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Contacts in Yorkshire

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*letch 123  (M) age 33

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online now!

From: yorkshire

Title: looking for bareback

Description: heavy cummer for you

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*teph65  (M) age 50

XXX pic...
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Last online:
12 minutes ago

From: yorkshire

Title: voyeur

Description: tall slim fairly smooth brown eyes. looking for straight acting guys to suck and be fucked.I also love the idea of watching guys fuck women.Anyone got any homemade films to share would be welcome.

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*ora Battys Lovechild  (M) age 43

*ora Battys Lovechild

Last online:
17 minutes ago

From: yorkshire

Title: like marmite

Description: Back after some idiot decided to delete my account for a joke

working west africa at the minute, on a 3 month on 1 month off rotation

dont listen to lies rumours or gossip, judge me for yourself

I call a spade a spade, not an earth inverting implemnt, and speak my mind if you cant handle that jog on

I might not be the best looking bloke on the site or the slimmest Speak dont speak it's all the same to me, but don't speak one minute then not the next , just because there is no one better to speak to !

I might not be the best looking bloke on the site or the slimmest

I have also found that it is better to say nothing than say anything

a joke can send some ppl into orbit, then from another person the same thing makes them laugh

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*heonix699  (M) age 46


Last online:
18 minutes ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Looking for fun :)

Description: Genuine guy, looking for fun and chat, can arrange to meet weekday daytimes or some evenings.

Single ladies or Straight couples only please

Can travel.

Am regularly in the chat room if you wanna say hi.

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*ecause  (M) age 48

Last online:
49 minutes ago

From: yorkshire

Title: Because

Description: I'll find you!

Obviously I need to update this -

If you think being a sub is buying fluffy handcuffs from Anne Summers I'm DEFINITELY NOT for you.

If you think being a sub is dressing up and taking pictures in 'Degrading poses' at home just for your husband I'm DEFINITELY NOT for you

IF you THINK you MIGHT like being a sub please don't waste my time.

If you send me messages and the start to get cold feet and nervous about what I say YOU ARE NOT A SUB!!

I'm interested in ONLY Genuine and EXPERIENCED subs and when I say only women that's what I mean.

The events I have planned are NOT for women who have 'fantasised about it' or 'think they might like to try' Please don't waste my time

Just adding a "thank you" to all the people that have blocked me... It saves me wasting any more of my time hearing how 'keen' or 'dirty' you are. Also to the single men who have multiple profiles purporting to be a couple, and wanting me to tell them what I'll do to their 'wives'...if you want a wank use YOUR imagination, mine is too complicated for you.

For those who get nervous by what I say you are totally correct NOT to meet me - I'm not for you.

To all the 'straight' men who send me winks and contact requests or ask if I want to come and ' use them '... I apologise for making my profile too difficult for you to understand!

Another update: I don't have pictures, on here, correct...and I never will. You think that makes me a fake? I don't care.

No feedback? Correct again. I will never publish feedback from anyone I meet from here nor will I ever give any. You don't like that either?... I'm still not caring.

I'm not here to stroke fragile egos...let's assume all feedback is pointless

For those who love it is this how it's supposed to go?:

WOW! ( usually start )

What a...wonderful, classy, sexy, horney, intelligent, fabulous, amazing...( pick the ones you like )

Pert, wet, soaking, blowjob, fuck, hard nipples ( Chuck a few of those in )

And finish off with ( my favourite bit )

"Treat her with respect guys"...oh, I don't think so!

To the ones who bang on about their photos "what do you think of them?"...if you ask and I tell you I think they are ordinary it's because they are don't get out of your pram. Don't forget, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you rule the roost. You're not getting "pestered" by blokes despite what you rant about on your status, you are attention seeking grow up. For those who keep saying you are going to leave...just fuck off then and stop whining. Nobody cares

LAST UPDATE... I'm getting seriously bored with most of you.

If you are a man, either part of a couple or pretending to be and you send messages as if you are the woman then you are pathetic and there's little wonder your wife has to fuck others when you haven't even the imagination to give yourself a sank let alone satisfy her. Yes Blossom Pants, Sheffield subslave wifeI mean you...and the others.seriously... If you want to tell me your 'wife' is still in London, staying in her sister's million pound flat, don't say it's in "Sloane" you moron, there is no such place!!!

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*oneypot08  (M)(F age 47

XXX pic...
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Last online:
1 hour ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Warm weather is it time for outdoor fun!

Description: Please read before contact. Young at heart happily married couple looking for some fun. Before you ask WE DON,T DO MEETS so please don,t ask and we don,t do anything SEPARATE other than chat on here. Like to have fun sexy chat with the right people and a bit of a laugh. You,ll find Mr on here most passing the time of day or night. Happy chatting. If you have got no pictures OR only one then are you for real? will not accept your contact. Don,t wink or contact if you can,t prove yourself. Because I don,t want to be fucked by everybody and enjoy chat! what's wrong with people. You have read the profile so if you don,t like don,t contact.

