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sub girls surprise pt 1

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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She knocked on the door, there was a long wait, she was nervous and the tension in her stomach made it feel like forever. Eventually the door opened, he stood there in the door way, looking her up and down. Heels, fishnets, short denim skirt that only just covered her arse, and a winter coat, zipped up to her neck, she looked every bit the slut he had asked for.

Chloe stood there as he eyed her up, hoping that her outfit had pleased her master and that none of the neighbours were watching as she stood there exposed on the door step.

“come in” he said after an age.

“yes sir” she replied, softly a little nervousness crept into her voice.

He closed the door behind her and as she stood there he asked “who told you to wear clothes”

“you did sir” she replied

“I didn’t”

“Sorry master”

“Well, what are you waiting for, take them off!”

She did as he told her, she liked been told what to do, she liked to please and today, if she was good enough she would get a special treat, she hoped she would be good enough.

“Go through to the living room” he commanded

She was naked now, her clothes, what little there was were lying in a heap in the hall way. Her arse wiggled sexily as she walked through to the living room.

“master, the curtains? They’re open” she said startled, and now very nervous, buts she could feel herself getting wetter by the second, her pert tits were hard, she was so excited.

“I know, every one will see what a little slut you are today!” He walked in and sat down on the sofa, she was standing in the middle of the room, framed in front of the window.

“Get down on your knees” she obliged, relieved she was no longer in plain view of the street, but turned on by thought any way.

“Have you been a good little slut this week Chloe?”

“Yes sir, I have”

“I don’t believe you, you always need some discipline to keep you behaving, you just can’t help been naughty”

“Yes master” She wasn’t going to argue.

He stood up and walked to the kitchen. She remained on all fours, below the window and waited for his command.

He called her into the kitchen, she crawled, she knew better by now than to stand up when he had told her to kneel down.

She entered the kitchen and stopped, looking down at the floor, like a good sub.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her up onto her knees, forcing her mouth against his jeans, she felt his cock on her lips, it was herd, she gasped.

The blinds in the kitchen were closed, she was relieved.

“Get on the table” he commanded

She climbed up onto the wooden table, it was cold on her hands and she kneeled there waiting for his next command.

“On your back, slut”

She turned over, her legs hanging over the edge, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart, her wet pussy exposed to him.

“who told you to be so wet?”

“No one sir” she whispered

“Speak up slut”

“NO ONE SIR” she replied, more forcefully this time.

“If you keep misbehaving you wont get your treat!”

He reached behind her and took a roll of bondage tape from the table. He ran his hand down, from her lips, over her breasts all the way across her stomach and over her wet pussy. She moaned as his fingers parted her pussy lips , before sliding down her thigh.

He taped her legs to the table legs, she was exposed for him. He secured her hands behind her head so she couldn’t move.

He produced some clothes pegs and put 2 on her lips and one on her tongue, it hurt, not much but enough and she started to moan softly. He put 2 more pegs on her hard nipples. He looked down at her. He left the room.

He was gone a long time, more than 5 minutes, he liked to make her wait, she liked it too, not at the time, but when it did happen, it made the pleasure even more acute.

When he returned he had a butt plug and small vibrator with him, he looked down at her, saliva was dribbling down her cheeks and onto the table, her back was arched and she was trying to move, to get more comfortable but she couldn’t.

He slid his hand up her leg and onto her pussy, she wasn’t as wet now as earlier but as soon as he touched her she became aroused again, his fingers slipped inside her and she moaned, her eyes closed and she grabbed the edge of the table with her fingers.

The pleasure only lasted seconds, as soon as he started, he stopped, he knew she was enjoying it.

He cut the tape from her legs, and told her to put them over her head, so he could see her arse, she did, without question.

He looked at her, she had a great body and he appreciated it, he loved to use it and she loved to be used.

His fingers slid over her pussy and down to her arse, he spat on her arsehole, it felt warm to her as it dripped down between her spread cheeks and across her back.

Today he was playing nice, he actually wanted her to enjoy her treat, but he wasn’t letting her know that, not yet any way.

He took some lube and spread it over the butt plug, and pressed it against her arse. She felt it, it felt good, and when he pushed it further it started to hurt, she squealed and he released it a bit, slowly stretching her arse for it. When it was inside her she was relieved, it felt good now, she felt so dirty, so exposed.

He told her to put her legs down, she did, he removed the tape from her hands and told her to sit up. Her legs dangling over the table she sat up and rubbed her wrists where the tape had been.

He grabbed her throat and leaned in close to her “good sub” he whispered in her ear before removing the pegs form her lips and tongue, They had been on for a long time, red pressure marks were left and they started to feel sore as the cold air hit them.

