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Double report - tourist fun

*egalbeagle By *egalbeagle   profile verified by photo (M) 44 weeks ago

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Was out and about the other day, had a few drinks. Decided to take a wander to the nudist beach, very hot day. I love just walking into the ocean then letting the sun dry me.

As I was leaving, glanced over and saw a woman, fully clothed, checking me out. Now I'm a bit of a grower rather than a shower and I'd just dipped into the Atlantic but she still seemed interested and came over.

Literally she just said "how's life" and I smiled and said "all good thanks". Walked around a rock to pull on some clothes. She followed me, as I sat down to do up the laces on my trainers she knelt down, pulled my shorts down, winked at me and put me inside her mouth.

Probably the best blowjob I've ever enjoyed, very rare for me to cum that way but she obviously loved doing it and it was so spontaneous I couldn't control myself and came in her mouth, hard. She snogged me s bit afterwards and I asked if I could see her again (well, you would wouldn't you!) but she said she was just down here on holiday.


So I went to have some food, then got a cab back to my village. Had a drink there and sat outside on a bench, glowing a bit from that pleasure earlier and sunning myself. Fell asleep whilst basking in the sun, next thing I know there's a girl who I've seen before asking how things are.

I told her she'd woken me, apologised, asked what she was up to. Conversation happened as it does, usual stuff, but turned sexual. As I said, I've seen her around and once we nearly got it on but hadn't before.

She was asking me about the kind of things I'm into sexually and I told her what had happened earlier that day. I said it was a shame hat I'd not had the chance to fuck the girl, and give her an orgasm in return. So this girl says "well, I'll take her place. Fuck me instead".

Not wanting to appear rude, we went down the road to the towans and I started to lick her cunt, very tasty. Made her cum once from that but I was really wanting a fuck so flipped her onto her fours and shagged her overlooking the sea. Made her cum again and then whispered "I want your arse".

She looked a little scared but she was so shag happy, she nodded and whispered back that I should fuck her in any way I wanted. Fucked her bandy, came in her arse, a very happy man.

We walked from the dunes as people were taking a wander along the beach and just smiled at each other. I'll probably see her again as I know we live quite close.

Best thing? Been laid twice today, no idea either of their names and they don't know mine. I do love dogging sometimes.

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By *orderman  (M) 44 weeks ago

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Avery lucky man, as old adage goes best when not expected.

Though being a little pedantic here, more sexual encounters than actual dogging.

That assuming dogging being car fun witnessed by others.

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*egalbeagle By *egalbeagle   profile verified by photo (M) 44 weeks ago

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You're right, of course, bt the original place was very much in a well used dogging spot, I just happened to be a pedestrian lol.

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