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First meeting Part 3

*edge27375 By *edge27375   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Its been a couple of days, thank you for the feedback so far

So, you're kneeling on a chair facing a full length mirror taking in the view of you half naked, hair all over the place, your naked breasts tied tightly and reddening at the pressure inflicted by the ropes. Your nipples look as though they are ready to burst and are just begging to be gently touched, stroked and licked....... But I think you realise the treatment they receive may be anything but gentle.

As you try to look away from your reflection, I come behind you, grabbing a handful of your hair so you cannot pull your gaze away from yourself, and to add to the humiliation, I reach around an squeeze your nipples one at a time. The sudden shock lights up your face, as you feel the heightened sensation running through your body. But again your body shames you as you feel the sensation pulse in your clit. You hope I haven't thought of that as you don't know how you would cope cumming at a time like this.

I release your nipple, you look relieved, until you feel my hand moving down your body to between your legs. You try to shake your head, pleading with me not to touch you there for the moment. It falls on deaf ears, I want you to cum, and yes, I want you to watch.

Just the lightest touch against your clit makes your body shake as though you had been electrified. Your eyes open wide as does your mouth, you try to speak but you have lost the strength in your voice because you know your body is soon to give in but you don't know how strong your climax will be.

As I begin to rub you more vigorously your body shakes uncontrollably as waves of sheer pleasure take over your whole body. Then you feel it. The sudden onset of climax.

The combination of watching yourself being used in such a way, the sensation of electricity running through your breasts and my fingers almost pushing inside you pushes you over the edge. You suddenly find your voice again, screaming loudly, almost to the point of crying as you've never felt that sensation ripping through your body before. I pull my fingers away from your pussy, just in time for your thighs to feel your body rebel even further by squirting all over the chair.

As your body subsides to the aftershocks of your orgasm, even the gentlest of touches is like electricity firing through your body. You feel me reach again for the leash, your fear rises once again as you don't know how steady you will be if I were to pull you to your feet. But you have no time to dispute as you feel me pull on your lead, the only choices are to try and stand ..... or fall.

Your legs are still trembling with the aftershocks, but you obediently stand with your hands behind your back. I reach again for the bag, you strangely feel relief that I pull out just a simple pair of handcuffs, which you feel being placed around your wrists. The sudden cold metal against your skin makes you jump again.

I walk around you, taking in the sight of your humiliated body, as your breathing is still heavy an fearful of my next movement.

I stop right behind you, pressing my body against yours, you feel the outline of my cock through my trousers. I just whisper to you "You know what you have to do!", your hands tremble as your fingers struggle to free my cock. You succeed, which brings a smile to your face. You ask "Would sir like my mouth to please him, or just my hands?" In reply I just push my cock more into your hands, as I can tell you're desperate for me to put your mouth to use again.

But you realise I am still pushing forward, "Sir??" you ask, concern in your voice "Move forward" I reply. You stop. Only to feel me striking against your ass with a firm spank. "I didn't tell you to stop moving, did I?","Nno Ssirr" comes the reply, "But if I keep moving forward...... The mirror....."

Your voice trails off as you realise what is about to happen.

You jump in shock as your still erect nipples touch against the cold surface of your reflection ..... the intense feeling coursing through your body once again, you realise the night is far from over xx

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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it keeps on cumming can't wait for the next installment

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*edge27375 By *edge27375   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Part 4 now up

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