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Sex at work

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By *znikki  (TV/TS/CD)  over a year ago

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Couple of months ago my office employed a new temp,i was given the job of showing "Daz" around the ofice.He was quite shy at 1st but easy to chat to.He sat at the next workstation to me.One afternoon my computer crashed,Daz who is quite a computer wizard offered to take a look.After a few moments he fixed the problem "cheers Daz"i said,which he replied "interesting web sites there"!.OMG i had used the works computer to chat on sites like this one.(stupid i know)!.Things were a little ackward after that.However after a couple of days i bumped into Daz at lunchbreak,"errr,hiya Daz errr"i splurted out,with that Daz said "look can we chat in private"?nervously i took him to a private office"listen" he said "its okay,i wont tell anyone,besides i use sites like that myself".With that we started chatting about what we were both into,web sites ect........suddenly, i dont know to this day how it started but we kissed who kissed who 1st who knows but we were.Passionatly kissing each other,our tounges exploring each others,he pulled me closer,i thought my cock was going to burst out of my trowsers.Our hands were wandering all over,Daz unbuttoning his shirt and i soon followed then our trowsers fell to the floor.Wow this guy was so hot!He gentaly pushed me backwards towards the desk still pasionatly kissin me,i sat on the edge of the desk.Daz then kissed my neck working down my torso,he then pushed me to lay back on the desk.My cock was huge it was the biggest hard on id ever had!!Daz then slipped my pants off,i was so nervous i could feel myself shaking,shaking with fear or excitment who knows!i closed my eyes,then i experienced the most amazing feeling ever,Daz's soft gentle mouth around my allready bursting cock,it didnt take a lot for me to cum!i exploded everywhere Daz took most of it straight down and as far as the spillages Daz soon made short work of it."im so sorry Daz,i couldnt control myself"i said with embarissment."Dont be silly,i enjoyed it"he replied,"besides you owe me one now"he giggled! well since then we've become good friends and fanstastic fuck buddies.x

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