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Website! part 1

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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I should not have gone there. I should have never gone to that damn website but it was a really long, boring morning. Monday's are like that. I was bored and just followed the links.

I'd been with the accounting firm since college but that was almost 30 years ago. In my position, mid to upper management, there really wasn't a whole lot to do on a daily basis.

We were a mid size firm, not the biggest in town but definitely more than a one-man shop. It was late September and I was just sitting in my office, bored out of my mind.

As I said, college was 30 years ago and I had been married to Margaret the last 29 of them. She was a good woman and I loved her dearly. She was always there for me and had done a great job raising our two kids whilst I was stuck at work building my career.

But like most relationships, ours had gotten, hmmm, stale. Old, predictable, there weren't a lot of surprises with Margaret.

There also wasn't a lot of sex. Once or twice a month, whether she wanted to or not. Lights off, missionary position, hike up the flannel nightie, let me do the deed, and off to sleep 5 minutes later.

Needless to say, I was a little bored with our sex life. That's why I started surfing those websites in the first place. Nothing more than just a little harmless looking. Visual stimulation, something to fantasize about as Margaret succumbed to her wifely duty.

Well, this particular day, I followed a link that led me to one of those amateur websites. For whatever reason, normal, average, everyday people would put pictures of themselves on the site.

Women in lingerie or various stages of undress. Couples. Action photos, with or without partners. You get the idea, maybe even sounding familiar to people reading.

Well, most of the people had their faces blacked out, which was fine with me. After all, this was an amateur site, not those beautiful people you see in porn.

The site advertised that if you paid a small membership fee, you could see much more suggestive and revealing photos of the man or woman who struck your fancy.

Well, being bored, I decided, what the hell? It was only a fiver and since I paid the bills, Margaret would never find out.

I spent that morning looking at this woman and that woman. All kinds, tall, short, older, younger, brunette, red heads, blondes. However, they all had one thing in common – big boobs.

Margaret, of course, is rather flat-chested. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I had been attracted to her when we were younger but, I did not have much experience with women and certainly have never been with one who was well endowed.

You always want what you don't have, right? So, I spent the morning looking at all of these big tits, getting hornier by the minute. Just a little harmless fantasizing.

There was one particular woman who drove me crazy. She looked like she was on the shorter side, dark, almost black hair, and no more than 24 years old. She called herself Vandon69 and she was the woman of my fantasies.

From my earliest days, I had always been attracted to fuller-figured women. Back in the day, they were called 'Rubenesque.' Women with curves and Vandon69 had curves.

Her breasts were big and full. Perfectly round and completely natural, no boob job for Vandon69. That poor girl was definitely going to have back problems when she got older.

She had the quintessential hourglass figure, capped off with the roundest ass I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Perfect, just perfect!

Her face remained hidden, either completely blacked out or blurred by photoshopping. Sometimes it was only her eyes, but it was always enough to not know exactly what she looked like.

Her skin was soft and smooth looking and she had the fullest set of pouty lips any woman could ask for. Nothing much to measure her height by, but in my mind she was barely 5'-0" tall.

Vandon69 was different. Nothing raunchy or vulgar about her pictures. Each one was tastefully done, almost artistic in their quality. I looked at every one of her pictures.

She loved lingerie as most everything she wore was shear and see-through. Black, white, purple, red, baby-blue, she had quite the collection.

Bra's so thin and shear they looked like they'd tear under the weight of her massive breasts. Thongs and g-strings that dove and disappeared between those two perfectly round ass cheeks.

Silk stockings on shapely legs as they stood perilously in those high heels. Garter belts, corsets, silk robes, baby-doll nighties, shear teddy's. Even a few pictures of her in nurse and police woman costumes, and always, her full lips painted with the wettest shade of red known to man.

Only a few totally nude pics and they were absolutely incredible. Her nipples were hard, perfect little nubs that sat atop those huge tits. The tiniest of landing strips dove between her silky thighs.

Ogling Vandon69's body in those pics gave me the stiffest erection. Right there, in my loose suit pants, poking obscenely up under my desk, my cock throbbed as I looked at that young girl's body.

