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There Saturday and Sunday. Saturday 6 couples including ourselves. Lady had a couple of single guys down the lanes although they were poor specimens! Sunday not many guys. However Lady friend had three down the lanes! Me I listened to musi

*uenlew358 minutes ago *lint51

If in the north of the county....ME TOO!

*tsmejustme42 hours ago *entleman Jim
Doggers in action*****87... [register free to see phone numbers]7?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item41866392fd

*ittlekitten68113 hours ago *oemoo2
Where are the straight male doggers???

Is it me or has dogging become a largely gay or bisexual male zone?? Obviously great for them... but.... Single women /couples......and straight guys seem to be a novelty at dogging locations it seems..... Or am i going to the wrong

*ittlekitten68384 hours ago *uenlew

been like that for years, last time I was watching a couple just 2 of us then in came the hoards, out the window went any manners, and good bye couple. tis a shame a few spoil it for the majority

*ussexguy54 hours ago *adger_69


*insdale couple19 hours ago *insdale couple
History of dogging

Hi Alan, We went up your local Sunday evening and noted the circumference of the parking availability was much reduced. Still some loud mouthed pushy twats about though :-)

*ittlekitten68410 hours ago *he shads
Kik fun female wants a sexy chat

I'm waiting sexytiger_69 ;-)

*ornycouple20141110 hours ago *exy tiger 69
Lady interested in a bi-curious MMF?

Hey, just wondered if any girls would be interested in a bi-curious MMF? Or why doesn't it appeal?

*ave159111 hours ago *ave159
kinky dogging (not just the "normal" kind!)

I have been lucky enough to combine the 2 but very hard to define "kinky" because to some its perverted and others its "normal".

*orn_kinky211 hours ago *lan10
South cerney dogging

Last year I was working up on South Cerney Lakes. Had some great fun, more Cheltenham Painswick way this year.

*illiard771112 hours ago *GB4U
Cardiff area

Have sent you a message...

*omSub couple513 hours ago *orn_kinky
females or couples

Any one want to come to mine for some nsa fun now im genuin and bored at home ; (

*ad man122 hours ago *ad man
i need some sexy dogging action

im flexible around surrey and hampshire let me see you play no false accounts just real people cheers

*seudonym4123 hours ago *seudonym4
Highgate common

Thank u :-)

*estmidslad200321 day ago *ryip
South Wales/Gwent tonite??

Tonight - Sunday maybe??

*oungbloke21 day ago *oungbloke

Looking for Fun

*C-NE21 day ago *C-NE

Any discreet dogging today or tonight please pm me

*lackhammer198811 day ago *lackhammer1988
i find it strange!

What is wrong with having preferences, it is better than having 'any hole is a goal' attitude. At least you can appreciate the person/couple will be of similar attitudes to yourself be it bigot, slim, large, attitude, age etc.

*enuine gy51 day ago * you hear there
Add me on skype


*ig cock199512 days ago *ig cock1995
Blidworth area

My profile is empty at the moment as I've just rejoined after some time abroad but I was on here for a while a few years ago. I'm happy to send a photo privately. I'm currently in the Blidworth area and wondering if anyone is around in the next

*enorsuave12 days ago *enorsuave
Being Video'd

I was in a porno in the 80,s me an another guy fucked an older woman, never seen it and don't know what is was called, got 75 quid tho, which was ok back in the day lol

*uzi B22 days ago *attshandy

Hemel Hempstead ASAP ? Girl only !!! Pm me !!

*tsmejustme12 days ago *tsmejustme
Stapleford woods or climber

Should be clumber

*artom22 days ago *artom
Dogging limits

totally agree. its just when we used to go out,guys appeared from nowhere like swarm of locusts. my other half is by no means shy and loves the attention ,but when you cant even park without them crowding,thats off putting

*ittlekitten68312 days ago *oresters
Outdoor Fun Merseyside Tonight

We are a genuine Male/female couple seeking another MALE/FEMALE COUPLE ONLY for some Outdoor Fun Merseyside Tonight Any Male/Female couples free tonight? NO SINGLE MALES NO SINGLE MALES NO SINGLE MALES Us 2 xxx

*uenlew12 days ago *uenlew
Truro area

In your garage maybe ...... Hahahaha :-D

*ndre22198942 days ago *ingle Dad 82
Private Glory Hole Harrogate Sept 13th

I'm house sitting and thinking about setting up a discreet glory hole. Anyone interested in something like this? If so PM me.

*orth Yorks Male12 days ago *orth Yorks Male
cannock chase

Marquis drive or nine gates are some of best places on cannock chase Well they may have been, but not

*otlegs1173 days ago *eepeep

Does anybody no what the retro club is like in walsall area, thinking of going pm me please

*damj198913 days ago *damj1989

Anyone playing out 2night ? Send me your e-mail address, an I show you were the funs at ......

*rusin73 days ago *angerwanker
Any sites near Tutbury

Anyone know of any sites near Tutbury? New to the scene but really would like to have some fun.

*arc12345678913 days ago *arc123456789

Bored,bored,bored.parked up in truck opp racecourse in pontefract.horny as hell.

*ollplaydom6913 days ago *ollplaydom69
north Linc's or near

Any guys out dogging this weekend who would like to be sucked by a cross dresser, mid Linc's upwards, south or east Yorkshire? Let me know where and when by private message x

*pril Scunny13 days ago *pril Scunny


*insdale couple23 days ago *insdale couple

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