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The hotel room

By *aulm36  (M)  over a year ago

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Here's a fantasy I have based on a reality lol.

I'm in a hotel room, on my own, start having some pretty naughty thoughts about all sorts of stuff ... I start playing with myself, teasing my nipples

to start, imagining it's the hot girl I was with the other week, and it was her .. I'm thinking of how I kissed her as she came into my flat, how we undressed

hurriedly, how she was so sexy, in stockings, and heels, and beautiful blonde hair. Thinking further to how our eyes had met in the bar, how I had found an excuse to

but her a bacardi and coke, got chatting, got flirting ..

She pulls her thigh up around my waist and is stroking my chest ... I can feel myself becoming hard, pressing against her, she knows where I want to go ..

My hands are all ovr her, teasing her breasts, her nipples become hard to my touch ..

I pull down her sexy knickers and am so horny at the sight of her pussy ... I move down and start to tease her with my tongue, so excited to feel how wet she is for me ..

I tease her clit with my finger, rubbing in a circular motion, she arches her back and moans with pleasure, and pushes herself onto my eager tongue...

My hands are all over her, pulling her into me, keeping the rhythm, she feels so good ... she is moaning louder and louder and I am willing her to come, then not, I want her

pleasure to be prolonged, she feels, tastes and looks so good. She comes though, pushing forward, she is noisy, she screams and gasps. God she is so sexy

She gets on all fours and raises her arse so I can see her sweet pussy. I am so hard for her. I ease my cock right inside her, she feels so nice. I thrust slowly at first,

she pushes back, I thrust harder. we fuck harder and faster, like animals, she comes again. I feel my cock throbbing harder and harder and can't control it much more .. we thrust more

and I thrust forward, coming right inside her, the best orgasm I have ever had

Back in the hotel I am so hard thinking of this and start stroking my cock ... mm feels so good .. I start to get carried away and don't hear the door open ...

I'm so excited thinking of what we'll do next time I meet this girl .. I feel my cock throbbing harder and harder .. I look up and see the maid who has come in, I'm so embarrassed,

I pull the sheets over me, it's all I can think to do ... But she looks at me, and just takes off her knickers, and comes over to the bed ..

Straightaway she goes down on me and starts sucking me to hardness, she is so good .... I'm bursting thinking of this situation plus the thing that got me horny in the first place!

Mm she is so good, her tongue is stroking my shaft, and my cock head, she takes me deep in her mouth, then stops and wanks me ..

I can see in the mirror she has fingers in her pussy and is rubbing her clit ... she is starting to moan ... I'm so excited I can't hold back and come hard, spunking thick in her mouth

she loves it and rubs harder and faster, then she comes herself ...

after she simply pulls up her knickers and walks out ...

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