My cock throbbed like it hasn't in years. Her body stirred a lust in me I have never felt. It was all I could do not to unbuckle my pants and jerk off right there in my office.

I looked at all of her pictures and when I was done, I'd look at the next girl and then the next. It never failed. I always found my way back to Vandon69.

I stared at each of her pics, studying, memorising her body, each delicious curve burned into my mind. And that's when I saw it.

There. That one picture taken in the bathroom. Vandon69 had forgotten that mirrors reflect and she had neglected to blackout her face in that reflection. I knew that girl!

Vandon69 was Vivian Anderson. She had worked for the firm now for a little over a year. She was one of my accountants.

I was stunned. I had seen Vivian, or Ms. Anderson as I called her, now for over a year and I never noticed her before. She dressed very conservatively in loose business attire. A jacket over a blouse, with a long, flowing skirt that never got as high as her knees.

Her hair was always done up, never shoulder length and free like in her pictures. In the office, her make-up was always minimal, almost non-existent. She even wore those stereotypical librarian glasses!

She always struck me as, you know, kind of plain. Frumpy, old before her time. In those loose clothes, I always guessed she was overweight. Her jackets and blouses kind of hung on her and I never, ever noticed her breasts.

I never noticed her, full stop. At least, not until this morning. Now I had a face and name to go along with that body. Then, I noticed something else.

At the top of the page was a tab that said "Profile." I made the mistake of opening it. Vivian, I mean Vandon69, described herself as "slightly submissive" and "curious" about "older men."

Now, I'm not into whips and chains and that kind of thing. At least, I've never done that and certainly never would with Margaret, but, to be honest, the whole handcuffs and restraints sounds like it would be fun.

I then noticed that the website offered chat with its on-line members. And Vandon69 was on-line. Right now. Here, in the office. Apparently she liked to chat as well as work during the day.

My cock ached with the thought of that young girl, her delicious body on display in those incredible pictures, talking sex with anonymous men here at work. I sat at my desk and wondered if she was as aroused as I was.

I quickly made a profile as a member at the website. Of course, I did not have any pictures to offer but my profile was accurate.

It read, "52 year old male, married, new to the site and looking to explore with a slightly submissive, younger female." I gave myself the screen name 'JadedDragon.'

I was honest and thought I'd take a chance. After all, this was all still pretty harmless fantasizing. Just a few images and role plays I could use when I was with Margaret.

I sent an instant message to Vivian: Vandon69, Love your pics. Your body looks incredible. You are by far the sexiest woman here.

I hit the send button and waited, my heart racing and my cock throbbing in anticipation. 30 seconds turned into a minute, then two. Finally, almost ten minutes later she replied: Thanks Jaded.

Well, that was fairly anti-climatic but it was at least a start. I pressed on and told her I read her profile. The messages started coming quicker as we chatted back and forth. After a good 40 minutes of innocuous banter, our conversation turned more sexual.

JadedDragon: "I see your slightly submissive."

Vandon69: "Yes. Would like to experience that rather than fantasize."

JadedDragon: "That's good. I'm slightly Dom. Not into pain, more about control."

My cock pulsed along with my heart as I read her response, "We might be a good match then."

I thought I would explode right there in my pants. My cock ached for much needed relief. Still, I pressed on.

JadedDragon: "I think so as well, but let's see. Where are you?"

Vandon69: "Just working at home."

Maybe that's what she wanted me to think, but I knew the truth. So, I called her on it.

JadedDragon: "I don't think our relationship should start off with a lie. You're not at home, are you?"

Vandon69: "Yes I am. Why would you say that?"

JadedDragon: "If you're going to lie to me, then maybe we're not a good match. A good sub would never lie to me. Bye"

It was a calculated move, I know. I could have lost her there, but I also knew that in order for my little dirty fantasies with Vivian to have meaning, she had to do as I said. A few seconds passed and I thought it was over until,

Vandon69: "I'm sorry. You're right. I'm at work. Please don't be cross with me."

My cock throbbed with her reply.

JadedDragon: "I knew you were lying to me. I'll always be able to tell."

Vandon69: "I'm sorry."

