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The wild night out

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Serah is a girl who has just turned 18, has an outgoing personality and willing to try new and exiting things.

She is very friendly, approachable and a bit of a dare devil, her day time job is working as a legal secretary, filing, answering phone calls, bringing coffee and tea for the solicitors and their clients

But at the weekend she likes to let her hair down

Talking of which its long, brown hair to three quarter lengths down

Size 8 waist line and firm 34D cup breasts, high cheekbones and beautiful glamouring smile, slightly tanned and is 5.6 with long legs

Her and her mates deside to go out for the weekend

Its a school girl themed night

Short mini skirt, white blowse, high heels with stockings

Shes out on the dance floor, bump and grinding tothe beats played by the resident dj

Its getting crowded and the room becomes warmer

Shes starts to feel hot and begins to sweat, but she continues shaking her ass on the dancefloor

Ao much so that her top is soaked and her cleverage is starting to look more appealing all wet and moist on that soft skin of hers

A guy notices her and moves on upto her

Whispers in her ear to make his move

She dances sexual and close to him

He takes her to a dark section of the club, were they kiss and his hand slides down her legs and slowly runs it back up those thin long legs to feel her soft pussy

He beggins to massage her clit making it nice and wet

Burst of fast movements followed by slow massages

He reaches over to her ear and calls her name

Faster for each time she dont respond

Her legs turn to jelly

She then takes him into the toilets and bends over the sinks

Spreads her legs and drops her knickers to her ankles to allow him to penetrate his hard cock

Sliding into her wet pussy as he feels her bare ass

Fucking her fast and slow

Two guys walk out of the cubicles watching hee getting fucked

One gets within reaching distance and feels his crotch

She unzips histrousers and slides her hand in to pull out his cock...

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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... She starts playing with it

The other guy having seen this walks up to her other side and pulls out hiscock

Shes playing with two cocks whilst getting fucked from behind

The guy pulls out of her pussy and then goes back in

Over and over

The two guys shes wanking, start to cum over her face and hair

People walking in to the toilets crowd around taking pictures and recording it on their fones.

She sucks the one guy who just came licking all his cum off the end of his cock and around his bell end

The guy fucking her pulls out and beginns to lick her pussy whilst smelling her ass

He licks from the crack of her pussy to her ass hole

Tasting and smelling her

Other guys start pulling out their cocks wanking over her

All wanting to join in

Another guy is about to cum and walks up close to cum over her back...

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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She then stands up, slides her feet out of her knickers kicking them aside as they slide off the tip of her shoes

Sits on the sink area and opens her legs wide

With her finger she does a come here motion to a big black guy who walks over, she has hin neal down and lick her pussy

Another guy in the crowd picks up her baby pink underware to sniff then and wrap them around his cock as he wanks

She undos her blowse exposing her chest

Slides one tit out

The perfect small pink nipple is out and errect

She plays with it rubbing her nipples with her index finger and thumb

Pinching it

The men are going wild recording her

Her legs over this black guys shoulder with the souls of her feet sliding down his back

She pulls his bald head in closer to her pussy...

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Multiple guys start moving in like a pack of wolves. The animal instinct is kicking in and these men who are semi drunk start to feel her breasts, firmly hard and soft

The cum on her face has thinned out and one guy pulls her hair back to kiss her, the black guy licking her out is trapped as people gather around and her legs tightly gripping his head

As she cums she releases her legs from around his neck and bends over

She lets the next man in line slide his cock up her tight ass

Shes moaning

There all feeling her

She goes week from all the energy burning up

A concerned lad calls for the bouncers who come in and break it up

The toilets are cleared out and sarah is helped to get dressed

She is escourted out back...

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Serah calls her mates on her mobile phone

They are out the front waiting to get in a taxi with 2 lads they meet whilst in the club

The girls are heading back to their flat

As soon as sarah walks over to jenny and louise, chris recognises her as being the girl that he grabbed her knickers off in the toilets

She looks at him to indicate I know you were there

He looks anxious as he doesnt want his secret revealed

The guys pull out several cans that were in the fridge, the girls get merry as they lads start snorting coke on the table

Louise and jenny join in

Chris gets up to go in the kitchen, serah shortly follows

She walks in and asks "can I have my knickers back now?" with attitude.

Chris replies youll have to find them

Serah tells chris he can keep them if they mean so much to him, there only worth a few quid, but remember keep the evidence and louise will find out, turns her back on chris and walks out...

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