Please no tv/ts/cd or gay men you will be blocked thanks for reading.

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*om bull yorks  (M) age 44

Last online:
6 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Dom bull for couples/ females

Description: Experienced dominant male. Looking for sub females and sub/cuckold couples. Also available to help organise fems/couples fantasys tell me your fantasys and i will help sort it if i can.

Addy on skype dombullleeds

Addy on kik dombullleeds

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*hedevilanda  (M)(F age 42

XXX pic...
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Last online:
8 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Doggers/truckers/gents.....come forth

Description: All: A read of our profile is a must; prior to first contact!!




An established couples profile now with many months of fun had - now is the time to clarify a few points.

Many on here have engaged, enjoyed and - as can be read in our feedback - relished in sharing our sexual desires. To all of you who have taken the time to indulge, and more importantly, upheld respect - we thank you.

As we have progressed down this journey of filth and released our lust, we are cognisant that this is just the tip of the iceberg for us. Many have come and gone, many have experienced not only virtual, but that of reality too, and a very small select few have made it onto our contacts list.

What we seek is not for the mundane, the inarticulate or the self indulgent, obnoxious and downright disrespectful individuals who typically peruse profiles and 'reach out' simply to get their rocks off immediately in a one time deal.

Stories...they are for books?! If you happen to contact us, make sure your messages are short, to the point and gripping. Make your typed word jump out the screen and tempt this seductress into submission/answer- push her buttons.

There should be no barriers in complete indulgent pleasure between consenting adults; to that point, if what you seek is safe sex, move on. If you are shackled by a current partner, a wife, fuck buddies who, in turn, stifle your ability to meet in person and fuck my girl, move on.

We seek: trustworthy males, females and couples, willing to explore the inner depravity of our souls. People who have the ability and strength to articulate themselves clearly; in such a manner as to express and personify pure lust and uncontrollable, unrestricted wanton.

We seek the true doggers, the mischievous husbands/wives, the truckers pushing their luck and praying for 'that flasher, who will go much much further'.

How to impress us?: Pictures; don't be scared, we NEED these. Do NOT discuss Skype, Kik, WhatsApp or any other form of IM / Cam type technology - these are not welcome, and result in swift blocking. Do NOT send message after message prior to receiving a response to each, let's not ruin the moment before it's even started.

Dogging, is our forte. Entwine that with descriptive word, and a man willing to experience the 'real deal' (bareback) and you have her attention.

Come get her...make her wet, touch, feel the reality and fucking purr!!

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*nenightinlondon  (M) age 37

XXX pic...
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Last online:
8 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Looking for outdoor play

Description: Looking for no strings fun with women and couples aged 30+

No single men thx 100% straight

Kik me @ cheekychops321

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*xxpairxxx  (M)(F age 46

Last online:
9 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: fun and games wanted lol

Description: couple looking for discreet fun.please no married men unless your a couple. no tattoos either as lady don't like them!

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*ollercoaster3010  (M) age 31

Last online:
9 hours ago

From: yorkshire

Title: fun,fun fun

Description: looking for fun,in yorkshire,teeside areas

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*Man007  (M) age 36

XXX pic...
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Last online:
9 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: No strings fun, sex and horny games

Description: Looking for NSA fun with women only! Also up for phone fun. Can travel to meet.

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*hunkyone  (M) age 40

Last online:
10 hours ago

From: yorkshire

Title: Looking for some fun.

Description: face pic avaible on request.

Im looking to be sucked and I love fucking who doesn't.

cant accomodate

do travel

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*nD6  (M) age 44

Last online:
10 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: newbie

Description: .

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*corpiotwins  (M)(F age 50

Last online:
12 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Hot, sexy, vv busty BBW & and partner

Description: Hot, insatiable BBW, very very busty! Looking for fun with hot sexy ladies and/or hot, hung young guys

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*mmmX  (M) age 35

Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Likes married women

Description: Loves married women and those that can't get enough!

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*ane and dick  (M)(F age 40

Last online:
13 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: Fun with

Description: New to this and not sure what to say will add more as we go along

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*admatt26  (M) age 22

XXX pic...
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Last online:
15 hours ago

From: yorkshire

Title: 21 year old looking for fun

Description: 22 from York looking for fun

Give me a shout.

Don't be shy!

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*inkhayles  (F age 23

XXX pic...
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Last online:
20 hours ago

From: Yorkshire

Title: love everything about sex

Description: Love role play online and can be very naughty with a very dirty imagination, assertive men also get me going ,i also use dateforsex and have made some very filthy friends to indulge my fav pastime of exhibitionist and roleplay cam fun. I love being watched, not really looking to fuck a load of random men on a car park, more interested in perhaps putting on a show and messing around.

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*thyorksm  (M) age 30

Last online:
1 day ago

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