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True story - daytime fucking in the Jacuzzi

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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A day in the Jacuzzi

It was a Tuesday afternoon during my week away from the usual abusive and rarely happy warehouse manager. Having chilled for the first couple of days it was time to work off some stress and actually make more of the monthly gym fees, instead of sun beds or the Costa bar.

Arriving at about 2pm the ‘air conditioning under repair’ notice was what turned out to be the only bit of bad news this afternoon. Despite the wall of testosterone fuelled stench in the changing room sticking to every hair follicle up my nose the gym was quiet.

The usual full body workout proved easier than most evenings as I slowly worked up the sweat, and started to notice that usual buzz I get after a good workout. Being a rather slim Jim I loved the sensation of being “buffed” as it usually left me feeling horny and looking all swollen and hard (no ladies, not where you’re thinking!).

At this point I should say my current lady toy (pillow partner if you will) was a real wild one. Much younger than me she had opened my eyes to the concept of outdoor adventures, regularly dropping to her knees on walks in the wood, or bending over at the Supermarket with no knickers on.

Until today the most exciting occasion was Salcey Forest picnic area with Champagne and strawberries along with other delicacies. We have lots of fun that day, especially after avoiding the dog walker catching us after their dog licked her bare arse!

Anyway, back to the gym.

I entered the locker room for my usual hot shower, and when checking my phone found a text message. “Where are you, I’m horny?” It was from Leah, and that definitely meant trouble.

After a quick exchange of messages I was to go for a dip and she would meet me in the Jacuzzi in 20 minutes. Who was I to argue.

Now, the thing is with Leah she likes to play games. It’s never straight forward fucking as she enjoys a bit of role play. This time was no different so I will tell this story as she wanted it played out. After a few laps of the outdoor pool (the reason I joined this gym) and a brief lounge in the afternoon sun I wandered into the spa area.

I noticed a tiny brunette with should length wavy hair sitting with her eyes shut lazing in the Jacuzzi with eyes closed and arms resting to either side of her. The bubbles were doing their best to cover her pert little breasts and petite frame. She was rather plain if I’m honest, but her relaxed face held a confident smile as her fingers tapped on the side of the sunken bath. If I didn’t know better I’d say she had at least one jet directed in just the right spot, or something else on her mind!

Just after I entered the water the busy bubbles subsided and she opened her eyes, smiled a cheeky grin, and reached over to press the green button. Now the restart button was mid-way between us and as we both leaned towards she suddenly stopped and grabbed her top.

Now while this story is us acting out her scenario the bikini top popping open wasn’t part of it – it really happened!

She was quick but not quick enough. I just caught a glimpse of the light strawberry coloured areola and erect nipple before her squealing and grasping her hand over her small ‘mouthful’ size breasts. I began to wonder if the front desk captured that goof on the two security cameras covering the pool area, but that idea was soon forgotten.

She turned and looked at me accusingly. Raising my palms and shrugging my shoulders I gave her the “it wasn’t me” look. With hands still gripping her embarrassment she laughed, before asking if I could help her and hook her up?

Inviting her towards me the bubbles burst into life, just as she slid around the moulded seats until she was beside me. “I’m more used to taking these off than doing them up” I admitted. I was twisting my back to get to her top and with her being so petite I grabbed under her arms and lifted her onto my knee. “Are you always picking girls up in here” was a cheeky reply so I retorted with “only those who flash their tits in the first 20 seconds”.

Once safely fastened she stood up, giving me a better look at what was a round, firm, and very shapely arse that made me want to sink my teeth straight into it – just the way I love them. I noticed the “No Entry” sign tattooed just above her bikini bottoms and laughed out loud. “Has that always been a one way street or was it after a serious crash up there?”

She turned with a quizzical look in captivating green eyes so I nodded in the direction of the tattoo... her answer raised hope when she said “it’s under review after a recent assessment and survey”.

