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First meeting Part 4

*edge27375 By *edge27375   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Part four hope you enjoy x

So, where did I leave it? ah yes, you had your hands on me, and you were pressed against the mirror x

So, you continue to stroke me, gently at first but speeding up gradually til I whisper to you to slow down. As I whisper to more about how turned on I am to see you in such a predicament, your breasts growing more numb from the combination of the ropes tightly digging in and the coldness of the mirror. You feels my hands reach around as I decide I wish to play with you, I start by gently stroking your face, you turn to kiss my fingers, "please sir, let me suck them" you whisper, "You're just too keen to have something in your mouth!!" I reply, "You can wait" my hands make their way down your body, you feel me squeeze your breasts from the sides making you gasp, then I gradually almost claw at them as a cat would when breaking in a new pillow. You find the sensation makes you jump and almost laugh as you feel that it tickles more than much else.

As you get used to my touching you that way, you feel my hands move further down. You feel my breath on your neck as I lean in to whisper to you again, "Now lets see how turned on you are",you tip your head back in submission, you already know how much your body has rebelled against you trying to control yourself, are no longer embarrassed when I find your wetness,

"I am yours sir" you announce breathlessly as my fingers find your clit, you beg me to use you in any way I wish. I take my hands away from you, but only to grab the leash once again.

You frown a little because you were enjoying my teasing you, I walk you back to the chair.

"Take your hands off my cock, and kneel at the chair"

You comply, looking up at me hopefully as I said before, you are longing for your mouth to be put to use.

I sit on the chair looking down at you, with my free hand, I grab the back of your head, and pull you towards my lap. You open your mouth ready to take my cock deep into your throat, but I twist your head just enough that the side of your face uses my cock as a pillow.

"We will have a breather for now" I tell you as I stroke your hair, you try to turn your head just enough lo let your lips gently brush against me, but I pull your hair back, looking you straight in the eyes "I will decide when, not you! Or are you that much of a cock hungry slut?" I hoarsely whisper. You look slightly stung at the name I just called you, "I will wait sir!", you rest your head back against me to await my next instruction.

After what feel like an eternity to you, I stand up you look up to me with a look of longing in your eyes, you just want to be used, and now you will be. "So, seeing as you are so keen yet so patient" I say with a nod, you take this as your signal to take me into your mouth, you give me a little smile and blow me a kiss before you blow me

You gently hum as you take me in your mouth, the sensations feel good against my skin, you let my cock slip out again, only for you to blow on its tip which just brings me closer. You sense this so you take me back in your mouth to suck harder moving your lips up and down on me. You feel me twitch in you mouth, then you feel the first spray of my cum hit the back of your throat. I hear you gulp as you start to swallow but no, that isn't going to happen, I grab your hair to pull your head back just in time to catch the last two spurts of my cum over your face.

I instruct you to clean my cock with your mouth which you comply, thanking me for giving you the opportunity to pleasure me, my only reply is "We haven't finished yet, you might regret thanking me"

Once you have finished your task, I move away from you to get the bag from before, I reach into it, and take out the last 4 items, you can see a mobile, a vibrator a crop and a small piece of paper. As you try to think about what is coming next, I push you forward so your breast are push into the soft cushion of the chair, you look up at the mirror, to see yourself with hair sticking to your face with a mixture of sweat and spunk, the light catches my cum as it clings to your face you notice a few drops around your mouth and on instinct, your proceed to use your tongue to catch them.

I crouch down next to you, to tell you that your next next task isn't so much for me, or you. You see that there is a phone number on the paper, you ask me "Will someone be joining us sir?"

I reply "In a way, I just want to watch and listen as you bring someone else to climax, but don't worry about me, I will be entertained."

I dial the number, and put the phone on speaker, as I want to hear the reaction from the other end. The voice at the other end just tells you,

"I will be wanking as you speak, I will only ask questions, and you will answer, but you will also describe your evening and what is happening to you as I masturbate........ Do you understand?"

