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Thailand encounter with hispanic beauty

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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I was in Thailand last summer, whilst the world cup was on, so me and my mates had decided to paint a huge england flag on our body. We looked like idiots, but it had the desired effect of getting us loads of attention!

We were partying on the beach, drinking and dancing. All of a sudden an absolutely stunning girl grabbed me and asked for a picture, she was wearing nothing but a small blue bikini. As we posed for the photo she slid her hands down the back of my shorts. We danced and drank for a while longer. I found out she was originally born in Spain and had then moved to American when she was a young teen. Her accent was incredible and instantaneously turned me on. She had long brown hair, a great body with huge bouncing tits. I still looked like a bit of an idiot because the paint was all of my chest and face and wanted to get clean. I decided to bite the bullet and asked if she wanted to come back to my hostel whilst I got showered we could have a drink then come back out.

We walked back to my room, as we got in I told her to make herself comfy and get a drink. I slipped into the bathroom leaving her sitting on my bed, slipping off my shorts just before I got into the bathroom so she could see my what I had to offer (see my pictures for details haha. I switched the shower on and began to get clean, I couldn't help but think about the beauty I had waiting for me outside and began to get hard as I touched my soapy body, I started to rub myself as I couldn't help but contain my raging erection. As I did this, the bathroom door opened and the curtain pulled aside. There she was, she looked at me in the eyes and then down towards my throbbing cock. Without a word, she knelt down and began to make me deep inside her mouth, her hair began to get wet in the shower and her bikini damp. She, went all the way down on me gagging as the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. So she spat on my cock and took one of my balls in her mouth sucking it hard. I couldn't wait to fuck her, so I pulled her up and led her back into the bedroom. As we walked she took her bra off and I saw her perky nipples and perfect breasts for the first time. I could feel even more blood fill my cock as I was rock hard.

I pushed her onto the bed and got down onto my knees, I slowly spread her legs and kissed the insides of her thighs she had goosebumps as I think she knew what was coming. I carefully started to pull down her bikini bottoms to show her beautiful shaved latino pussy, I couldn't wait to bury my nose in her. I lapped at her clit and she began to moan as I went slowly tempting a drop of cum from her soaking vagina.

I just wanted to be insider her, and I think she knew this as she grabbed my arm and pulled me up onto the bed. She got on top of me and shoved my rock hard cock into her pussy. She began to ride me as the sweat dripped off of her body, it was so erotic and I had to retain myself from cumming on a number of occasions! She rocked back and forth, using her hips, forcing me to go deeper and deeper. She came on numerous occasions and my balls were soaking. After 10 minutes I picked her up and took her from behind up against the wall. I grabbed at her hair and pulled her face to mine. She liked me being a bit rough with her and put my hand on her neck as I fucked her so hard against the wall, my hips slamming against her big wet spanish ass.

We then went back to the bed and I got on top of her, taking her legs high in my arms. I could feel I was close and her pulsating pussy gave me the same impression. I started to thrust harder as I knew I was on the brink and she began to scream as she came, I felt myself about to explode so pulled out and pushed my cock up towards her breasts. I yanked down on my foreskin and squirted my hot sticky cum all over her chest. We both collapsed in a heap panting heavily.

We then went onto fuck 3 more times over the night and I walked her back to her place in the morning, never seeing her again. But it went down as one of the greatest nights of my life.

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