I laughed again and as she turned to sit I played the old school trick of putting my hand (palm up) where she was about to plonk her increasingly tempting arse. As her tight young butt reached my hand I expected her to jump away, or at least be surprised. Instead of which she raised her eyebrows, sank down deeper and said “I hope you’ve got the balls to finish the job?”

Now, being 44 I’m very proud of my body, but this youngster must have been no older than 25. You will understand my delight when she laid down a challenge like that. It simply had to be done.

With that I manoeuvred my index finger along the line of her bikini briefs; skimming the soaking material across to her other thigh then under her legs to where thigh becomes arse then back again. While this was going on I leaned into to her neck, just below her ear, and planted butterfly kisses with my lips moving down and across her shoulder. I started little nibbles, clinching the surface in my teeth before kissing it softly and moving to her shoulder before returning.

As my mouth finally reached hers I ran the fingers of my free hand through her hair to the back of her head, pulling her in... keeping my eyes fixed on hers. As our moist reddening lips met I hooked my little finger between the material and pussy, before tracing it from top to bottom along her pussy lips. I stopped at her puckered entrance, lingering just long enough before tracing my finger around her rising clitoris.

With my left hand still underneath her peachy ass I used the weightlessness of the water to help lift her onto my lap facing me. Just then a couple walked past nodding their heads in “good afternoon” fashion so I simply smiled before returning attention to saucy temptress who appeared oblivious to our passing audience.

By now my cock was searching for an escape route from my trunks. Slowly she edged herself forward until her moistening crotch was positioned above my extending, escape artist. Edging from front to back she was using her hips to grind against me, causing the tip to peek its head out via my left thigh – damned uncomfortable as his journey upwards was dramatically halted by her inner thigh!

What I wanted to do was throw her over the side, rip her bottoms down and fuck her in full view of the cameras, (and fellow patrons of the pool)... but thought better of it. Subtlety was called for, so I leaned to her ear and whispered “see what you’re doing to me?” and placed her hand under the bubbles.

Instead of releasing my pulsing cock immediately she rolled her finger tip around the circumference of my cock head, following the skin trying desperately to let the whole head escape the hood.

I reached between her legs, which parted slightly to my touch. My palm edged a path along her thigh, finger tips teasing under her bottoms, tracing around the entire triangle of drenched material. On the return journey my thumb pressed firmly where her labia meet and started to rub in circular motions through her bottoms.

She had pulled my trunks to one side and continued to run her tiny fingers around the tip, of my proud 7 ½ inches and growing! As her tiny fingers wrapped around my cock I slipped my fingers under her bottoms and brushed the outer lips with light, long strokes.

She leaned back with her eyes closed so I planted a few more kisses on her exposed neck to make us look like a loving courting couple having a cuddle. I noticed the sign on the wall and chuckled... “I wonder if that No Diving sign includes what I’d love to do now!” She simply squeezed my cock tight and gave me that ‘idiot’ glare all women seem to have.

My left hand swept the hair off her ears and I traced my tongue across the nape of her neck as I edged my thumb under her bottoms. As she continued to tease me and deny his escape I found her swollen nub and while just breezing over the top of it I slid my middle finger from her anus to my thumb and back again. With every stroke my finger increased in depth until finally the tip parted her soaking lips and entered.

Now certain she was wet enough for two fingers I eased them in slowly, with a long circular motion until both rested curled onto her upper wall. I started rubbing firmly back towards me and feeling for that tell tale roughness that would indicate where to focus my attention.

A sigh escaped her and I gripped her head and turned her, kissing her passionately as my fingers steadily increased in tempo. She pushed against me as her insides were massaged backwards and forwards and my thumb continued in decreasing circles on her clitorous.

Her insides were so wet and my cock twitched as her little hand had continued to stroke me under the water. Her grip was firm and the movements slow and deliberate. The foreskin pulled just over the head now and back again, before flicking her fingers over the very tip of my aching cock. I had to get insider her before I lost it early.

I moved my free hand down her back, finger nails scratching the surface gently. I eased down her side, around to her peach of an arse until I was under her bikini from behind. Hooking my finger under the narrowest part I pulled her bottoms to one side.

