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Dogging limits

Always happy to watch and wank. For me, dogging is as much about exhibitionism as much as it is voyeurism so, as long as the lady doesn't mind me bashing one out in front of her, I'm more than happy!

*ittlekitten682423 minutes ago *imonPieman
i find it strange!

how peeps on here put so many restrictions and requirements on what they want,i find my self attracted to so many different types of people!(variety been the spice of life!! lol)too many stereotypes of what is sexy! then there are the ones who say

*enuine gy123 minutes ago *enuine gy
Truro area

In your garage maybe ...... Hahahaha :-D

*ndre22198942 hours ago *ingle Dad 82
Private Glory Hole Harrogate Sept 13th

I'm house sitting and thinking about setting up a discreet glory hole. Anyone interested in something like this? If so PM me.

*orth Yorks Male13 hours ago *orth Yorks Male
Kik fun female wants a sexy chat

Yucalo :-)

*ornycouple201454 hours ago *eatimefor2
Being Video'd

Would love to star in a porno film. Play the innocent girl being met by a couple of guys. Being seduced and end up being spit roasted by them. Letting them use me. Fucking me hard and getting their pleasure. Anyone local to me able to video or

*uzi B113 hours ago *uzi B
cannock chase

Marquis drive or nine gates are some of best places on cannock chase Well they may have been, but not

*otlegs11714 hours ago *eepeep

Does anybody no what the retro club is like in walsall area, thinking of going pm me please

*damj1989117 hours ago *damj1989

Anyone playing out 2night ? Send me your e-mail address, an I show you were the funs at ......

*rusin718 hours ago *angerwanker
Any sites near Tutbury

Anyone know of any sites near Tutbury? New to the scene but really would like to have some fun.

*arc12345678911 day ago *arc123456789

Bored,bored,bored.parked up in truck opp racecourse in pontefract.horny as hell.

*ollplaydom6911 day ago *ollplaydom69
north Linc's or near

Any guys out dogging this weekend who would like to be sucked by a cross dresser, mid Linc's upwards, south or east Yorkshire? Let me know where and when by private message x

*pril Scunny11 day ago *pril Scunny


*insdale couple21 day ago *insdale couple
anyone for dogging or ?

or anywhere pm me ????

*umfriesguy931 day ago *umfriesguy9
Oxfordshire dogging

I did hear it's been hard at older spots because of police. Will have to get chatting with a few others and see what I can find out. If anyone else knows of any, or any good people to chat to would be great help with me getting in to this. :) C

*aisemoi8751 day ago *aisemoi87
Back for some fun

Nice and tanned, just back off holiday, any couples/females out in Essex this Friday or Saturday night?

*ante12 days ago *ante
Single dogging ladies

Great idea lily bobs x I'm not female but would happily escort you and be your personal guard :-p would love to private message you as we live close but I am slightly under your min age limit :-? If you will make an exception I would luv for you

*ittlekitten68222 days ago *tripeytigerfeet
Female wants sum kik fun

Anyone up 4 a chat n pic swapping ?? yeah pm your kik if you wish :)

*ornycouple2014242 days ago *umfriesguy9

Any1 driving about m6 m62 m56 near warrington naked or flashing tonight

*rusin12 days ago *rusin
dogging frodsham to mold

Hi there, I'm travelling from frodsham to mold tonight, does anyone know any good dogging areas on route? Pm me please.

*arndoor196812 days ago *arndoor1968
New location

hi mate, yes i am interested. please keep me informed

*evmister8922 days ago *arkt33
north/northwest london and bordering

Id like to know of sites around this area - please pm with any info - will be greatfully receieved

*mac 6912 days ago *mac 69
cardiff couple

Trying to track a Cardiff couple where photo file showed her wearing a blue Cardiff City shirt believe bluebird was in their title.

*orderman12 days ago *orderman
Police action in LIncs

Nearly every biker I know has a think biker sticker and they are no where near being a policeman , in fact totally opposite lol, If your gona go cruising with women's panties in your car and acting strange in lay-bys ( moving guy back and fort

*incdtv22 days ago *ustforfun0186
T.wells last night....

Ahhh, the joys of young love, AND in a VW Beetle..(Lovebug).. Alas, as I've usually found with young couples, they're usually out to find somewhere to canoodle, not to show or play... Unfortunately, focusing on them made me miss that it was another

*rRetour12 days ago *rRetour
And they say men are disrespectful!

.......problem with rejection ? Not at all.. My problem is with ignorance and stereotyping!

*uriousGuy76172 days ago *uriousGuy76

Nixkieee contact me x

*ixkieee302 days ago *IREHOSE
Dogging Netherton/Dudley

sounds fun. :-)

*easemep1ease32 days ago *td01
birdlip hill

Unless a system has evolved there that is different from other locations; there will be little segregation. Some of the males will be playing two games. Some of the couples will not be there to satisfy/please the female side, but to satisfy/

*windondoggingcouple33 days ago *oemoo2
Daytime dogging

Is there anything on during the day in Norfolk or Suffolk? PM or post below would be appreciated x

*oquaxxx13 days ago *oquaxxx

Hi just wondered if anyone can give me some tips on meeting in a car in a laybye, people all seem to be there for fun but then just drive off! Am I missing the signs here ?? Usually daytime??? Ay help appreciated.

*atureboy13 days ago *atureboy
any couples out Friday eve

love to meet in the romford/upminster areas

*obiee13 days ago *obiee
Dartford fun

Anyone fancy some fun at the Heath tonight 9:00pm ?

*exforfun6913 days ago *exforfun69
dogging tonight

hi anyone couples fancy a dogging meet tonight as me and my mrs would like a meet please pm me thank you

*lackhammer198813 days ago *lackhammer1988

Anyone out tonight around ulverstone voast road and surrounding areas, love watching

*usted crab13 days ago *usted crab

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