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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Old guy says to girl in park, Would you like a sweet?

Girl, stop pissing around and give my the whole packet and I'll give you a blow job!

That's where I got my name, so anyone got sweets ? LOL

The first time in my ass (True story)

Hubby has for a long time wanted me to be shagged by another man while he watched and joined in

So last year I finally agreed, but who with?

Well we went to a few swinging clubs but it took time to find someone we both liked, then one night we met a guy I will call Dav, 6ft' and really fit, we has a few drinks and Dav danced with me and was touching me and kissing, Hubby was getting very turned on by this which was good as so was I

We went back to a hotel we had booked, Hubby just watched as Dave was kissing me and undressing me taking my dress off, I had on a black see through bra and knickers and black lace hold up's

Dav's hands were all over me as I reached for his cock, the first cock I had touched other than my hubbies since we were married

Dav's cock was big compared with my hubby, about 8" and thick and I was shaking with excitment but also a little worried

My hubby asked me if I liked it and to go down on Dav and suck his cock, Dav took my bra off and sucked my tits then I went down on my knees and started licking Dav's cock and taking the head in to my mouth sucking and licking it

Then Dav held my head and started fucking my mouth, I thought I was going to chock but I was able to take in deep in as he fucked my mouth deeper and faster then he shot his cum in my mouth, lots of it so much I could not swallow it all and it was running out and down my chin, he pulled out and more cum went over my face

I looked at my hubby and he had a big smile on his face as he came over and got me to suck his cock, calling me a dirty bitch LOL

Dav said he would be ok to go again soon so I carried on sucking my hubby for awhile but not to cum

We had a rest as my hubby took some photos with the cum on my face and had a few drinks

We then all got on the bed and I lay there as they both played with me, sucking my tits and my cunt, I was in heaven, then I got on all 4's and they spit rousted me, Dav in my mouth and hubby fucking my cunt, it was then that I was asked if I wanted DP, I was not sure as never taken a cock in my ass before but they said they would stop if it was to much, but who was going to fuck my ass, I asked

Dav said my hubby, which I was surprised at as I thought my hubby would want to be the first

I got on top of my hubby as Dave came behind and was fingering my ass with lube and the wetness from my cunt, he was very gentle and spent a long time at it, then he came behind and I could feel his cock slowly pushing in and out of my ass, My hubby as holding me as Dave then pushed in deep

I screamed a bit but he left it in, slowly working it in and out then they both started fucking me, My god it was driving me mad and I cum about 3 times

But then we rolled over on the side, hubby pulled out after cumming in my cunt but wanted to watch Dave fuck my ass, by now my ass was getting use to it and I got back on all 4's and Dave started really pumping his cock in my ass, I cum again and again, just as Dave was going to cum he pulled out and suck his cock in my mouth again, shooting his load in, this time I drank his cum and licked and sucked his cock like a wanton whore

Dave fucked my ass again in the morning with my hubby wanking over my face

We loved it, hope you liked hearing it

Sweets x

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Sorry I am new here, think I put it in the wrong forum

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