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It started in the club

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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This is just a story for now but it will hopefully come true.

I had been mailing Les and Lynne extensively and we knew exactly what we all wanted to do together but work and location kept getting in the way. Fortunately on summer day work put me in their town. I text Les to let him know but not to tell Lynne. We arranged to meet at a club in the town about 10pm and then head back to my hotel but not until we had teased Lynne in the club till she couldn't hold back any longer. Fortunately my hotel is just a two minute walk from the club. We decide that Lynne will wear a sexy white thong and a tight figure hugging summer. She has a body to die for all the right curves and a very sexy bum that I can't wait to get my hands on. We agree that Les will text me once they arrive in the club and I will go round to join them.

I get ready nice grey trousers and white shirt, clean shaven, trimmed and fresh. I sit on the bed and wait for the text. I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness as to how Lynne will react but at 10:03pm it's too late to worry about it. A text from Les flashes up on my phone.

"We are in the club it's pretty busy. We will be at the bar. I am off to the toilets so you can meet Lynne alone. She doesn't have a clue you are here."

I head round and enter the club it's pretty dark but lit enough to see people but the ability to remain anonymous. I spot Lynne the summer dress is hugging her curves and making her bum look sexier than in any picture. I walk up behind her at the bar it's tight at the bar so as I press up behind her it doesn't cause a real reaction from her. I whisper into her ear "If Will Hung was here would you have worn something shorter?" You can see the flash of confusion and realisation as she works out it's me. I carry on whispering instructions to her. "Don't turn around get the drinks then meet me at the table behind the bar." I walk away and soon I am joined by Lynne and soon after by Les. You can see by the smile on his face you can see he is happy to make Lynne happy. Lynne gives me a big hug and kiss and we sit and talk. I explain how I am in the area for a couple of days with work and how les and I had arranged the meet without her knowledge. But talk soon turn to sex. Lynne explains how she has dreamt about meeting me and what she'd like to happen. I say though tonight is all on my terms. She agrees as the first step for her is to take off the sexy white thong I know she has on under her dress and to give them too me. She won't get them back I can feel they are warm and slightly damp I place my hand between her legs and feel how damp her fresh shaven pussy is. A finger slides in and I tell her to rub both mine and Les's cocks and tell me how they feel. She whispers in my ear they are both hard thick and long and she wants them both to herself. I say I have a hotel round the corner and she is going to be taken there but not until we finish our drinks. Which we all rush down and leave as we walk through the streets to the hotel I see an alley I pull Lynne down it and Les follows I tell her to pull up her dress and show off the pussy and sexy ass. It's even better in the flesh as I grab hold of it. We almost run to the hotel and head straight to the room.

As the door closer Lynne takes off her dress and shows off her body it's so gorgeous. Les and I both join her in a naked state and Lynne drops to her knees grabbing both our erect cocks she looks like the cat who got the cream as she wanks and sucks on both our cocks. It's a perfect combination for her both our cocks are over 7" Les has more girth but it have more length. Lynne tries deepthroating but can't quite take it all. Soon we are a heap on the bed Lynne sucking on my cock like a pornstar spitting on it gagging and wanking. My cock is shining. Les is sliding fingers into her pussy as his tongue furiously laps at her pussy . We pull her onto all fours, les and I switch places and I tongue her pussy briefly as she works Les's cock with her hand and mouth. She looks back at me and says "fuck my pussy I want to feel your cock fill me." Who am I to refuse I pull her legs a little further apart and slide my cock into her wet pussy she slides back against me and I begin to thrust my cock gradually deeper inside. I push her head forward to gag on les's cock. After a few minutes I pull out and say Les fuck her pussy I think she needs to taste herself on my cock. I pull her head as my cock fills her mouth les enters her pushing my cock deeper down Lynne's throat she is gagging on it. Les furiously pounds her pussy and Lynne is loving every second of it. I ask if she has tried two cocks in her pussy? She says no but try me. Les lies on the bed and Lynne gets on top her ass is in the air as she lowers herself on top of his cock. I move up behind and ease my helmet in gently her pussy feels so tight and full but I manage to get most of my cock inside her. Les and I begin to thrust but soon it is just not happening. So I pull out and cram my cock back down her throat as she wanks she asks if I want to fuck her ass. We had spoken about it online but never thought it would happen if we met. Now who am I to refuse. So with her ass in the aim and Lynne riding les hard and fast. I move in behind her and grab her ass. She stops riding lowers her head and raising her ass I push against her tight sexy ass and feel my helmet slip inside her. As a groan leaves Lynne's mouth les and I start to move in sync and Lynne lets out pleasured moans. We start fucking faster and deeper Lynne is showing how much she loves cock. She would put pornstars to shame with her performance. Les says he can feel himself beginning to get close to cumming. Lynne gets off us both and drops to her knees on the floor she furiously wanks and sucks on both our cocks. Les reaches the point where he can't hold back and fires hot sticky spunk into Lynne's mouth she gulps it down and sucks his cock clean of any remaining cum. Now all her focus is on me sucking wanking and eye contact making every effort to give her another spunky mouthful. I can hold back no longer 3 days of no wanking has paid off. A huge load of thick white cum fills her mouth and dribbles down her chin. Lynne swallows it down sucks my cock clean and wipes up the cum off her chin with her finger and doesn't waste a drop. We open the wine and wait to get hard again. Les says he wants to film Lynne and me but that story will have to wait for now.

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