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stories report #3 - holiday

By *berJTL   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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on topic for the time of year, originally posted... a while ago.


After the daily wind off the Atlantic had done it's work you returned to the villa to find the pool littered with leaves and twigs, and with it still being warm and not wanting to miss the opportunity for a final dip, you ring the pool cleaning guy to pay a quick visit.

Within half an hour the guy arrives to find you comfortable on a lounger reading, and starts to clear the debris. It's hot and he starts to sweat in the sun... he takes off his t-shirt, at which point to look over the top of your book and take in an eyeful of his fit chest and arms and his tight jeans which show off his firm backside.

He glances across and smiles... you smile back, and get a little buzz out of knowing that he was watching you. You start to put some suncream on your legs, making sure that he is still looking in your direction, teasing him, and at the same time feeling a little turned on... As he moves to your side of the pool, you can't resist asking him to put a little on your back. He is more than willing and takes the bottle of cream from you, places a little in the palm of his hand, and reaches for your back...

At his touch you feel yourself melt a little... he rubs across your back and up onto your shoulders. You lie down and he rubs cream lower down your back and to each side... his hands gentle but strong, pushing the cream into the skin, as they reach the sides they run along the edge of your breasts and you hold your breath as the thought of him touching you makes you imagination run wild...

As he finishes he asks if it is ok to wash his hands, you say it's ok and he goes inside to your bathroom... you follow him in and stand behind him as he washes and he sees you in the mirror admiring him. A grin spreads across his face and you feel you inhibitions melting away. You step closer and touch his body - it is firm, muscled, and obviously well looked after, he straightens up at your touch, then turns to face you... your hand lingers on his chest, then slowly traces a line down to his stomach, your fingers eventually resting at the buckle of his belt.

He leans toward you, his lips moving to yours, his hand reaching beind your head to lift your face to his... his lips taste salty from his sweat but his tongue is eager to press between your lips to taste you and soon find your tongue, probing and playing...

The contact makes your senses reel, the electricity shocking through your body. Your hands now unable to stop themselves from starting to undo the belt of his jeans, then reaching down to unzip them, finding that he isn't wearing underwear, your fingers only finding neatly trimmed hair above a long, swelling cock, now starting to strain to be free of the restrictions of the jeans.

Meanwhile his lips still locked to yours, his hands reach to undo your bikini top, setting your breasts free for his hands to run over.... he finds your nipples and squeezes, making them erect and making you moan a little.

Hi cock is now free in your hand, smooth, and increasingly firm... he is circumcised, the head swollen pink with the start of moistness at the tip... it feels fantastic in your hands and you stroke it back and forth as he grips your breasts in his hands, his tongue playing with yours. You kneel in front of him, his cock level with your face. You lean forward and let your tongue caress the very end of it and you look up at him, seeing the desire on his face... he takes hold of your head and slowly pushes his cock towards your mouth. You open your lips just enough to let the head in and let your tongue trace across the hole in the head, tasting the precum oozing from it. He pulls you further towards him, his member penetrating deeper into your mouth towards the back of your throat. He is long and you don't think you will fit him in, but still he pushes into you... your tongue lubricates his cock as it fills your mouth, until you feel it touching your throat... you think you might gag, but still he pushes deeper, until your lips touch against his body, his balls touching your chin. Your eyes are watering, but your body is electrified, knowing that you took all his length, swallowing his long firm cock. He pulls back, letting you gasp a breath, before pushing back into you, your head held firmly in his hands. You pull down his jeans and grip his buttocks, your nails digging into him as his cock fucks your mouth, your hand reaching to cup amd massage his balls, making him groan and swear.

Again and again he pushes into you... then you take your hand to his cock and milk it, while the head is still in your mouth, tongue working on the tip. He groans and pulls you up, kissing you, then lifting you, letting you wrap your legs round his waist as he carries you effortlessly from the bathroom to the bedroom. He lays you on the bed, your legs still behind his back, and starts to kiss down your body... your chin, neck, chest, then to each of your breasts, tongue flicking across your nipples. His hands reach down and peel off your bikini bottoms - you unwrap your legs to let him strip them down until they fall from your feet - then he spreads your legs, fingers questing toward your moist pussy. You shudder with shock as you feel him touch your lips, already wet and starting to drip... a fingers traces the line of your pussy, parting it, entering you easily, sliding deep inside you, and all the time his lips are wrapped around your nipples, sucking them hard, nibbling on them. A second finger enters and you resond, arching your back a little, making his fingers push deeper until his hand is aginst you. You moan and run your hands through his hair, your body burning and pussy dripping onto his probing fingers.

