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mmm Most of this story is actually true.... I just changed it to a confession to my partner when we were roleplaying.....

My Dearest Father James

I want you to know the things that I have done Father James.

This is what happened last night when I sneaked out of the house Father.

Last evening, I got dressed very sexily and wore stockings and the basque you got me Father, and the high red shoes and short black skirt that you like me to wear for you Father.

I also put some make up on.

I looked very sexy Father James.

I phoned a taxi cab and it took me to the city centre. I went into a club/bar called Edwards. The bar was going to close early as it was a Sunday evening and I had arrived there after 9pm. I then decided to go to another club and left this bar and went to catch a taxi cab again Father.

I took the taxi and went to a black club – They let me in there and I bravely walked down the stairs and they did not let me pay – guess they knew what I wanted.

I went downstairs to the club/dance floor. and it was dark and there were lots of back men and black and white women too..

They were dancing and being sexy towards each other.

I went to the bar to get a drink – I wanted a glass of vodka and redbull so I can feel a bit tipsy.

I sure enjoyed the drink – I was at the bar and a girl I knew was there also but she did not recognise me and I thought I was lucky.

I moved away from the bar and went to a quiet area where there was not much smoke and I stood against a wall and had a drink. Then a black guy came up and he started talking with me – and we changed names – I told him I was Jane. He then had his friend come up to us and I said hi to him too.

The first guy was from Canada and the other from Nigeria and they were over 6ft and very nice and fit looking.

They asked if I wanted to go to the other room and have a chat with them. I said yes Father, and so we moved to another room where there was a couple who were touching and making out there.

There was some music in this place so we started dancing – the first guy was dancing with me and we were dancing sexy and his friend came up too behind me and I was squeezed between the two of them. They were touching all over my body making me feel happy and excited. I started touching them too. I thought wow this is the night I get two of them and yummmmy was I looking forward to being fucked by these two nice guys. Mmmmmm.

Oh Father, I do hope you will not punish me for being a bad girl, but I will do as you say, if you feel I should be punished, and please do not tell mummy and daddy please Father.

They asked what I wanted to do so I was open and said I would love to be fucked by them and so they looked at each other and smiled. We agreed to go back to their place.

We left the club and got into a taxi and on the way to their place I started kissing and letting them finger my cunt – I opened my legs so they could see I had stockings on and they loved fingering my cunt which started to get very very wet.

Oh Father, I then started to suck one of their cocks on the back seat of the taxi and the other kept fingering my cunt which I stuck in his face – well I stuck my ass in his face actually because I was sucking on his friends cock. It was so fucking exciting – and then the light went on in the taxi cab and we had to look a little bit more decent – fuck it – why didn’t the taxi driver watch me being used by these two black guys – fuck – if the taxi driver wanted me he could have just asked and I would have let him fuck me lol.

So we eventually got there with me sucking cock mmmm about 95 percnt of the journey. We got out of the taxi and went into a flat – up to the first floor – one of the guys went downstairs to his flat to check on his family. I went up into the flat with the other guy. I got on the double bed and the other guy got on the bed to after getting some condoms – I was feeling very very happy and really looking forward to being fucked. Mmmmmmm Father, it felt soo very good and I was sooo wet.

He started to fuck me – he got on the bed and lay back and told me to suck his cock some more = so I did – I had to because he ordered me to. I was sucking his cock while being between his open legs and my ass was presented up when the other guy came into the room – he got on the bed and behind me and fucked my cunt while I sucked his mate. It was so fucking good and I really loved being fucked this way – I felt like a slut Father James xxxx

He fucked me hard in my cunt until he came – he was holding onto my ass and pushing me close to him and away from him and each time he pushed me away – I got a mouth full of cock rammed down my throat which brought tears to my eyes.

He came and he pulled off me and removed the condom and told me to suck his cock – I had to do that so his mate could get his condom on and he told me he was going to fuck my ass. I said I love being fucked in my ass oh fuck yes I loved it.

While I sucked cock – I lifted my ass up once again and got to feel this big huge black cock against my ass and he pushed into me – he didn’t bother trying my cunt – he wanted my ass. I was fucking loving it too.