At last, I thought, as she was positioned over my waiting hardness, I could see in her eyes she was ready and wanted to feel me stretch her flawless, hairless pussy. I grabbed her hips and positioned her above my throbbing best mate. While I wanted inside her and fast I wanted her to need me, want me, beg me to fuck her. I looked in her eyes and speeded up the tempo of my fingers on the g-spot I found.

Her breathing became erratic and deeper. Her upper chest and neck began to colour as she closed her eyes and started grinding herself on my hand. I hooked my fingers firmly and slowed down making the strokes deeper and steady. At that point I leaned into her and bit her neck pulling her into me... she exploded under the water and I quickly grabbed her head and kissed her passionately to quash the moans, which were in danger of echoing around the whole pool area.

I ran the outside of my fingers down the sides of her face then stroked her hair back and moved it round behind her neck. Lost in her eyes, and the moment, my lips met hers again and our tongues engaged in their own wild encounter. The temperature was rising and so was her confidence.

As I withdrew my fingers and brought them up for her to taste she took the opportunity to sink her sodden pussy onto the tip of my waiting cock. I felt her lips part on either side of me as she sank slowly until my head felt her warmth. She would rise to the end of my cock, look me deeply in the eyes, and sit back down and now it was her watching me, waiting for me to thrust up into her.

Not letting her have total control I grazed it across her shoulder, down her side then up inside her top. The rock hard nipple was teased and flicked before being gently squeezed. She moaned so I arched my back and thrust forward as she rocked down. I could feel the foreskin pull hard over the top of my cock and finally my desperate hardness was totally inside her.

What a moment for the bubbles to stop. Hastily my left hand reached for the button and as with most technology and timing it was being stubborn. After three goes and a couple of smiles at more passers by the jets kick started. Not before time I can tell you as the little minx just kept rocking!

As she continued to gently grind backwards and forwards I continued my hands journey south. The softest of silky touches across her stomach, around her hips and changing the tip for my finger nail I stimulated the flesh of her firm ass. I stopped when I got to the crack, paused, and pushed my little finger tip against the forbidden hole – she stopped.

Pulling her head away and staring with a slightly concerned look straight at me she said “you know that’s one way traffic” so I replied “yeah, but I’m only parking on the kerb”. “Be gentle” she says before relaxing as my finger tip squeezed into the tightest of entrances. After a few minutes of rocking in this position she surprised me and sat down hard, forcing two joints of my finger into her clamping butt. I pulled her against me and whispered in her ear “fuck me you dirty bitch” as her weight shifted from my finger to my cock and back again.

With her arse more relaxed and open I started a stirring motion. It was her turn to grab my head and start kissing me wildly, as I ground my pelvis against her clitoris, and my finger played solo in her rectum.

The muscles in her vagina contracted tight around my pulsating penis and with our bodies in constant contact below the water she broke the kiss and closed her eyes. As she started groaning I grabbed her and kissed her again, (she can be very loud!) and stopped my finger – leaving all sensations focused in her pussy. A shudder, the excessive grip releasing from my cock and the sudden warmth surrounding my pulsing cock told me she had cum, she smiled.

Leaning forward she wrapped her arms around me as I nestled into her neck, planting a couple of velvety kisses under her ear and hugging her close. Being reluctant to abandon the honeyed interior we stayed there until the bubbles subsided and I reluctantly slid my gagging cock out.

Conscious that the pool was getting busier she told me she had to leave. Straightening herself up and forcing my still rigid cock under the covers she kissed me, winked, and said “be in the car park in 20 minutes if you want to cum in my arse”... and with that I watched as she wiggled her extremely fuckable arse until she disappeared into the changing room.

Yes I was in the car park. Yes, I fucked her in the back seat, and yes, I emptied my load quickly and deeply into that arse...but that’s a memory I won’t be sharing details of – it’s ‘no entry’ to anyone else.


November 2009

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