“Get off my table, on your knees slut!” he commanded. She did as she was told. He took his cock from his jeans and placed it against her lips. She didn’t move, she waited for his command, She was well enough trained by now by now to know that.

“Suck it then slut” he said.

She took his cock in her mouth and started to suck, he took her hands and held them behind her head before forcing his cock down her throat, she gagged.

Tears built up from the gag reflex and saliva was dripping from her mouth, she started coughing. He pulled his cock out and she gasped for breath. He didn’t let her rest long, he forced his cock back into her mouth, this time he let her suck him, he wanted to cum. They were running late but he wasn’t leaving until she had tasted his cum today.

She sucked him, slowly taking his cock as far down into her throat as she could, then she would work his tip quickly, she knew how to make him cum, she was a great sub.

He told her he was going to cum, he filled her mouth, He grabbed her cheeks and told her not to swallow.

“Open your mouth”

She looked at him, made eye contact and slowly her lips parted. She had his cum on her tongue.

“Spit it out, down yourself” she did what she was told, he put his cock back into her mouth and told her to suck it dry. It felt amazing.

He took his cock and put it back in his jeans, still hard and throbbing from the blow job she had given him.

He looked down at her, dripping in his cum, kneeling, naked on his floor. He placed his finger on her breast and scooped his cum up and slid the fingers between her lips. She took the cum in her mouth.

“Clean up your mess, a good girl cleans up the mess she’s made”

“Yes sir” Chloe replied and started to catch the cum on her neck and tits and place it in her mouth, when she had it all she swallowed and opened her mouth for him to watch.

“Very good, now stand up, we need to find you some clothes as we’re already late for your surprise”

“Yes sir, I hope it’s a nice surprise”

“I told you not to talk back to your master!” and with that he slapped her arse, hard, leaving a hand print, she squirmed but it turned her on again, She felt the butt plug in her arse as she walked back through the living room to the hall way and wondered if it was something to do with her treat.

“Right how are we going to dress you today Chloe?” he asked. He still had the vibrator in his hand and had picked up the bondage tape from the kitchen.

“Put your arms up in the air” she did as she was told, he took the tape and started to wrap it tightly around her tits. He wound it around her a few times, just enough to cover her nipples.

“Put your arms down, that’s a start, Now for the bottom half”

He took the vibrator and slid his hand between her legs, she opened them slightly to allow him in. He pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and worked her clit until she was wet again. He pushed the vibrator against her clit and taped it in place before switching it on. He reached over to the pile of clothes on the floor and pulled her black lace French knickers from the pile. Threw them at her and said “put these on”

She pulled the knickers up over her thighs, the vibrator was buzzing and the tape was tight and uncomfortable under the lace but the anticipation was too much, she was nearly cumming already and fighting the urge to let go all the way.

He produced a knee length black coat, hers, she had left it at his a while ago, he told her to, he knew it would come in useful. Again he threw it at her and she dutifully put it on. It covered her body, but to her she was sure every one would know how little was underneath.

“Put your shoes on slut” she did what he asked.

The last Item, he put on her himself. A dog collar, he buckled it around her neck and clipped the lead to it. She was ready to go. He grabbed his coat, opened the door and lead her out to the car. He sat her in the car and went back inside, he came out a few seconds later with the roll of tape, locked the door and climbed into the drivers seat.

“Put your seatbelt on slut” she buckled the belt and he took her hands and taped them together in front of her.

The drive took them a good half hour, every traffic light they stopped at she was convinced the cars next to them knew something, it made her nervous, but very, very horny.

They were driving out of the town, and heading into some woods, she had a good idea where now, they had been here a few times before, but never like this, never tied and bound, in broad day light. It was exciting.

They pulled into the car park, 6 cars were gathered there all parked together, a couple were sat in one, the door was open and they were talking to a group of 5 men, every one looked as he entered the carpark.

“Looks like plenty of people showed up, you’re a lucky girl, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your treat……………

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*igglyJ By *igglyJ   profile verified by photo (F  over a year ago

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I am really wet reading this...hope you continue to describe the treat .

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XXX pic...
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By *istr3sslut  (M)(F  over a year ago

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Looking forward to part 2....soon please

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*umfunguy By *umfunguy  (M)  over a year ago

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wow, that read meade my cock throb, love the thought of telling what to do that makes them wet n horny

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*ecretsophie By *ecretsophie   profile verified by photo (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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My cock is ho hard and making my knickers wet too reading that.Can hardly wait to hear more from you.

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Am throbbing x

More please x

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