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holiday italy

By *ickeyflyn  (M)  over a year ago

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My girlfriend and i have just spent two glorious weeks in Italy.the beaches were empty apart from a few locals as the holiday season had finished.

over the years past i have frequented and enjoyed quite a few naturist beaches but as Italy is a catholic country naturist beaches are few and spread thinly .

after a few days sunbathing on normal beaches i decided to check out the internet to see if any naturist beaches were near,to my surprise and luck i found there was a naturist beach only half hours drive from our place .

i mentioned this to Samantha who i know has never been on a naked beach before but was fairly relaxed about the idea but said she may not get totally naked when we got there.

the following day we arrived at the beach parked the car and walked to the beach about half a mile from the road,the beach was almost empty apart from a few local men and two other couples all naked.

we found a spot near to the cliff and facing the sea and in the bright sunshine.we laid out our beach mats and towels and i got naked ,sam stripped topless and we relaxed.

after a while we noticed the local men walking up and down the beach almost parading and showing off their cocks ,some were older men and some young and occasionally stopping to talk to the other couples on the beach.

sam who is 47 years old is quite inexperienced with men after being married from a young age and only ever experienced one other man (ex husband) apart from me commented on the different shapes and sizes of the men and their cocks which we discussed for quite a while. i could see she was getting excited as she started to get tremble in her voice and her nipples were very erect ,she has very large nipples when aroused almost big enough to hang your hat on which i love.

a few of the guys parading along the beach started to come over and look at us and say hi ,they soon realised we were English and left us alone.

after a little while a young guy in his 20`s i guess walked past and settled against the cliff about 20 yards from us and stripped off naked ,sam had her eyes closed enjoying the sun so didn`t see this guy approach . after a while i noticed he was laying down with one leg raised and was stroking his cock while looking at us ,i whispered to sam who tilted her head slightly and whispered back OMG he is a big boy which i could only agree with as his cock was at a guess about 10 inches in length and quite thick.

by now sam and i were laying close together whispering about this guys cock and the way he was slowly stroking it. i could see she was very excited,i had a hard on too which was nudging sams leg .

i reached over and pulled the tie on her bikini with no objection and slid my hand underneath to find her very smooth shaven pussy was soaking and as i touched her clit i found it was as hard and the biggest i had felt it in the 3 years we had been together i said to sam to take off her bikini bottom to which she replied you do it ! i pulled the other tie,sam lifted her bottom up slightly and i pulled the bikini was soaking wet and sticky with her juices !

sam said to me that the guy stroking his cock has been hard for ages now and wondered why he hadn`t cum,he was stroking very slowly and still watching us.i said to sam shall we tease him some more ? she asked how and i suggested rubbing some sun oil on to her now naked body, yes with a little gigle she replied .this was a side of sam i have never seen before,very sexy,totally horny and soaking with sexual arousal .

i started to rub oil onto sams tits and massage them slowly moving down her body to her pussy and back up while all the time she was looking at this handsome young guy stroking his cock only yards away .

sam said she could see his cock glistening in the sun with his precum as he stroked it .

now i had an idea ! but said nothing to sam just continued to rub oil into her body and keep her at the hight of arousal .without sam seeing i beckoned the young italian guy to come over. a few seconds later he stood up and walked toward us with this huge hard cock. sam went rigid sam said OMG FUCK !! i said relax lets see what happens.

the guy brought his towel over and laid it by the side of sam putting her in the middle of us ,he laid on his side about two feet away and didn`t say a word just looked at us smiled and watched as i massaged oil into sam who was quietly moaning with her eyes fixed on this guys cock.

my cock was rock hard and throbbing with precum running down it`s length .i could see sams heart pounding through her chest ,the sexual tension was incredible ! 

sam by now as trembling and said she had almost cum a few times and didn`t know how she hadn`t.sam was breathing heavy ,her nipples were stood proud and hard as i put my hand between her legs my whole hand was soaked and sam jumped and said yo almost made me cum then .

the Italian guy held out his hand to sam which she took and guided it to his cock,sam closed her fingers around it as i said it was ok and began to move it up and down his cock.

he put his hand on sams tummy and started to rub the oil in while i massaged he tits.he slid his hand down slowly to sams pussy as she stroked his cock and as he reached her pussy she opened her legs slightly.sam reached over and grabbed my cock.

sam now had a cock in each hand and a strange young Italian mans hand between her legs ,her breathing and moaning was getting faster as this guy massaged her soaking pussy and she stroked both our cocks,then sams body went riged ! she was cumming she was moving her hips with this guys hand between her legs almost as if she was fucking his hand and wanking us both at the same time.

it was too much for me and i exploded over sams hand just as the guy moved closer to sam and exploded over stomach.

we three lay there for a while in total silence then sam whispered i want more to my surprise ! sam saying this gave me another instant hardon and i turned sam on her side and slid my cock into her pussy from behind ,they italian guy turned around with his cock by sams chest and his face down by her pussy, he put his hand between sams legs and to my shock as my cock was up sam from behind cupped my balls and pulled my cock from behind deeper into sams pussy which felt amazing ! i looked up and his cock was solid and even bigger up close with sams hand around it.sam pulled him closer an took his cock in her mouth.what a picture ,my cock deep in sams pussy from behind this guys hand cupping my balls from between her legs at the front with his cock in her mouth.

i could feel this guys fingers inside sams pussy with my cock and then rubbing my balls and then he started to stroke my asshole with a finger ! this i have never experienced but the feeling was fantastic ! sam was sucking his cock slow and with great enjoyment as he started to move his hips and fuck sams mouth ,within a minute i could feel i was going to cum and could see he was to but he stopped and instantly brought sam to another orgasm with his fingers that made me explode deep into sams pussy as sam milked his cock deep into her mouth .

we collapsed all three of us and as i opened my eyes i could see three other guys stood in the rocks very close all wanking like mad .


we stayed and swam at that beach for an hour before leaving but returned the next day.

what a holiday and experience sam and i had and loking forward to our next one.

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XXX pic...
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By *ew_to_this  (M)  over a year ago

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Amazing. Made me so hard

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