Oh Father, He was fucking me when I heard a doorbell – the guy who I was sucking cock – moved away from me and went to the door – then his friend came in - he told him to go ahead and fuck me – I was loving it – I was thinking about how many more would come in and would they all use me me like a cum slut Father.

He said his name was John and while my ass was getting fucked by his friend I was crying out loud as I loved every second having my ass filled. John undressed and came on the bed he wanted his cock sucked and he touched my breasts – the others hadn’t touched my breasts up to now – the other guy left and said he had to go back down to his home and family.

John had a big big cock and he deepthroated me a few times and I was crying a little bit because it was too big for my throat and mouth so I gagged.

Mmmm Father, he liked that – he liked seeing my face with tears on it and he did it some more – his friend was fucking harder and deeper in my ass so I could tell he was ready to come. He needed to push deeper and I had to cry out more as he rammed it into my asshole.

When he came – John took over and got hold of my ankles and moved me around to him so he could get a better position – John turned me over and fucked my cunt with his hard black cock for a while then ordered me to turn over to show my ass to him.

I turned over and was smiling to myself as I knew my ass would be getting fucked a lot more – mmmmm yeessssss oh fuck it felt good when he rammed his big hard black cock into me and he fucked so hard and fast that I banged my head on the wall with the pressure he fucked me with – I moved a pillow in place so I didn’t hurt my head and I didn’t want any of his fucking to stop.

Oh Father James, I loved being fucked by him and my asshole felt like it was being used in the right fucking way an asshole should be used, but its not the same as the way you fuck me Father, I love the way you use my body and keep me full of your cum every day Father.

He turned me round and lifted my legs up so he could get into my asshole a lot deeper and pushed harder. Oh my poor fucking legs felt like they were being spread wide apart and he didn’t fucking care if he hurt me or not. He let my legs go and then he turned me around doggy style and fucked me like a bitch. The fucking black bastard was sticking his big black cock hard and deep inside his bitch’s asshole. He wanted me used and used me he sure fucking did.

I loved being used like a slut Father– he pulled my hair and used me whichever way he could until finally he came in my ass which felt real fucking good.

He took his cock out of my asshole and he had a lot of cum in the condom and he just pulled it off and flung it into the bin then turned around and lay on the bed and told me to suck his cock and his balls. I lay down with my head next to his cock and I sucked his balls and licked them and I licked up and down his cock and put my lips on the tip of his black cock and I sucked it – I put my lips on and pushed my head down so I could take all his cock in my mouth – I fucking gagged as I pushed down more on his cock – I wanted all of his cock in my mouth – I wanted to be throat fucked - I wanted – no I fucking needed to be used like a slutFather and I felt like one........... Oh Father, then they told me to get out and go because they had to sleep before they had work........ I grabbed my clothes and then rushed and dressed and had to get a taxi back home Father.

Father James, the taxi driver kept looking at me and then he stopped the car and said he was a friend of yours and that he would tell you that I had been a naughty girl Father, and he said that you would not like it if I did not please one of your friends, so he told me to get out of the taxi and I had to Father. Then he told me to bend over the car and I leaned over it, then he lifted my skirt up and slapped my ass then he said he was going to fuck my ass and hoped it was tight. Oh Father, he grabbed my hair hard and pulled it back then he pushed his cock on my ass and then pushed further until he was fucking me soo deep and hard, it was hurting me Father, his cock was very big Father. He said he liked my ass and his cock was enjoying fucking my ass Father, and he said he would be speaking with you about fucking your little cum slut again Father. He kept on pushing in and out of my ass until he squirted all his spunk into me Father. Oh Father, did I do the right thing, getting out of the taxi and bending over it while he fucked me? After he came in me he pulled his cock out and turned me around, and made me kneel down in front of him and lick and suck his cock clean Father. then he jumped in the taxi and said to me - 'You are a good little cum slut, and Father James will be very happy to know you are being well looked after, now get in the taxi and I will take you home.' So I jumped back in the taxi and i was all wet betwen my legs Father and I had nothing to clean myself with. When I got home Father, he told me to tell you that he will be in touch with you to have private lessons with me and you Father. I had to go to sleep with all the cum inside me Father as I could not wake mummy and daddy up as they were travelling today again, and said you will be looking after me. Oh Father, I missed you very much today.

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XXX pic...
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more please and a great night out by the sounds of it

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quality story...

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