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The Girl Next Door

By *ngleseylad2  (M)  over a year ago

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This story is 100% true and happened between may 2010 and dec 2010. Names and location has been changed for obvious reasons.

Ive lived next door to Brian, Angie his wife and his 2 daughters for around 10 years. They are a normal hardworking couple, very pleasant and very good neighbours.

Ive seen their 2 daughters growing up from snotty 8 and 10 year old to pleasant young women of 18 and 20, I even remember them coming round trick or treating with their mam when they were younger!

Anyway to cut a long story short end of may 2010 I had a week off work, I had nothing planned just some odd jobs around the house and chilling out.I chose the right week to be off because the weather was scorching.

One day i decided to paint the fence between me and brian, being the good neighbour that he is he did offer to help, but i said no and explained to him that I had the week off and had bugger all else to do, we carried on chatting and he said that he and his wife were going to sheffield the following day for a couple of nights to visit his youngest daughter Tracy in uni.

The next day i dragged my self out of bed and cracked on with the fence painting and by lunchtime i had finished my side and hopped over to Brian's side. Around 1/2 an hour later the back door open and becky appeared, the eldest daughter, in a denim mini skirt and a bikini top, she was suprised to see me, and i apologised for frightning her and explained to her that I was only painting the fence etc. She smiled and said ok and went to the garden shed to get a sun lounger and layed down on it.

At this point I couldnt concentrate, I was always looking at her through the corner of my eye, She had an amazing body, nice legs a flat toned stomach and where the hell did them tits come from!! They were huge! I contiued painting and making small talk with becky asking her about college etc and asked her why didnt she go with her parents which she replied that she fancied some time on her own and that she'd see her sister in a few weeks time when she comes home from uni.

A couple of hours went by and I said to becky that Ive had enough for one day and I'd pop round the next day to finish it off and told her that i was gonna get my tea ready, she said what are you making? i replied chili con carne, she said that she hates cooking and would live off takeaways while her parents were away, I smiled and said there is enough for 2 if you fancy it come round at 6, she said ok.

6 o clock came and there was a knock at the door I opened the door and there stood becky in the same denim skirt and a vest top with her tits bulging out, she came in and sat on the couch I went to the fridge to get a couple of bottles of beer and told her that tea was almost ready, walking back to the living room with the beers i noticed she had made herself comfortable slouched on the sofa with her legs slightly opened showing off a white pair of knickers, at this point i was slightly aroused and walked back to the kitchen disgusted with myself, saying to myself god get a grip shes brian's girl you cant fancy her!!!!!

We had our tea and a couple of beers and at 9pm she said she was going gave me a pec on the cheek said thanks for the food and went home. That night I could'nt stop thinking about her, them huge tits, long legs and smooth body and imagining what her fanny looked like I went to bed with a throbbing hard-on feeling rather disgusted with my self, how could i think like this, shes becky the girl ive seen growing up, brian's daughter, jesus!!!

Morning came and yet another hot day. I hopped over the fence to continue painting. An hour passed the door opened there stood becky in her dressing gown, Morning she said,I replied morning and teased her that it was nice for some to have a lie in, she laughed and said that she had a shit night sleep and asked if I fancied a brew, yes I replied. 10mins later she came out with the brews still in her dressing gown and went to lie down on the sun lounger, I went to sit on the grass next to the lounger. We got chatting, I felt more cocky and comfortable around her that morning. We got chatting and I was teasing her flirting with her even this went on for around 20mins I reminded her of the times she would hide behind her mam or dad shyly when the were talking to me etc, she blushed!I asked her about boyfriends, which she replied Ive had A couple nothing serious. I told her I bet the guys ar fighting eachother for a sexy girl like you, at this point somthing came over me, an urge, I placed my hand on her thigh, she looked at me and a couple of seconds later put her hand on mine gave it a squeeze and smiled nervously rubbing my hand up and down her thigh, I could tell she was getting aroused because of the fast breathing. Lets go inside she said.

Once inside I pulled her towards me and kissed her, she melted! Kissing passionately for a cpl of mins my hand started to wonder up her nighty i could feel the hotteness and the wetness of her fanny through her knickers I carefully move them to one side rubbig her clit and pussy lips then parted her lips and stuck my finger up her she let out a moan, god she was soaking wet,I fingered her hard for around 2 mins, she came, her fanny juices running down my fingers, she looked at me and said wow. I held her in my arms for a bit she was shaking because of the shuddering orgasm, then she started to rub my throbbing cock through my shorts kissing me passionatally at the same time, then she dropped to her knees took my shorts down nervously to expose my 7 incher she grabbed it and licked the pre cum off the end before putting mer mouth around my shaft and sucked, god the girl could suck, I must admit I didnt last long around 2 mins before i emptied my sack down her throat, ughh she said Ive never done that before and ran towards the kitchen sink put her mouth under the tap. I laughed.

The next 15 mins or so was a bit awkward, she made us a drink and we talked for a bit and by then my cock came to life again, god i wanted to fuck her brains out. I went to stand behind her moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck while holding her hips and rubbing my hard cock on her arse cheeks, she breathed heavilly, I moved my hands up her nighty to her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles she kicked them away grabbed my hand and went upstairs.

Once in her room she took off her nighty exposing them huge tits and a trimed pussy she took off my t shirt and took off my shorts then she grabbed my shaft wanking it slowly while kissing me she then took my cock in her mouth againg sucking away while maintaing eye contact with me, I could feel myself cumming again so i pushed her on the bed spread her legs and went to work on her fanny with my tongue, she smelled and tased so nice, she was dripping wet. She pushed me away after around 5 mins and said fuck me, i asked her if she had any condoms, she said no but dont worry ive got an implant fitted, (her mam insisted she had it when she became sexuality active with her ex boyfriend)I wasted no time i parted her pussy lips with my cock and with one hard thrust rammed my cock deep in her pussy she let out a scream, she was no virgin but god she was tight, i continued fucking her hard for around 10 mins controlling my breathing to stop me from cumming then i felt her fanny muscles tightnig around my shaft, she was cumming, I fucked her harder her moans getting louder, I culdnt hold it any more i came deep in her fanny, we stayed in that position for a few mins with my now limp cock still inside her before i rolled over to lie next to her in her bed. There was a silent for a bit and I was worried that she regretted what had just happened, I put my arm around her and she put her head on my chest. Phew!

That afternoon and the following day involved a hell of lot of sex, she dressed up in sexy lingerie and suspenders ( A gift from her ex boyfriend) and she dressed up in her old school uniform, short skirt, knee high socks the lot! The following day her parents were due home after lunch, we had good shagging session in the morning and exchanged mobile numbers.

Two days went passed and I didnt hear from her, I was putting the laundry on the line when i saw brian, Hi dave how are you, Im good ta bri i replied how was your trip? we continued talking for a bit said our farwell's and went to the house. That evening my phone went, a txt off becky, Hi sexy how r u,? soz i havt been in touch, fancy a re-run? I replied saying id love to fuck her again, but where and when? she rang me to say we could meet in local beach, well known for lovers! we contined to see eachother in secret until recently, we would meet in nature reserves, quiet laybies, my house when her parents were working, even in a hotel down the north wales coast. Im sure we tried every position in the karma sutra, I even introduced her to anal sex, a bit reluctant at first but towards the end of our affair shed beg me to fuck her up the arse. She's found herself a boyfriend, a nice bloke of similar age, I dont hate her for ending our affair, it would never of worked and her old man would kill me! we still see eachother often and I always smile at the things we got up to.

I hope youve enjoyed my story about the girl next door. Ad what is written above is 100% true.

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