JadedDragon: "I'm sorry, 'Sir'."

She paused and added,

Vandon69: "I'm sorry, Sir."

Oh, the possibilities swirled in my head. I decided to test her again.

JadedDragon: "Good. Do you have privacy at work?"

Vandon69: "I have a cubicle but only someone walking by or across the hall can see in."

JadedDragon: "What are you wearing?"

Vandon69: "White cotton blouse, dark grey, wool skirt, low black heels. Jacket matches the skirt, but I took it off to work."

JadedDragon: "Underneath?"

Vandon69: "tights, bra and knickers."

JadedDragon: "Go to the loo and take them off. Keep them in your handbag. Remember, I'll know if you're lying to me. I will reward you for your obedience."

Vandon69: "brb"

From my office, I couldn't see Vivian Anderson's cubicle, so I adjusted my aching cock inside my pants and stepped out of my office towards the cubicles. I didn't see Vivian but I walked over to where she worked and pretended I need a file out of an adjacent cabinet.

A few minutes later, I saw Vivian walking towards me. Pretending to study the file, I stared as she approached me. Her large breasts swayed freely beneath her loose cotton top. I groaned as my cock reminded me of its lack of attention.

I watched as she walked by me, her legs barely visible beneath the low hem of her skirt. I watched as her ass bounced, unrestrained by her underwear or tights, beneath that wool skirt.

I quickly walked back to my office. I closed my office door behind me, sat back behind my desk and almost hurt myself. My cock was so hard and badly restrained by my pants.

My heart pounded in my chest as I unbuckled and unzipped my trousers. I pulled my trousers and boxer briefs down as my cock shot out of its confinement as if spring loaded. It bobbed and swayed proudly and perversely in my lap as I looked at my computer screen.

Vandon69: "ok"

JadedDragon: "Did you do as I ordered?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir."

JadedDragon: "Prove it to me. Touch your pussy."

I imagined Vivian at her cubicle, her thighs slightly spread, skirt hiked to her waist as her hand stroked her sweet pussy. My left hand slowly stroked my aching cock.

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

I imagined her, touching herself, rubbing that stiffening clit, making her pussy nice and wet. My hand slid up and down my shaft. Then I had a wicked thought.

JadedDragon: "Can anyone tell that you're not wearing underwear?"

Vandon69: "If my nipples get hard, yes Sir."

JadedDragon: "Is your boss an older man?" Now, I know her direct supervisor is a woman but I am her boss.

Vandon69: "No Sir."

JadedDragon: "There are no older men in positions of authority where you work?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir. My boss's boss, Sir."

My cock ached yet I carefully pulled up my briefs and pants and re-dressed. I left the zip open with my hard cock poking through. I slid my chair up, tucking my exposed cock under my desk.

JadedDragon: "Is your pussy wet for me?"

Vandon69: "Yes Sir!"

JadedDragon: "Do you want to cum?"

Vandon69: "Please Sir."

I groaned and added,

JadedDragon: "Not yet. I want you to get your fingers nice and wet with your juices."

Vandon69: "They are Sir."

JadedDragon: "Bring that man a file. Make sure he can smell your juices on it."

Vandon69: "Sir, he'll see my nipples are hard. He'll see I'm not wearing a bra."

JadedDragon: "Good. Brush them against him. If you can turn him on, I'll let you cum."

My cock ached and I knew I could cum at any minute. All of a sudden, I heard a knock on my office door. "Come in," I said. I heard the door opening and I looked up to see Vivian.

Her face was flushed, her lips parted slightly and I could see she was nervous. I could also see her nipples were incredibly hard and clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse.

"Yes Ms. Anderson?" I said as calmly as I could. Inside, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. My cock painfully reminded me of its own predicament as it poked at my desk.

I watched as she walked into my office and closed the door behind her. Her clothes hung loosely but I now knew what treasures were hidden beneath.

She walked toward me and I openly stared as her massive breasts swayed beneath her cotton blouse. The fabric brushing her sensitive nipples caused them to become even harder.

I thought they'd poke holes in the thin material as they stiffened. Her eyes seemed glazed over, as if she was lost in a trance.

