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Friday night

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Showering herself,nerves in her stomach,she gets dried and dresses in the outfit carefully chosen to be sexy but not slutty.

Makeup applied but no perfume.....his wife musn't know where he has been.

He arrives and nervously they chat and share a drink or two......

Leading him to her bedroom she shows him the clothes for him to antique basque,the knickers(worn by her all day) wet from her juices,the holdups and the killer heels.

She dresses him and he stands cock hard and erect as she takes photos of him.

Removing her tight skirt and little top she reveals her body, her favourite with a thong built in, holdups and killer heels in place, he gasps as he sees her breasts and her ass bare

Kissing him she moves against him taking pics on her computer to send to her partner his fantasy to see her with another man,particulalry a man who likes to dress,her fantasy to be with a dressed man.Tonights fun a rehearsal for when all 3 of them can be together.He lays her on the bed and exposes her ample breasts,teasing her nipples and playing with them.He loves her tits and tells her so .

Moving down her body he teases her clit through the silk and she moans lightly her back arching slightly as her juices flow,popping the poppers he finds her hot tight wet pussy and inserts a finger then two...fucking her hard she moans louder and pushes down on his hand.

He lowers his mouth to her breathing in her scent,tasting her his tongue now fucking her she cums and wants more......

He continues to play with her tits his hunger for her rising.

Her video camera capturing it all for Matty to watch,she knows he'll be thinking of her tonight wanking over the thought of what she is doing.The video is for him to watch to see his babe being a dirty slut for him.

She lays the man down and takes his cock in her mouth taking him deep in her throat sucking and teasing,her tongue licking his ass dipping in and out, feeling his balls tighten she stops not yet, not yet.

They switch again and she cums again and again,finally squirting as he pounds her pussy with his fingers.

Moving up her body she wanks his cock with her tits teasing the end with her tongue...he starts to wank and she feels her own juices flow as suddenly his hot cum hits her tits,her face ,her neck,she cums and they both lay back.......just what Matty wanted to see.

The man showers and stays for a chat and a drink.

She enjoyed herself loved being Matty's slut and cant wait till they can both share the man and fuck him all night long.As agreed she would not allow the man to fuck her with his cock that is Matty's pleasure and only if he is really good will the man be allowed to go there.

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By *ush your limits  (M)  over a year ago

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Off the scale.

If you ever want another guy to fuck with you individually and together. along with pics and video. please do get in contact.

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By *ush your limits  (M)  over a year ago

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Looking forward to your posted story of mmf sexy. X

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