will be. Your hands in my hair make my cock twitch with desire and I know that there is no need to hide it. My spine tingles as your fingers massage my neck and I feel you move rhythmically almost but not quite grinding on my rock hard cock now slippery inside my pants with precum. Your breasts are firm against my cock and as you gently rock you feel my hands first sliding up and down your back and then cupping your firm bum cheeks. As you speak I look into your eyes and say "Yes...this is a magical wonderful first date Laura. I don't want it to end just now" I look into your eyes as you gently lower yourself onto my bulging cock. "Do you want to continue back at my place where we can have some privacy Laura?" I see the nod of acceptance and a receive a soft kiss as you breath "Yes David... I want that very much". Reluctantly you climb off my lap and I stand and then take you hand pulling you up and toward me. You stand and I slip my arm comfortably around your slim waist and we walk towards the booth so I can pay for dinner. You protest mildy at me paying but I silence you .."You can pay next time Laura". Our server takes my card sneaking a glance at my name. I give her a large tip and she smiles briefly touching my bare arm "Thank you er David, I look forward to seeing you both again soon". I smile and we leave. I walk towards a newish Ford Focus. I smile "I prefer to spend my money on fun rather than cars so I go for practicality!" I open your door and watch as your skirt rides up revealing your upper thigh and a hint of panties before getting into the drivers seat. Once inside I lean over and kiss you, my hands sliding up your thigh. I pull away and drive for 10 minutes, safely but expertly until we reach a 4 floor apartment building. We walk toward the door my hand in yours and I open up. We walk to the 4th floor and open the door. Your eyes scan the room. You see a lounge with a beige leather sofa, sailing pictures and some water colour of africa on the white walls and an oak floor decorated with occasional rugs, a small flat screen in the corner. The galley kitchen through to one side is neat and tidy with granite worktops and stainless steel appliances. A close closed looks like it may be my bedroom. The door closes with a soft click. I turn to you and with your back against the wall I kiss you passionately. My body is pressed hard against you and you can feel my chest against your breasts and my cock against your belly. "I want you so badly Laura.." I hitch up your skirt and my fingers once again slide along your sopping slit. I ease your panties to one side and slide two fingers easily into you as I continue kissing your mouth passionately.

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