You look shocked at the way the evening has taken a turn, it started off as a date between two people that have been chatting online to you now being paraded, in a way, as a tease for someone else over the phone, having to describe everything that has gone on throughout the night so far. But you begin to talk, telling he mystery person at the other end everything, about the sensation of my cock pushing its way down you throat down a dimly lit side street, the numbness of your breasts as they were tied, the chills you had from being pressed against the mirror.

I watch as you squirm a little, so I take this that you want more from this. Without warning I start to use the crop on you, it makes you yelp as you talk to the guy at the other end of the phone line

"What was that" he asks you,

"Sir has started to spank me, I think I deserve it"

"If that's the case, I hope he has more lined up for you"

I continue to use the crop all over your backside, I put my foot between your knees and you take this as instruction to move your knees apart, only thing is you realise how open and expose you are now. You sense me move my position so I am almost stood over you ........ And what happens next makes you scream in a mixture of shock, pain and pleasure.

"Was that a hard hit?" the voice asks

"S-s-ssirr j-j-just whipped my pussy"

"Hhhmmm I bet you liked that ..... Didn't you??

"Yeessssirrrr I did"

"Maybe he shouldn't stop"

Your shocked at this, you never expected to be double teamed in this way, you thought it would be an over the knee spanking, sex and that would be it ........ You are worth more than that.

A few minutes pass, a mixture of gentle taps to stronger strikes of the crop continue to push your limits, as you listen to the voice at the other end

"You sound like something needs to be inside you"

"I have just the thing here for her" I reply

With that I reach down, gently rubbing the vibrator against your lips and clit, it makes you shudder more until I push it up inside you,

You groan out loud as the sensations bring you even closer to orgasm,

"PPpplease may I cum sirss??" you ask as you try to catch your breath

"I think your master should decide" said the voice "But I hope he decides quickly as I am so close"

Seeing the opportunity "In that case you can both wait" I said with a grin

I step around so my cock is just inches away from your face again, "You know what to do, but remember, no speaking with your mouth full"

"Sir wants me to suck his cock, will you listen?"

"HHmmmm" comes the reply

You make as much noise as you can so you can be heard clearly, because all you can hear from

is the heavy breathing and a slapping noise as the voice is working himself into a fury

I pull out, you try to look up at me but your head is spinning too much from everything going on, but you are clear enough to realise I am now kneeling behind you.

"My secret voice, I hope you are listening carefully as Sir is going to treat me"

Treat you yes, what you expect........... No

You wait for me to pull out the vibrator, you feel my hand against it, but you realise I am only pushing it into you more, I pull my hand away, then you realise what is about to happen ......

You look up to the mirror to catch my eye, and all you can say is "Please be gentle sir" You suddenly feel the tip of my cock pressing against your other hole, as I remember you have told me before you like it, but you have never had the sensation of a toy in your pussy, and a cock in your ass..... Yet another boundary is about to be broken "Sir is going to fuck my ass now ........ Enjoy"

I push into you, the feeling is overwhelming of pain, pleasure and ultimate release because as I enter you, you climax, hard. You feel my hand on your back pushing you into the seat so's not to have us fall the other reaches for the leash as I push deeper into you. You scream loudly as more waves of climax wash over you. My gentle movement into becomes a harder thrust and you sense I am close. The only response from the secret voice is a strained grunt as he cums and hangs up.

"Please sir, cum in my ass, make me your property"

To which it is my turn to follow orders, just this once, and climax deep inside you. Which pushes you over the edge again. There is a solid "clunk" as the vibrator slips out of you, I feel the wetness of another climax on my thighs.

We stay locked together with me inside you until our breathing becomes more settled and controlled. I set about untying your breasts which the sudden rush of circulation causes you to cry out in pain,

"They will be sore in the morning" I comment

"But it was worth it" you reply

Once done we move to a more relaxing position, look into each others eyes as we drift off to sleep.

Hope it was worth the wait x

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*edhotmama By *edhotmama  (F  over a year ago

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Mmm! Loved it! Wet now

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Amazing carry on

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