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Morning Glory

*quis By *quis  (M)  over a year ago

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I used to be in a job that had accomadation and shared bathrooms and we had a cleaner who used to come in a couple of times a week and clean all the bathrooms and utility rooms.

One morning I woke up wanting a pee and with a huge hard on (I had been on night shift so it was around 11am) so I got up and still half asleep just walked out into the corridoor and came face to face with the cleaner, she looked straight at me then at my huge hard on poking up through my lounge pants and asked me did I need any help? I said quickly I need a pee.

So she grabbed hold of my 7inch cock and leads me to the bathroom and assists in me in having a pee.

She leads me back to my room by my cock (Dawn is an older woman a little shapely and married but at the moment she has a gleam in her eye)once my room door closes she pulls down my pants and drops to her knees and takes my cock into her mouth and gives it a long hard sucking making me moan, not stopping she pushes me back on the bed.

She goes lower taking each ball in her mouth and rolling it around in her mouth bringing even more moans from me.

She stops and tells me my cock is nice and thick and she then gives it a lick just like its a lollipop.

Dawn then stands up and pulls her jeans down revieling a pair of red french knickers which she sticks her hand down and starts playing with herself and tells me she has not had it for ages as her husband spends all his time in the pub, and she has wanted to have one of us lads for ages.

She takes down her knickers and I suddenly get the urge to lick her clit so I pull her towards me and put one leg up on my bed giving me acsess to her pussey and I find her clit tounge and start work on it its not long before dawn is moaning and telling me how good it feels.

But soon she stops me and gets astride me and guides my cock into her hole she is tight as she is a little out of practice and my cock is thick but soon she has a cracking rythem going and leans back so I can play with her clit, very soon she comes to a shuddering climax on my cock and I feel her juices running down my cock.

She gets off and starts on my cock again with her mouth and very soon she brings me to a climax and my cum its the back of her throat but she carries on sucking and empties me and swallows the lot and after an secound raises her head and thanks me and gets dressed and before she walks out of the door tells me to let her know when I am on nights.

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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fuck me side ways wish i come across a cleaner like that my helmet need a good polish

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Great post, lucky fella.

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