His lips move their attention from your nipples toward your pussy, kissing slowly down your body until they are poised above your soaking clit. Suddenly he dips, wrapping his lips around it, his tongue pushes against it, toying with it and rubbing against it... you are starting to lose control, your body pushing towards a climax already, as his mouth eats you and his fingers stroke the inside of your pussy. You grab handfulls of his hair, forcing him onto you, hips raising from the bed to meet him, to push him deeper. He takes his fingers out and pushes his tongue deep into your hole, licking and probing, drinking your juices, his hands supporting your ass, your legs pulling back to expose yourself more for his tongue... he takes it from your pussy and licks lower, touching your asshole, then pushing and probing into it. The sensation drives you wild and you push onto him, feeling his tongue enter you... you suddenly come, gushing down into his mouth and he drinks, licking all your juice and pushing his tongue back into your pussy.

You grab his hair and pull him up to you - now you want him inside you desperately, your pussy acheing to be filled. He moves up you and lifts your legs high over his shoulders, making your ass stick out ready for his cock to enter - you reach underneath to guide him into you, his cock feeling massive in your hand, the head hot and swollen... it touches the lips of your soaking pussy and they part letting it slide into you, inch after inch, deeper into you until you feel his balls touching your ass. His cock is the biggest you have ever felt and it stretches you inside... you tense the muscles of your pussy, tightening and relaxing, milking his tool, teasing him. He smiles at you, knowing that you are ready, and starts to pull out, slowly, then pushes in, hard and deep, filling you again. You shout, never having has someone so deep, but you find him pulling out again and hammering back in to the hilt again... and again... and again, each time sending shocks though you, driving you to another orgasm as you feel helpless with your legs still up over his shoulders.

The pleasure is driving you crazy as he thrusts deep into you and you moan and writhe under him 'fuck me from behind' you shout to him... he turns you over onto all fours, pushing your head down onto the bed, your ass high in the air, pussy waiting for him. You feel him enter you from behind - it feels like he is longer than before and he starts to ride you, pumping hard into you, climbing onto his feet to thrust harder, banging against you, his balls hitting you and his cock penetrating deep into you. He slaps your ass hard, making you start with shock, and you feel his hand on your backside steadying himslef as he slows, your pussy dripping and his cock still hard and wet from you... he pushes the head of his cock into your asshole and you reach behind yourself to pull your cheeks further apart. You relax your asshole to let him in and feel his wet cock start to slide inside, filling your asshole deeply... you reach under to caress and rub your clit, and start to come, his cock engulfed by you, tightly gripping his hilt. Your mouth is open but you can't speak as you climax hard, only moan as the orgasm rips though you... he isn't finished though and starts to slide in and out, his huge meat stretching your asshole as he pumps back and forth, his hands on your back pushing you into the bedclothes....

He is deep inside you and he rolls to his side until you are laying on top of him. You push yourself up and start to ride him, his cock rock hard filling you anally. You lift up and hammer down onto him, taking his length each time, and start to pant and moan as he meets your thrusts. His hands reach round and find your pussy, a finger stroking your clit while his others delve into your dripping pussy... he takes them out and brings the wet fingers to your mouth and you lick your juice from them.

He is grunting now and you can tell he is nearing his own orgasm, you lay back and you feel him come out of you, seeing his cock massive between your legs... he shouts and starts to come, sperm jetting up your body, covering your breasts and neck, the warm sensation tipping you over the edge again, your fingers rubbing your clit to bring yourself to another climax, the other hand rubbing the come over your breasts and nipples...

You spasm as your orgasm hits and you feel his arms wrap around you, hugging you close to him. You turn over and kiss him, sliding together as his cream is squashed between your bodies. You feel his hands on your ass and feel that his hard on is still strong, his cock still hard between your legs...

He grins a sly smile as he looks into your eyes, and you feel the head of his cock pushing into your pussy again...

'are you ready for more?...' he slyly whispers.

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*londe34g By *londe34g  (F  over a year ago

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Such a sexy story,x

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By *abs78  (F  over a year ago

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I'm ready for more!

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Wowsers ready for more

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