"I've been working on the Harrington account," she began. "I think I found some discrepancies."

She handed me a file and put her hands behind her, her massive breasts pushed outward toward me. The loose material of her blouse was becoming less loose and I thought I would cum right there under my desk.

I took the file from her and my fingertips touched the moist spot she left for me. Oh, this drab, frumpy, young girl with the accountant's mind but the body of a Goddess was driving me crazy with lust!

I wanted to jump up, bend her over my desk, throw her skirt up over her hips and fuck her sweet, wet little pussy right then and there. It was all I could do to say, "What discrepancies?"

I watched as Vivian walked behind my desk and leaned over my shoulder. She looked down at first me and then the file. My eyes were level with those incredible tits.

She leaned forward and pointed at the first document in the file. "Here and here, Sir," she said. Meanwhile, she laid her massive tits against my shoulder and arm. I groaned again, audibly.

She reached out again and I could feel her stiff nipples against my shoulder through the fabric of my shirt. My cock ached and my balls felt ready to burst under that desk.

"Thank you, Ms. Anderson," I grunted. I couldn't take much more. "I'll have a look at these and get back to you. Please close the door behind you."

She merely nodded in compliance and I watched her ass bounce again beneath her loose, oversized skirt. As the door closed, I immediately pushed back from my desk.

I held the file to my nose and quickly began stroking my free cock. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip and I could still smell her arousal on the papers she had handed me. I reached for a tissue as I knew I didn't have much longer.

I kept stroking my cock, up and down, and quickly pulled up Vandon69's pictures again on the computer. The picture of her on all four's, wearing nothing but a shear black robe, was all I could take.

The sight of her massive tits hanging down, her nipples stiff and hard, sent me over the edge. My balls exploded and I began pumping stream after stream of warm cum into that lone tissue.

I needed a second and then a third, the thin material barely able to keep up with my excited balls. I grabbed a few more and did the best I could to clean myself up.

Lost in my orgasmic bliss, I did not see Vivian's message until I had finished cleaning up.

Vandon69: "As you ordered Sir."

JadedDragon: "Tell me."

Vandon69: "My juices were on the file. It was moist. He stared at my breasts the whole time. I brushed my nipples against him. He actually groaned Sir."

JadedDragon: "Did you turn him on?"

Vandon69: "I believe so Sir, yes. He rushed me out of his office. I think he's jerking off Sir."

JadedDragon: "Excellent! How do you feel about him playing with his cock, thinking of your body?"

Vandon69: "It turns me on, Sir."

JadedDragon: "I want you to cum for me at your cubicle. You can use the loo to clean up afterward. Cum for me as you think about serving me."

Vandon69: "Thank you Sir!"

I quickly got myself together as best as I could and made my way near to Vivian's cubicle. The thought of her masturbating, right there, only a few feet from me, made my cock instantly hard again.

A few minutes later, I watched as Vivian quickly scurried to the women's restroom. I did the same, walking to the Men's room and found an empty cubicle. Fortunately, no one else was using the facilities at the time.

Needless to say, I jerked off again. Vivian's naked images flowing through my brain. I imagined her doing the dirtiest things to me. I came again, visioning myself fucking her in that sheer black robe. Vivian on all four's, me behind her, fucking that sweet young pussy doggy style.

I flushed the evidence of both of my times with Vivian down the toilet, put myself together again and moved to the sink to wash my hands clean. Looking into the mirror, I realized the trouble I had created for myself.

Now I did it. I should never have gone to that damn website!!!!

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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love it, more please x

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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well that's got me v horny lol,more more more x

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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makes me wish I wasn't self employed

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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I've been meaning to read this story for a while and just got around to it. Really good. I shall have to catch up with the other parts...

It's such a pity the author has left

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*ITHSI By *ITHSI  (M)  over a year ago

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am i allowed to ask who wrote this in forum,or can someone pm me please. thanks

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*romLeicesterCouple By *romLeicesterCouple   profile verified by photo (M)(F  over a year ago

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It was starstream, mith, he left the site a couple of weeks ago. Shame - was looking forward to part 4!

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